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Google plans $300 million investment into new algorithm threatening to permanently destroy independent news industry.
Evil Google pushing "final solution" to eradicate independent news from web

     Locals Destroy MILLION DOLLAR SOLAR installation
Allah doesn't want it.....And we're supposed to help them???

Alton Sterling protest: 102 arrested; 8 firearms confiscated, Police officer's teeth knocked out.
Obama in Dallas- Cops are Racist and can't we all just get along.  

Colin Flaherty 

Welcome to the new UKThugs chase police around like school kids.....PATHETIC 

- - - - - Sat Mar 31  

How itís done - properly. Nofluoridegeoengineeringsmith's video. 

Mr. Brian Marvin refuses to explain epidemic of black on white murder.  

Just another day in Sweden: Migrant starts masturbating near woman in bus 

"But that wasn't real (Liberalism)"

"But that wasn't real (Communism)"

Communism killed 100,000,000 people last century.

Gun Control / Dictators killed 260,000,000 people last century... only after removing the right of the people to defend themselves.

Gun Control works! Ask the Experts: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol-Pot 

- - - - - Fri Mar 30 

     $ Stephan Molyneux

     Bow down to Islam or face deletion! 
Facebook bans 2 million-person 'Britain First' group and its leaders' profiles 
Facebook announced Wednesday that it has banned "Britain First" and its leaders from the social media platform for repeated violations of its community standards.Ö


- - - - - Thu Mar 29 pm 

Did Pennsylvania Mom Who Stood Up to Dental Bullying Uncover Massive Pediatric Dental Fraud Nationwide?

Reafam Carter, then at minute† 2 iMike Evans speakin, author of†
Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos, 2009

"Provided checks of $150 million each to Khomeini who plotted to kill the Shah of Iran and overthrow his nation. Provided $500 million to the Muslim Brotherhood freedom fighters who became the Taliban and al Qaeda. Wire-transferred $7.9 billion to buy-back the hostages after 444 days of humiliation.†"
     Hondurans set all toll booths on fire.
Honduran's know the correct way to respond...tolls increased in Honduras and the people fought back.  

Might as well have some fun since the data mining cowards at FB are going to Zucc us anyway. Jimbama 
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