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Factsheet: 5G, Small Cells and Microcells

Jordan Peterson - The Tragic Story of the Man-Child

Jordan Peterson on the meaning of life for men. 
MUST WATCHJordan Peterson dropping some serious hydrogen truthÖ

DuckDuckGo is moving beyond private search to also protect your privacy while browsing.
Announcing our fully revamped browser extension and mobile app, packed with the privacy essentials to protect your data no matter where the Internet takes you.

Google Censorship of God, Jesus and Christianity
Google says it is ignorant of who God is, and is ignorant of Jesus†
A few 2-3 minute videos of this silly censorship show further indications and signs that Google has become part of the Deep State run by atheist European fake Jews against mainstream American/European faith and culture 

Do We Need Government? - 8-Bit Philosophy 
Now is as a great time to ask: What is the purpose of government? 

Jewish Immigration Policy for Europe?

- - - - - Thu Jan 25


- - - - - Wed Jan 24

Why Can't People Hear What Jordan Peterson Is Saying?A British broadcaster doggedly tried to put words into the academicís mouth.

- - - - - Tue Jan 23  

What Scientists Now Know About the Impending Mini Ice Age but Aren't Saying (515) 

Barbara Daniels Art Of Parallel Universe. 

Why do producers throw fruit on the road?
The producers of fruits, garlic, honey, peanuts, milk, wine, must, and sugar go through one of the worst crises in history. The apples, oranges and pears thrown are a reflection of the lack of profitability. Rising costs and falling prices.

'A Night For Freedom' Panel with Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInnes, Owen Benjamin and Mike Cernovich

Anonymous - This will Change Everything You Know... (2018-2019)

No-one was gonna steal Melissa's car Jordan Peterson analyzes Cathy newman 

Bri Gates 
If you know me, you know I am obsessed with lemons. I have been blessed with the most perfect citrus trees while living in this abundant valley. For many years now I start each day with lemon water as it flushes the intestines of any stagnant mucus or build up, alkalizes the body and revitalizes with minerals and vitamins. To me, a lemon is a symbol of love, as it has given me so much healing.  
#healingfruit #citrus #lemon #sanfernandovalley #lemonlove #purify #cleanse #dailydetox #morninglemonwater #ilovelemons #love #infiniteforever

     Dupont Teflon Kills Birds
If you cook with a stick free pan your pet bird will likely DIE

Teflon kills birds | Canaries in the Kitchen | EWGAvian veterinarians have known for decades that Teflon-coated and other non-stick cookware can produce fumes that are highly toxic to birds. As early as 1986, a  

      Mini IceAge / Global Cooling 2021-2030
What Scientists Now Know About the Impending Mini Ice Age but Aren't Saying (515)  

     Back to the Dark Ages! 
Safety pants with an alarm are introduced in Germany after several migrant sex attacks. 

Muslim who sexually assaulted 8 women in Australia gets no jail time because JUDGE says he's not used to girls in bikinis 

This is Italy: attempted kidnapping of a woman in the street by two migrants, only with the help of a few brave pedestrians, the woman could be freed.

     Black Violence Baltimore
The Obama Effect. Everyone be careful in Baltimore. It is getting nice out so the animals are coming out of hibernation in packs to prey on the weak!! This was in greek town yesterday! SHARE THIS
Thatís Baltimore. Childrenís ice cream truck music and all when an older person is almost murdered by a pack of animals. See how they all went in. 
Notice too how they acted like they werenít working together and cross street even until the last moment. 
‪Chris White‬ Some sweet old black lady came out of her house and started screaming at them to get off me and they all just walked off.. I found my way back to the light rail and passed out inside of it covered in blood... someone on the light rail called the cops and there was 5.0 and a ambulance waiting at the bwi stop when I got off and took me to the hospital. Has to get stitches and all my front teeth, too and bottom were chipped off 

     White Girl Bleed A lot 
Reporters learn about killing over Air Jordans, the hard way. 

Absolutely terrible! Anti-Trump protestors took to the streets of DC, damaging and vandalizing almost everything in their path. 

- - - - - Mon Jan 22 pm 
Parking lots the new hunting ground for fellas looking for soft targets. 
New levels of black violence in Cleveland. Old levels of denial, deceit and delusion.
Racial hoax in the US Navy. Now a daily thing. A black thing. Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB Youtube and Patreon 
#DinduNuffin #DinduNuffinn #Dindu #Nuffin 
#WhiteGirlBleedAlot #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry

Black people steal. (Original video got deleted?) Wow. Is Walmart trying to telling us something? 

The NSA Is a Blackmail Agency

Open door immigration. PARIS. 

Shithole countries do not exist. 

COMMENT FROM YOU TUBE These smart meters have MILITARY FUNDING...they installed 24 smart meters in the apartments where I live now, a neighbor of mine who had 10 smart meters right on her bedroom wall. Now she is in the hospital, severe brain damage with bleeding on the brain.. the elites see us as useless eaters,using up their non renewable energy... they are DEPLOYING these meters, that is the word they use, this is a military term, look it up, its when you position troops for an attack... these smart meters are really death meters, they produce 500x - 8000x as much microwave radiation as a mobile phone, and you cant switch it off, its spews it out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is the plan... do not allow these meters, they are practically kicking peoples doors down to fit these,... its a plan, the elites, the bankers, the big corporations, have planned this... dont install a smart meter...
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