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     We Are Change 
NEW VIDEO: Exclusive interview with Max Igan! 
He Was Just The Fall Guy! Plus Major Truth About Alarming Australia Fires 

     Where’s Greta? 
20 Signs China's Pollution Has Reached Apocalyptic Levels | China Uncensored 


     Bode Lang 
Fact Checkers Are Fake 
Fact Checkers pretend to be engaging in investigative journalism and attempting to reveal the facts, however, so-called “Fact Checkers” exist only to provide much needed credibility to Democrat politicians and mainstream media fake news. More resources at Twitter: @Bode_Lang I never planned on monetizing my channel, but the recent changes to the YouTube agreement says they can remove channels not financially viable. Since I don't want to give YouTube a reason to remove me, I've now monetized my channel. I apologize for this. Most videos are ineligible to receive funds anyways due to "content not suitable for advertisers" (so the YouTube Gods say). But if interested in helping out, since my channel is being throttled, you can donate at either link below: Paypal: Subscribe Star:

     Info Squad 
Fluoride In Water A Forced Experiment that Needs to End 

     The Resistance
     BAD LED
     Elliot Shutt 
'How to' de-fuse a harmful LED streetlight for anyone that wants to know 👍🏻 


The Risks Of 5G Technology May Outweigh The Benefits  
"In Switzerland, 5g towers were turned on in 102 locations and almost instantly people began having unusual physical symptoms. Included in these were intense headaches, earaches, and ringing in the ears. Likewise, others experienced chest pain, stomach pain, and insomnia all beginning the same day." 

Do you believe me now? Democrats actively rolling out scheme to remove VP Mike Pence so they can install Nancy Pelosi, then Hillary Clinton as President… the CRIMINAL COUP IS HERE 

FISA Advocates Worry Spying on Americans May Become More Difficult

     David Icke  
Does White Privilege Exist? - Douglas Murray

     David Icke 
NSA has been ‘lying to the courts all along,’ says whistleblower, as judges give warrantless surveillance the thumbs-up

     David Icke 
The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists
Impeachment – a Very Jewish Coup

Fairfax County Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Civil War 
video, etc.:
Rebel Yell Rings Out as USMC Major Warns Virginians Are Close to Tipping Point 
National Guard Issues Statement After Dem Rep Suggests Using Them To Enforce Gun Control 

Kurt Nimmo: Trump Institutionalizes Zionist World Tyranny 12.x
Who will call out the fellas if not the victims? A new podcast.

They're rolling out 5G in stealth. 
So even if you manage to fight it off in the open, 
they will implement it anyway.

Just awful!!!! Roof of Bed Bath and Beyond - Native Animal Rescue recovered this critically injured great horned owl - it was entangled in "string" grid meant to deter gulls. The carcass of a rotting crow dangling in the background.

Management has been contacted. US Fish and Wildlife Service and State Fish and Wildlife wardens notified...

More than anything, management of the Brown Ranch Market shopping mall needs to take the string down!

Note also that Sports Basement puts anticoagulant Rat Poison out on WetLands that Kills Hawks, Falconsm Herons, Owls, Bobcats, Coyotes, 

Kangaroo dies after zoo visitors pelt stones in bid to 'make it jump' 
From the land of skinning cats and dogs alive and leaving girl babies under trees for animals to eat them alive or die from starvation. They have a real lack of compassion collectively.

     White Genocide
Agela Merkel @ Oktoberfest 2030

Virginia Is Going to Try Door to Door Gun Confiscation  
The Price of Freedom (The Shot Heard Around The World) April 19, 1775
Lexington and Concord - Shot Heard Around the World
April Morning - Conflict on Lexington Green
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