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I may offer no greater gift than spring water. This blog is posted on

     Adobe Springs #1
FASTEST SPRING! simply turn the Faucet and point the short one foot hose at the top of your 5 gallon jug. Fill a jug a minute. or faster!
Adobe Springs bwtn Livermore, CA and Patterson CA is FASTEST SPRING! near SF Bay. simply turn the Faucet and point the short one foot hose at the top of your 5 gallon jug. Fill a jug a minute. or faster!
I grabbed 77 Gallons of this Magnesium BiCarbonate Spring water last year after Symbiosis 2014 Equinox. Delicious and Healthy. 10 GPM Fast FILL! No Waiting :)
Best approach is 2 lane road for 19 miles from Patterson CA off Hwy 99
SLOW and DANGEROUS approach is winding narrow one lane road from LIVERMORE. WEAR YOUR SEATBELT and keep both hands on wheel at all times. NO TALK NO TEXT. 

     Calistoga HWY 29 #2
Calistoga HWY 29 is 1.5 GPM or 1.5 MPG depending on Season . or on rainfall. Therefore 2nd best spring. 
Mile Marker 48 on Hwy 29 in LAKE county, CA. Driving from Middleton to Calistoga, look for Mile Marker 48 on Right (North) Side of road as Passing Lane Starts. Observe pullout with Flowing Water Pipe out of CobbleStone Pillar 2  or 3 feet tall.
THIS spring is a problem if some damn pot grower pulls up with 100s of gallons of empty jugs. so it's a gamble. but that problem only happened once to me. on my most recent visit in 2011. Ya I don't go anymore cause 
so to recap. with 20 or 30 attempts, I only once saw a hog on my last visit.
SUGGEST you look both on your way TO harbin and AGAIN on Return, to enhance your odds. 
Harmony Festival Santa Rosa 1978-2011 and EarthDance Laytonville 2004-2011 are GONE.
and I simply just jumped in cause when I drove up he was YACKING to a guy by his truck while his 5 gal was overflowing. ass
So when he approached me to cut back in I told him so. I wasn't having it. I won. I filled my 75 gallons. (when open) #3
Previously: the only 2 taps you wanted @ Harbin were: A: White PVC of COLD Spring Water entering COLD PLUNGE. and B: Earth Temp Water from Faucet by Warm Pool. As all other H20 @ Harbin was Chlorinated by HealthDept yet Kitchen Water was filtered.
     Stinson Beach #4
Stinson Beach is HARD to get to in 2017 / 2018 due to HWY closure South of Stinson. ONE white PVC on East side of HWY 1. One white PVC pipe lets out ON beach 10 or 20 feet above Sea Level.
Stinson. Stinson has a trace of Lead Pb. I do not know the amount and am not concerned. Still better than tap water. 
Harbin has a trace of Arsenic according to Shaman Randall but I am not concerned about a trace. Still better than tap water.

     SHASTA is people's fav in CA. Possibly Shasta and Adobe are the 2 best in CA.

     EMPIRE Grade Santa Cruz 
at bottom of gravel parking lot. I am told this spring is SLOW!

I AM OPEN TO FEEDBACK. Taking care of my mom. I have not gone to a festival since 2014, nor traveled.
Stinson is said to have Lead / Pb. Harbin is said to have trace Arsenic. I'm not worried about a trace amount. Not sure how the Calistoga/ Middleton Spring is at Mile Marker 48

Note: it is important to drink plenty of Spring Water before showering or bathing in any chlorinated water as
your body will EXUDE water from your PORES as opposed to taking up chlorine through your skin if you are dehydrated. Try it. You will NOT smell like Chlorine if you hydrate first. Tell a friend!
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