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     Is Water Fluoridation Effective?
The numbers don't support the fluoridationist song & dance. See attached one pager from FAN on the 'benefit.'

“The announced opinions and published papers favoring mechanical fluoridation of public drinking water are especially rich in fallacies, improper design, invalid use of statistical methods, omissions of contrary data, and just plain muddleheadedness and hebetude. Many of the blunders were so glaring that I gave them to my beginning freshman classes in statistics at the very first meeting. The students see through them straightway, and are afforded great amusement. Uproarious laughter frequently ensues. No special statistical equipment is necessary to detect those peccancies. Of course the class and the Group soon tired of those infantilities, and sought and found greater challenge.”- Prof. Hubert A. Arnold, Ph.D. (1980)

     Neurological Impact of Fluoride
At year's end, I like to look over the major items of fluoridation science. There are too many significant damning studies to summarize in 2018, so let me just chose 6 specific to fluoride as a brain poison. 

The latest was just published online ahead of print a few days ago. It demonstrates how fluoride interferes with the effectiveness of Alzheimer's Disease medication.

     "Fluoride: The Freedom Fight"
See image for a bit of drop mic history relevant to why 97% of Europeans don't fluoridate their water.


Dr. Moolenburgh's 1993 Affidavit in US court: 

Dr. Moolenburgh's 2014 interview (16m):

Over half of American teens have dental fluorosis, which is cell death in teeth caused by fluoride consumption during childhood. The majority of our exposure is from fluoridated water and it affects babies in the womb and bottle-fed babies as well as children. See image from 2014 study for process and other cellular effects, courtesy of Dr. Hardy Limeback. These findings have been confirmed several times in other scientific studies. Fluoride is a poison.

     Veterans Today
Alan Sabrosky: James “Mad Dog” Mattis and the Bane of Civilian Control

Alan Sabrosky on Mattis firing & Syria withdrawal; Ken Meyercord on “extreme weather”
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