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Genocide Bingo exurb1a

     #STOP5G Dana Ashlie
TSA agents are already dying in airports due to 5G killing TSA airport workers operating millimeter wave body scanners built by 'weapons' manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

5G and the Risk - with Senator Colbeck 
Senator Colbeck worked for NASA as a space Engineer and understand the dangers associated with 5G.
Thank you Senator Colbeck for compassion for the populace and your diligence to stand up against 5G!

Florida Man Spent 41 Days In Jail For Tide Detergent

     White Genocide
Fight White Genocide Podcast #5: Ken Calls In To Sirius Radio

     Colin Flaherty
Fellas with guns. In a car. Talk about killing cops in the next car over. in Chicago.

The Senate, in the name of fighting "anti-Semitism," has just overwhelmingly (and quietly) advanced a bill that would abort the First Amendment
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