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Is Drinking Fluoride Safe 
Artificial water fluoridation began in the 1950’s. Today, we know that drinking fluoride can impact health and fluoride has…
The House That Spied on Me 
"If you have a smart home, it's open house on your data."
"What our experiment told us is that all the connected devices constantly phone home to their manufacturers. You won't be aware these conversations are happening unless you're technically savvy and monitoring your router like we did. And even if you are, because the conversations are usually encrypted, you won't be able to see what your belongings are saying. When you buy a smart device, it doesn't just belong to you; you share custody with the company that made it."
Flu Vaccine Increases Your Risk of Infecting Others by 6-Fold, Study Suggests 
6.3 times more aerosol shedding of flu virus particles if they received vaccination
There are well-documented iatrogenic effects of common vaccines like MMR and Rotavirus Vaccines, which include viral shedding and infection following vaccination.
In other words, there is a significant body of evidence that the vaccinated actually infect the un-vaccinated.

CDC Funded Study Shows the Vaccinated Shed 6.3 Times More Flu Virus, Just by Breathing

     Aaron Treefi Nelson  
suggested alternatives to current platforms:
Steemit - alternative to Facebook, Reddit
DTube - alternative to YouTube, Cable TV
DSound - alternative to Soundcloud, Bandcamp
DMania - do you like memes?
Each of these platforms are decentralized, gamified, and PAY USERS.
Check them all out by joining Steemit.  

     END the FED
1828 President Andrew Jackson is elected President of America. He fires 20% of federal government employees for collusion with Rothschild agents. He vetoes a law passed by both houses of Congress for renewal of a Rothschild Bank; he wins reelection by a landslide in spite of vast sums aiding his opponent.
1835: Failed assassination attempt of Jackson, The perpetrator brags powerful Europeans hired him; the courts declare him not guilty by reason of insanity.
1836 After much toil, Jackson eradicates the Rothschild bank from America, which would last almost one hundred years when, in 1913, they were brought back in with the establishment of The Federal Reserve Bank.
1838: Jackson pays off the National debt; the only President to do so in history.
1845: Jackson dies, requesting the following inscription upon his tombstone; which he regarded as his greatest service to humanity. "I Killed The Bank."

- - - - - Mon Feb 12 pm 

Friendly reminder chemtrails are real.

     The Corbett Report 
Here's how I introduced Steemit to my 150,000 YouTube subscribers: 

     The Corbett Report / BIG OIL = MUST SEE: countless gems within. i.e.: BIG PHARMA is a gift of ROCKEFELLER

In California, Farmers Rely on Oil Wastewater to Weather Drought
e been seeing more posts about waste water from fracking being used to irrigate produce, most notably the Halos mandarins. The issue isn't if that type of water has been used, because seems that it is, but if it was treated properly. Sad to say, but it's probably best to avoid crops grown in Kern county. As time moves forward, get to know where your food comes from and how it's made.     

SlingShot Champagne Bottle FAKE death
was a pitch for $ for his upcoming ZOMBIE MOVIE  
     He is alive: admits, and sorry it was fake... "Untiteld" - The Making Of

Why do I post this? BECAUSE after 9/11 and numerous false flag shootings and boston bombing staged hoax, we must all become better forensic scientists:

AA: Why was HIS SHIRT already bloody messy one or two seconds in? (hint: not the first take)
A: Why was her hand already bloody before she even touched his head? (hint: not the first take)
B: why was the projectile so visible 5 feet after ricochet when not in Spot light? (because it was edited in)
C: Was camera hand held or on tripod? If it was hand held why so steady, why put down so well with perfect head shot? If on tripod why move?
D: Blood consistency not right. More like diluted corn syrup. 
E: Wound not right
F: If she was at cam? Why would she walk a big circle around him? why not lean directly into him? (that's hollywood)
G: because: ZOMBIES!
H: good PSA: Thick and Heavy Glass Champagne bottles are seriously dangerous both ways; A: by slingshot and B: the bottles can bounce back at you if thrown at a SOLID OBJECT… see youtube…

Giving up control of Brussels mosque, Saudi Arabia sends a signal
Belgium figures out ITS SAUDI ARABIA STUPID... who sends their takfiri salifist wahhabist imams to the west to spread ultra-radicalized violet jihad that isn't even islamic to the west... while Donald Trump swings swords with Saudi Head Choppers and helps the Zionist Regime manufacture more terrorists and attempt to make americans feel "safer" but ITS A LIE... If he really loved this country he would REMOVE all ISRAELI and SAUDI influence... but he is NOT...
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