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Seek Legal HELP! Scott is STUCK in lifeless limbo. Case Dismissed Wed Oct 4 2023 but Great Troubles remain. And Millions of $ remain stuck in several places.  

Case Dismissed all false charges dropped. I still have Critical Property at JTH House to retrieve,  
That I need to get when I get my 2 cats from JTH. Protective Order Terminated Wed Oct 4 2023 so:

Can I? Go back and fetch? Myself/w/Lawyer? My property? Because:
Question:  PDF from Court READS: “-Notice of termination of Protective Order in criminal; proceedings filed”   
does this mean the 3 year restraining order based on my False Arrest has been Terminated? May I now go back? With a lawyer? And Fetch Property? 

I could not fetch property earlier, and when Mark Cervantes MC fetched my first 2 loads of items on Nov 10 / 11, MC or his help Broke one of my glass 5 gallon Carboys, my $500 Berkey Imperial Water Filter s, etc and I was worried about him doing more damage to other critical items Millions of times more important. I specifically asked MC to be Gentle with Berkey s. He, or his help, was not.  Thought he was otherwise helpful. 
Mover Mark Cervantes MC was Hired by my civil Lawyer James Frangos JF San Mateo. James Frangos JF still holds part of my 20K retainer. James Frangos JF told me I could hire Criminal Lawyer Brandon F Douglas BFD for 10K retainer but JF had my Brother Tom give BFD 40K retainer when I was in Jail. 

     HOW TO CHARGE JTH for Molesting me from 13-18 years old / Stealing my iPhone and 4 MacBook Pros
BFD emailed me Thurs Oct 5 2023 saying I could now get my 75K Bail back from SMTO but did not mention anything about getting remainder of my 40K back from BFD. 
I pleaded with BFD to charge or help / direct me with HOW TO CHARGE JTH for Molesting me from 13-18 years old and Stealing my iPhone and 4 MacBook Pros Oct 2022 but BFD declined repeatedly. 
My Brother Tom and I also suspect JTH of Killing my brother Ray at JTH House June 12 2019 Death Certificate from coroner said renal failure with presence of aspirin but Tom acutely observed that Ray’s “Suicide Note” was not in Ray’s Writing. Forged documents are JTH’s M/O / Method of Operation. 
Tom Stated that he never saw Ray Drinking Alcohol but oddly Ray’s room contained many Budweiser Empty cans, even 50 to 100 AFTER his death. Ray was never seen to drink Budweiser but Vic Does, and JTH had access to upto 12 Hefty Bags full of Empty Budweiser Cans set aside for Recycling in both the Attic Storage Room and Garage, could have easily staged Ray’s Room. 
BFD did encourage me to file a police report with either MPPD or RWCPD against JTH for Molestation but failed to answer several times when I asked for Pros and cons of Filing at MPPD vs RWCPD and also whether I needed to Type up and Print Affidavits Before I goto PD. 

     FALSE WILL JTH claimed from RAY 
JTH told me in 2019 that Ray Put JTH in his will such that JTH would receive Ray's 1/3 of my mother’s estate / $3.2 Million Menlo Park House but 
When I told JTH Tom Saw that Ray’s “Suicide Note” was not in Ray’s Writing JTH said something close to (Oh then I guess I should tear that up) and NEVER ever Mentioned it again. Nor claimed any stake in Estate Directly. 
Ray ran away from home at 14 years old to go live with JVH. JVH promised Ray JVH would adopt Ray: FALSE: Never Adopted: only later after 2008 crash Rented cheap Bait N Switch room to Ray and Raised Ray's rent increasingly until Ray Begged my mom to come back home most every day Jan Feb March 2019 
The siginficance of this is that JTH was KICKING Ray out By Intense Rent Increases Ray could not afford. 
Ray’s 3 months of Solid upto 10 hour per day visits begging to move back home caused my mom loss of sleep and some loss of her diet as well as bowel control when he really wore her down. 
Mom Stopped getting up out of her hospital bed into her Hoyer Lift and WheelChair for her Daily Hour or 2 of Sitting as she had done in my care from 2014-2019 for the 5 yers she was bed bound. 
In March 2019 a blood clot traveled to her Lungs, BiLateral Pulmonary Embolism. She spent 10 days in Hospital, then passed April 6 2019. 3 months later Ray Passed at JTH House June 12 2019.

     JTH Paid $60,000 CASH for 1015 Continental Dr Menlo Park 
When I was 13 years my single mom of 3 boys, bless her kind should, R.I.P. told me I could goto JVH house to sell him Magazine Subscriptions for my Junior High School, and JVH might or could offer me a job to do things around the house. Cleaning, sweep, wash mop floors, dishes counters sinks pets bird dog yardwork
I do not fault my mom for not knowing of PEDO JULIAN VICTOR HERNANDEZ JVH aka JTH . She was a busy Single Mom raising 3 boys on her own in a house chosen in Menlo Park to be near the best Schools, etc… she had her hands FULL, went back to school to get her Teaching Credential in Special Ed on top of her BA Stanford and PHD UCB so she could KEEP the house and help her 3 boys who were; Ray Dyslexic, Scott Dyslexic, Tom Dysphasic. 

I was Scared to get my cats NOV 2022 because I was living in hotels, where cats could get LOST any day if HouseKeeping let them out. + I did not realize my 1st hotel allowed cats.  

I could not rent a room very well as JTH also stole my Master Card, Old Chase Card, CitiBank Card, My 4 MacBook Pros, my iPhone, my Paper Work and documents.
I did not realize that my MasterCard was UNPAID. My Credit dropped from 830 to 570 due to 4 dings
I suffered depressed in hotels with a dumb wonky $50 G MOTO android phone that JF helped me buy at Walmart. Combination of poor wifi and glitchy Gmoto that mostly failed to surf web from most locations at hotel
Sadly I am still paying $75ATT/mo and $40Gmoto per month although both phones are GONE. I am seeking a large screen iPhone Plus or Max. 
I asked BFD and his PI Nate Jones Repeatedly to Subpoena ATT Cell Tower Data to See if JTH used my Phone Oct 14 - Oct 18 but Never Learned if they had. 
(That would PROVE that JTH LIED when He Told BFD that Sheriffs Took my iPhone and 4 MacBook Pros)(3 Laptops from Bedroom, 1 Laptop from Garage, where Sheriffs never went. Ie: More Evidence JTH stole all my electronics and lied) I called ATT and the Last Ping was Oct 19 2023 5 days after my false arrest.
There are hundreds of points to JTH’s abuse but my Last MasterCard Insult came the eve of Late March 2022 when I renewed my $90 Towing AAA on the very EVE that JTH Blocked me from moving any more items into his house. 

SO now my Credit is barely 600 and I should rent a room apt Studio or?  (should have bought a house) and/ or Get a SPRINTER VAN so I can access my only desires in life: Baker Beach SF, Harbin Hot Springs, Festivals, camping… Sunlight, Water, nature, freedom, activism. (That Scott is absent now and I hope we can revive him)(Those who know / knew him could understand the sadness of being lonely homeless in a car wasting) 

Ironically, sadly, 100 El Camino Del Mar, SF sold for $1.5 Million and that is nearly the epitome of what I wanted for my cats and I: the house closest to the beach, though I thought I wanted a Flat in a victorian with a huge Garage. So I could maintain free speech sign making activism and Build open source Free Cat Ramps to gift to the world from Construction debris of New Plywood and Carpet. Also Build Owl Boxes from Redwood Fence discards of virgin wood. 
I was supposed to get 1.5 Million from my Mom’s house which sold for 3.2 Million in Menlo Park + JTH Now controls what’s left of 29K from my Grandma’s 59K Trust + Millions More funds are stuck too. 

I have been seriously Deprived, for 6 Months under JTH’s Landlord abuse of tenant via 24 hour noise and excessive Heat 79’ Heater 8am-5pm daily. Apr-Oct 14 2022. 
Wherein JTH’s Noise till 4:30am left me insufficient time to sleep before Vic’s 7 day noise at 6 am. Sunlight etc. Unable to cool my room due to 2 walls of constant heat, 1 floor, and 1 hot attic above me. 
Through 14 days of jail Oct 14-31 2022. Sheriff Banging noise 5am, Cellmate Noise, CellMate Meds all hours. CO Flashlight in face throughout night. Neighbor cell banging screaming
Through 6 months of Hotels Oct 31 2022 - May 1 2023. Where I had trouble sleeping because my Brain had been wired for sleep deprivation. + noise of other guests + housekeeping AM + Traffic @ 6 different hotels 
Through 5 months of sleeping in my car May 1 - Oct 9 2022 Tried Car Camping per chance to get better sleeping than Noisy Hotels that did not seem worth $100-$300 per night. 
quality of sleep in hotels was poor due to Noise, sometimes light. Quality of sleep in Car has been poor due to cramped confines, light, car noise at 4 different locations. 

    JTH lured into his house with promise of $600 rent      (which he quickly raised to $800 1000 1100 1600)(similar pattern of what he did to my brother Ray)(Similar pattern to Rent Increase of previous tenants Crystal and Robby from Canada in MBedroom upto Ray’s Death)(J lied 3 ways about why they moved out. Ever Changing Reasons: 1: Ray’s Death. 2: Tran Noise in Garbage Disposal 3: found cheaper rent Palo Alto )
Including Washer and Dryer     FALSE.   I have PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence from 2020 showing that JTH KNEW Washing Machine was Broken. So I spent 6 month suffering in Extreme heat with no Clean Sheets. Scared to leave house because JTH repeated threatened to let my cats out. 

     JTH OverHeated my Room above Kitchen in 4 ways: 
1: April / May Set Thermostat to 79’ from 8am-5pm
2: June July / Aug Opened Door and Window of house on Hot Afternoons and Sucked in Air with 2x2’ Box Fans overheating 
3: Fall Ran Portable AC in Study with Exhaust Vent ported directly into room so that all heat would rise to Vaulted Ceiling under HOT BOX attic Storage Room adjacent to my MBedroom, and to Kitchen below my room. 
4: Fall Ran 2 Portable Electric AC 120v 1500/3000 Watt Heaters 1 below my bed, 1 below Vaulted ceiling. 
JTH would heat house all day, heat would rise. JTH would leave these doors and window s open all night which would cool his sleep room cave adjacent to Kitchen but I had no way to cool my upstairs room. 
Months later I would learn to Put 1 2x2 Box Fan to suck air into my ROOM and 1 2 x 2 Box Fan to Push Air out of my Bathroom but that meant only cooling later at night, and left all night meant too cold at 4 am. Interrupting sleep. And then had to turn fans off at 7am. Very interrupting to cats who would have wanted to Sit in window sill at 7pm when I put the fans up. 
I suffered all day in Intense Heat I put the fans up as soon as I could to cool the room. 
100’ Wall on my South from the Uninsulated Hot Box Attic Room with No vents used as storage. 80-90’ walls on my East from the upstairs of house where heat would gather. 80’ from my floor board.   Ambient outside Temps from the only other 2 walls to the outside of the house.
Noisy Fans at night were not conducive to sleeping for human or cats. 
Ran out of cat food fast had to buy lots more repeatedly. As cats were hungry at 4am when room was cold. Everything that happened to me was cruel and unfair but I was in this mode of Sleep Deprived Suffering. 

     StrawMan HomeOwner Vic 18 Sycamore Ct Redwood City CA
JTH bought 18 Sycamore Ct Redwood City CA in 1988 but sold it to Victor Black in 2011 on paper likely to reduce exposure. (But the reality is JTH still runs the house, controls all aspects of billing, appliances, etc. )(JTH mastermind/ fancies himself a Maestro)
JTH has had to scuttle assets previously to reduce exposure to molestation litigation from Stephan Marancini (sp) child 1980s, Ron BlankenHorn x business Partner, etc. 
Assets scuttled: 1973 Jaguar XKE convertible V12 Roadster showcased (with me) @ Stanford University Concours De Elegance
1015 Continental Dr. Menlo Park that JTH paid $60,000 Cash for before he fraudulently changed his name from JULIAN VICTOR HERNANDEZ DOB Aug 20 1945 to James Thomas Hanford DOB Aug 20 1940 to scam Govt Benefits Prematurely due to having 2 CDLs: and gain Senior status 5 years early on 2nd ID
JTH told to me to lie to any PIs Lawyers about the secret Jeffry Epstein Style Video Tape VCR camera Closet over his MasterBedroom WaterBed where he filmed me? And Others? Menlo Park.
ALCOHOL JTH gave me BLACKED OUT DRUNK at 13 years old was VODKA + OJ + Galleano in his kitchen. He made it sweet so I would drink too much. I Blacked out. Woke in his WaterBed Upstairs. 
VCR / Video Camera Setup hidden behind Closet Door in MasterBedroom was Secretly also accessible though private door at top of staircase in hallway. 

     OCT 14-31 2022 RWC SMTO 
Oct 14-24 2022 ASBESTOS piped 24/7 into Maguire Jail RWC from work on Air Ducts visible when we walked to court. Met Inmate in MEDICAL who was told he had only months to live. 5 cm Tumor in Lung Emphysema. He wanted to start Class Action Suit. 
Injuries from Jail: 3 covid tests: 2 were nasal swabs but 1 was several inch long probe up into and disrupting my cribriform plate adjacent to my brain perhaps depositing self replicating graphene nanotubes; see bitchute, rumble. Maquire is used for QUARANTINE upon intake for approx 10 days while they test for Covid. Before Transfer to Maple Jail RWC 
Oct 14-24 2022 CellMate Brock Howe from Illinois / SF @ MacGuire Coughing 24 hours refused to cover his cough, BIT my arm and broke my skin. What did I catch from him? I told the CO he bit me and asked the CO to check his Medical records for Hepatitis, TB. CO told me he did not have such on record but I do not believe the Jail actually cares or screens for such either on intake or during stay.
Oct 24-31 2022 Maple Jail RWC pod of 8 people lots of flushing toilet all hours, snoring etc. Sleep deprived. 5:45 Wake Up Time 6am inspection. Lights on till 11pm. 
Unknown injuries to my cribiform plate. All Jail insults amplified by sleep deprivation, multiplied by crappy GMO SOY fake meat junk food meals 
Subsequent depression and Lack of Sleep amplified by fear of False charges of 3 Felonies and 2 enhancements each carrying 1-5 years, $10K fines, etc. 
I have been a little phlegmy ever since. Super Difficult to parse out whether this is due in part or all to: Brock Howe exposure, Cribiform Poke, Sleep Deprivation, or food. 
Involuntary subjection to TerraHertz Scanner in Booking. See Also: Significant TSA employees Disease and DEATH from Cancer: employee exposure to TerraHertz Scanners
     LIMBO / Checked Out / Scared
I am so mentally injured and checked out that my life for 1 YEAR has been a combo of acute depression/ fear combined with attempting to get a few hours of sleep each night. 
So in essence I have been just losing time and health feeling dismal about my outcomes due to weight of false charges against me coupled with loss of all of my assets and life 3.2 Million 
I have suffered suicidal mindset ever since I learned the 5 False charges in jail: 3 Felonies and 2 enhancements elder abuse assault, GBI, all 3 felonies dismissed, both enhancements stricken Wed Oct 4 2023.

JTH is a fraudulent Pathological Liar Gaslighting Narcissist Child Molester who Created several month s of false Police reports and 6 Police visits against me in 2022 So I felt dismal in court if it was his word against mine/ hearsay, as JTH is expert in crafting deceit. While I was only creating my own notes on my own iPhone and computer all of which he stole, some of which he deleted from my device s, some of which I still maintain due to photos and affidavits sent to another email he could not access. 
I was Photographing notes he would leave around downstairs so I still have scores of Photos and scores of my Notes of his photos and notes. 
As well as my Typed up accounts of so many facets of his abuse and deceit. 
JTH Routinely left his notes exposed in the wide open both in the kitchen and in the study where he would ask me for massage several times each week. So I would take note of his notes. 
JTH would leave out both his hand written notes on legal pads and other notepads as well as printed versions. 
Because I first saw these notes on his notepads when he asked me for massage, I surmised he may have been trying to warn me or torture me psychologically.
This started in May with lists of unreal and drudging tasks to do around house. But in Later Months I could see his notes of false accusations against me. 
The Fact that he asked me for massage downstairs 3 x / week and routinely left the notes right there by the massage towel 3 x / indicated he was not trying to hide them. 
I for my part was SPENT, with an injured back that HE caused when I was 13 years old, scared to move again, as I greatly re-injured my back attempting to move into JTH house while Sleep deprived.
I sadly hoped that things would blow over and I did not know what to do. I greatly feared moving again, JTH was Withdrawing my Rent from my Grandma’s Trust which he engineered himself to control.
I knew full well that if I moved out or tried to move out he would exact large levels of control over me as he claimed he had to write each check personally from Grandmas’ trust account.
This would mean as always that I would have to give him massage and visit him to receive checks, even if I moved out. 
Previously, in late 2021 and again in Jan Feb 2022 when I asked him for Trust Fund $ to buy A sprinter Van so I could move into another House in Menlo Park, 
JTH Denied me the Trust $ and became scornful vindictive and abusive letting me know that if pursued any options other than moving into his house, he would cause me to suffer and seek to make my life miserable. 

     JVH molested me and injured my spine when I was 13 years old. 
I was 13 Years old when JVH aka JTH displaced my L5 Sacral Vertebrae by “cracking my back” as he called it. Routinely after a long day of work for JTH, JTH would ask me to crack his back. 
After he first injured my L5 he never stopped apply painful force to my L5 Sacral Vertebra even though I would tense up in PAIN. This was unempathetic insensitive and unprofessional of him. Guess that’s who he was.
I would give him massage to shoulders back neck arms legs as he instructed, with the goal of several chiropractic release of his spine, Then he would crack my back.
Being an innocent ADHD Dyslexic Autistic Aspergers Syndrome Vaccine Injured child I was not savvy enough at 13 years old to know that he was up to good when he asked me to turn over from laying on my tummy to laying on my back. 
JVH started by “massaging” my legs etc and seemingly accidentally brushing against my p slowly and calculatingly leading to oral molestation.
JVH told me NOT to tell my mother. JVH told me she would not understand. JVH told me our relationship was special. 
In Later Years when I did not want to, JTH said “Don’t Stop me!” And “Don’t come in my mouth.” In stern Dominant Voice which I can still hear. I was naive gullible and awkward, wanted the $ from Work Did not know any better. 

The Ironies here are IMMENSE and I have not yet learned why the 5 charges were dropped but likely because I spent some of the last year providing BFD with scores of emails, scores, of photos, scores of affidavits of JTH’s falsehoods, fraud, history, crimes, deceit, way of being. 
JTH told one Lawyer, that he did not know me very well. FALSE. JTH told that lawyer that I had never worked a day in my life. FALSE: An Ironic Lie when 
I worked Full Time upto 10 hours n on Saturdays and Sundays and Part Time 5 days a week for JVH all 4 years of highscool. 
JVH / JTH took the best years of my life. I worked for him part time for YEARS after High School as Well. More Through Junior College During FootHill JC, and Less During UCSC. Not just around house but also out in field at Stanford, UCSF, UCB, UCD, VAPA, etc performing Routine Maintenance on Sorvall and BeckMan Centrifuges. 
- - - - - 

Case Dismissed but GREAT obstacles Remain. insufficient help from my “attorney” BFD  for 6 months so I need super help for sure could use assistance and / or at least counsel/ advice re CA Law etc. if you have an email too I could send little snippets. of brief outline, I can send too.

I am living in my car sadly but in great jeopardy are my Health, my life, my 2 cats, and Millions of $ stuck in several places. 

While I have been camped at my current spot, my Car Battery has died, as Sun has moved south, dashboard solar charger no longer charges Battery. Rains will come. My windows are partially lowered. Battery Dead.
My Vehicle Reg expired Jul 8 2023. My CDL Expired Jul 23 2023. I suspect my AAA insurance may lapse if CA Car Reg Expires? Could Not Renew Reg as Car would Not pass Smog. So car became my stationary domicile. Have JumperCables but Battery is months Dead :( so not sure about jump.
I still have a functioning New account Chase Card so that should help me to be mobile. 
I would like to buy at least a MiniVan or better Yet a SPRINTER VAN I have funds to do that but still seek a place to stay whether room apt studio flat or parking spot 

I am living … in sadness and stuckedness and now that I have all of my charges dropped I should try to recover. 
I need Help, advice, avenues, ideas, concepts to navigate out of the heavy score of traps I am stuck in, and I have not even listed all of my traps here, but need help untangling from recent entanglements

JTH has Utterly and Nearly Completely Destroyed my life. I have far less to live for if I can not RETRIEVE my remaining critical property and my cats. 
This is why I ask for help. I am deeply mired in depression and daily weekly monthly increases in stuckedness in my rut. IF I am going to crawl out I need help navigating. 

Good that Fraudulent case was Dropped. Bad that I am so damaged and torn from 6 months of landlord abuse. 14 days jail. 1 year of Sleep Deprivation as a result of A: Brain’s been wired that way now. B: increased Light and Noise Sensitivity ever since I moved into JTH house. C: 
Honestly JTH stole so many Physical 100s of items tools gear supplies tech and so much of my life energy and hope that I am now wired in depression scott at planttrees dot org please if you have any help to give you are welcome to both FB message me and DEFINITELY also email me for any longer or more important critical messages. 

I used to be an activist . I used to do good things. I used to live. 

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.