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     cell phone right to know
A landmark 9th U.S. Circuit Court panel has upheld the City of Berkeley’s cell phone right to know ordinance. That ordinance requires retailers to inform consumers that cell phones emit radiation that can exceed federal cell phone radiation limits when close to the body. In upholding this decision, the panel concluded that the public health issues at hand were “substantial” and that the “text of the Berkeley notice was literally true,” and “uncontroversial.”

AV9 - Max Igan - The Common SMART Prison
Any time you see the Pre-fix 'SMART' ... you can be absolutely certain… 

5G Exposed
The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation and 5G by Theodora Scarato

Prof. Olle Johansson [EN]

Freedom From Legalism by Zac Poonen

#60MinutesAustraliaExposing Australia’s recycling lie | 60 Minutes Australia

#LondonReal #MotivationTHE DANGER WITH SMART PHONES - David Icke | London Real

Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique | Cynthia Thurlow | TEDxGreenville Clean up your beauty routine

Ecosia search engines plants trees.

Facebook's global cryptocurrency Libra - May it fail!

Cross a border; take a flight and you'll be in the Cloud

     Luke Z Rudkowski  
NEW VIDEO: Vladimir Putin Enters SJW Culture War, SHOCKS Everyone!

     Stefan Molyneux 
The first rounds of the Democratic debates for the battle to be President have concluded - Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain takes you on a deep dive through the fantasy hellscape of endless free stuff, demographic pandering and outright falsehoods that characterize the current state of US political debates. 

     Dutchsinse #STOP5G 
5G is a phased array RADAR like AMISR or HAARP but built into a chip now.
The chip array talks to the tower array via bent magnetic beams carrying the radio waves.
The beams are "bent" by the power in the antennas . Just like HAARP only much smaller.

Breaking News! Alert Level Increased Mauna Loa

Soon, Satellites Will be Able to Watch You Everywhere All the Time
June 26th, 2019 Via: MIT Technology Review:
Every year, commercially available satellite images are becoming sharper and taken more frequently. In 2008, there were 150 Earth observation satellites in orbit; by now there are 768. Satellite companies don't offer 24-hour real-time surveillance, but if the hype is to be believed, they're getting close. Privacy advocates warn that innovation in satellite imagery is outpacing the US government's (to say nothing of the rest of the world's) ability to regulate the technology. Unless we impose stricter limits now, they say, one day everyone from ad companies to suspicious spouses to terrorist organizations will have access to tools previously reserved for government spy agencies. Which would mean that at any given moment, anyone could be watching anyone else.

This is getting very serious, folks!

Trump's LAME response to Google's avowed plan to rig the election
"Bartiromo asked Trump how he planned to fight the political bias of the biggest tech companies in America.
Trump demurred but admitted that possible regulatory legislation was necessary.
“You may need legislation to create competition,” he said."

Morgellons Research Discussion Carnicom Institute 19 2017  

'UN Agenda 21'? ~ Preparing To Resist? audio:
The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2019.06.30
House On Fire— America’s Open Border Disaster!

     Colin Flaherty
White kids in black schools is a formula for child abuse.

Breaking news from NPR: Black women should carry guns because they are under threat of constant violence from racist TRUMP supporters. Oh yeah, we have some stuff to chew over today on this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

The Pendulum - YouTube
The Pendulum is a YouTube channel run by Spencer and Jacob, two young men from Generation Z who believe that our culture and political paradigm have shifted too far to the left, and that a ... 

Can Kids Really Handle The Kink? — SF Pride Parade

YAHOO = evil just as Google. When I criticized yahoo for helping CHINA Execute a Chinese Dissident 20 years ago YAHOO put me in their spam box. 
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