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A Note on 9/11 Absurdity

- - - - - Mon Jul 15  

re: Immediate Suspension of B.C. Smart Meter Programs, Damage is Measurable By the Second

New research finds that routine breast cancer tests lead to unnecessary mastectomies and chemotherapy

West scrambles to evacuate White Helmets from Syria amid assassination threats

 I’ll bet your bottom dollar that the CIA trainee and stooge #AndersonCooper along with #treason were trending during the #Helsinki summit because Twitter wanted it to!‬
‪@andersoncooper want to go again buddy?‬

1522 people have been shot in Chicago in 2018.
9 people (4 fatally) have been shot by the police in Chicago in 2018.
This is the shooting that "protesters" injured 4 police officers over. 

- - - - - Sun Jul 15


- - - - - Fri Jul 13

Rothschild TRILLIONS Quantified


Trump: “I think what has happened to Europe is a shame”
California Schools Sued for Putting Kids on Probation for Defying Authority

- - - - - Thu Jul 12

Time to go vegan for animals, for earth, for the future. 
Going Vegan Could Free Up 75% of Land, Says New Oxford Study 
If everyone ditched beef and went vegan, immense amounts of land used for animal agriculture (meat production) would become available

7/11/2018 -- Multiple M5.0+ earthquakes across Pacific -- Hawaii volcanoes update -- Mauna Loa moves

New App “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” Encourages Students To Spy On Each Other

When did life get so cheap: Black on white violence and hostility than many people would rather ignore.
Until its too late.
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