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     Black Pigeon Speaks 
Multiculturalism has FAILED: How to Successfully Manage Diversity

COPS: Oakland's Richest Pimp Facing Life For Kidnapping/Torture/Pimping Minors (Philthy's Brother)

     Stefan Molyneux 
Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain breaks down the pro-war propaganda in the latest revelations about the supposed Syrian chemical attack... 

EMF Ruins Your Microbiome: Wifi, Cellphones & Your Bacteria

Donald Trump don’t trust China! China is Asshoe! 
China is Asshoe! (Gangam Mix) Parody

Investigation: Why is China on the move in the South Pacific? | 60 Minutes Australia

     David Icke 
Epstein's Blackmail Op And CIA Mossad MI5

MIT scientist says glyphosate is 'the most destructive chemical in our environment'

It takes money to try to hold Big Pharma accountable: Chuck Norris sues 11 drug companies for poisoning his wife

Why Is Google Slow-Walking Its Breakthroughs in AI?
The company’s new facial-recognition service comes with limitations to prevent abuse, which sometimes lets competitors take the lead.

--John Rubino – All Hell Breaks Loose When Everything Falls Apart 

Bill Cooper Warned about Deep State 20 YEARS AGO 

Rubino: "I Don't See How We Can Go On Much Longer" 

The number one enemy of the US economy, the Federal Reserve 

Israeli Zionist Racism Unmasked

     LA . DC . Senegal
I will never get used to black mob violence in Des Moines.

Does China hold more gold than the USA?
“On the face of things, the USA with 8,133.6 tonnes of gold in its reserves possesses around four times as much gold as China in its reserves as reported to the IMF, but is that really the case? Does China, in reality, hold rather more gold than it reports? We think it almost certainly does, but how much more is very much open to speculation. Indeed different analysts have vastly differing theories ranging from as much as 30,000 tonnes down to the just under 2,000 tonnes it reports.”

Google Admits That ‘Others’ Can Access The Camera On Samsung & Android Smartphones

The Facts:
Hackers have successfully been able to access the front facing cameras on Google and Samsung phones without permission from the user and regardless of whether or not the phone was unlocked. They were able to take pictures and record video.

Reflect On:
Why should you care? This is an outright invasion of our right to privacy. If we continue to willingly give up all our rights, soon we won't have any left.
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