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     STATIN toxicity
CoQ10 supplementation does not appear to help with statin (cholesterol drug) induced muscle damage ( Learn more about muscle damage and statin use. Click to see video:
Statin Muscle Toxicity |
Video updated 3/5/2012 to reflect new FDA warning labels citing risks of confusion, memory loss, new onset diabetes and muscle injury. Even people who don't experience pain or weakness on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs may be…

"Statin Nation II: What Really Causes Heart Disease?" is the sequel to the documentary "Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-up."

Even if you haven't seen the first one, this is a worthwhile and educational documentary to watch.

Learn the truth about how low-fat diets have contributed to the steady rise in heart disease.
Statin Side Effects: What Really Causes Heart Disease?
Statins really have nothing to do with reducing heart disease risk, because in fact, this class of drugs can actually increase risk of heart problems.

Stanley Loshniowsky my parent got messed up after statins, my mom developed a heart problem because of statins, because statins cause muscle loss and your heart is a muscle

Jane Hanson My dad has had a stroke in his eye and lost part of his sight in that eye, passed out at the wheel and now has a pacemaker, and collapsed a couple of months ago - calcification of the carotid artery apparently - he's been on statins for years as well as blood pressure meds, blood thinners....ugh! No CoQ10 in spite of me encouraging him to take it.

Do you take any of these dangerous statins? Beware of the risks and various side effects.
The Dangers of Statin Drugs
Statins, or cholesterol-lowering drugs, are linked to many adverse side effects, such as muscle problems, sexual dysfunction, and increased cancer risk. 

STATINS RED ALERT: Widely prescribed drugs act as cellular poisons that accelerate aging...... deactivate DNA repair... promote diabetes, muscle fatigue and… 

Statin Drugs Cause Eye Disorders
Because statins are already known to cause skeletal muscle disorders in some patients, ... Wednesday: The Infowars Nightly News. What Back to the Future Got Right. Wednesday: The Alex Jones Show. Globalist Propaganda Crashes Ticket Sales Sites.

The Health Ranger on the Alex Jones Show - new dangers of GMOs, update on Ron Paul, Monsanto ... Learn more at: ... Did Statin Drugs Cause Senator Ted Kennedy's Brain Tumor?
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