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      Auditive Levitation
Brad Olsen with Nassim Haramein at Machu Picchu, Peru. 
Nassim Haramein & author, Brad Olsen, discuss ancient civilizations while at Machu Picchu, Peru during the 2nd annual Resonance Academy Delegate Gathering in November, 2018.  

Sophie and the 5G Wireless Antenna 
A young girl wonders if the 5G antenna outside her window could be making her sick. This video is based on hundreds of independent, peer-reviewed and published scientific studies documenting biological harm from exposure to RF microwave radiation at levels far below out-dated guidelines established by the FCC in the last century.

SMART METERS: How To GET RID of your Smart Meter  

#Stop5G Related: 
Electromagnetic Fields and Leakage of the Blood Brain Barrier: 
Dr. Leif SalfordA presentation by neurosurgeon and researcher Dr. Leif Salford on the effects of RF radiofrequency…

Smart Meters are worse than you think (UPDATED) 

Cell phone towers suddenly spring up in neighborhoods all over the US, and nobody can stop it, or learn anything about it
Churchill: Wireless pole was an unwelcome surprise 

Did you know that humans more sensitive to the harmful effects of fluoride than rats?
     Declan Waugh
Wow, in researching the molecular mechanisms by which fluoride inhibits iodine uptake in humans I have also stumbled upon the key molecular mechanism by which fluoride exposure increases the risk of skin cancer. This is of enormous significance as Ireland has the highest prevalence of skin cancer and mortality from skin cancer in Europe (we are also the only country in EU with mandatory fluoridation). Mortality from skin cancer in Ireland is actually even higher than Australia. Yet another paper I will have to finish. The list of scientific papers that need to be published just keeps getting bigger. #health #publichealth #research #skincancer #fluoride
What do the protesters in France want?
Check out the 'official' Yellow Vest manifesto
     Stefan Molyneux 
‪Can you imagine living in a world where we appreciated the contributions of each race and ethnicity?‬
‪I love the gifts from black culture, asian culture, white culture, you name it!‬
‪To love each other, we must accept biological differences.‬
‪It’s the only way past guilt and hate‬

     Stefan Molyneux 
Denying racial IQ differences does NOT solve the problem of racism - it justifies and empowers racism.
Why? Because all disparities in racial outcomes end up being blamed on “white racism.”
Attacking all whites for biological realities beyond their control is horribly racist.

France Protestors Are Part Of Global Backlash Against Globalization 

American hero Alex Jones STORMED Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the Congressional hearings to combat online censorship! 

Successful Flow 22 January ·Extraordinary Art Of Parallel Universe.Credits: Barbara Daniels Art

12/16/2018 -- M6.1 Earthquake strikes DIRECT WARNED AREA -- Australia M5.9 EQ at VLF HAARP Station

     Stefan Molyneux  
It’s been easier to convince people to hand over half their income, their children to war, and their freedoms in perpetuity, than to engage them in seriously considering how roads might function in the absence of taxation.

Vegan Sidekick 
I think most non-vegans understand and respect the idea of offering animals a "forever home" - that animals are a responsibility, not to be discarded. I also think that a significant portion of non-vegans understand the principle of adopting animals, and not breeding them or buying from breeders. As such, why is there such a disconnect with those people when it comes to farmed animals? Firstly the animals are bred, which you should be against. Secondly, the breeds suffer from selective breeding just like many selectively bred cats and dogs. And thirdly, their owners not only don't offer a "forever home", they kill them. Indeed, male chicks in the egg industry are killed *as soon as they hatch*. Farming is ruthless and irresponsible, but it's treated as "meh whatever" by the same people who say "adopt don't shop". Of course I totally agree with that sentiment, that is part of veganism. But how can you say "adopt don't shop", and also say "breed animals and kill them lol"?
scott's notes from and @ SRI / Stanford Research Instititue 2018.12.18 Tues Eve

SETI SRI 2018.12.18

Ink blot prime numbers periodic table Fibonacci sequence 

Laser SETI all sky all time

10/15 16 17. 10/16 watt is more than all humanity consumes

Shadow biology life forms

Anti cryptographic messages

Riot liquidate IRA quit job

Laser propelled sail craft every day would light up the skies

Unsolicited nude pics. Mix tape. Directions to our place  :   This is what we sent out into space ;)

Reduce Tribalism if contact since 2016. 6 decades

Julia ethics humanity values b4 send

Q&A 8pm. Yes avail ? 

If receive then astronomers will ask other observatories to confirm
That communication would spread fast
Hard for govt to censor
Intl collaboration as earth turns and no one owns the sky

ERths weakest tv and radio signals can be detected 500 light years out

13 billion years old galaxy
What are the odds two civilizations
Broadcast at same time
Or even receive
One way communication more likely

Send all? Send internet? Send google drive?
Yes put up all. Let them figure it out
Rosetta Stone. Hieroglyphics deciphered due to volume of messages

Quantum physics is limited
Maybe there is no finite set of physics

What if we’ve gone up a different side of mountain than aliens
Maybe we’re on a different mountain or on a different range

150 light years avg distance to other star systems
Another 150 years to get their response
Which most likely will be:
“can you repeat that please?”

2019 is 150th anniversary of Periodic table

We are already communicating chemically with our atmosphere Julia DeMarines

Steve Dick anthropology archaeology anthology technology
NASA historian

Ethics. What should be message?
Singularity? We will all be robots?
How does that affect our ethics?
Ethics of the individual?

Ethics of engagement with AI?

Fermi paradox 1950s
Aliens are probably scared of us
We wear clothes of other species
We have killed 60% of species

January next SETI topic

Ethics of military conference upcoming Fort Collins Colorado

Social constructs
Concept astrophysics

My own take. High risk high reward
Due to dismal fate of humanity 
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