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     Truthstream Media 
It's Official: We're Living in the Prequel to 'Blade Runner' (17 Minutes) 

A story on when the first Europeans arrived to America…

#GreatReplacement #WhitePeople #Globalists 
Why They Want To Replace White People  

     CONSPIRACY illustration of connections
‪Nenad Djordjevic‬ Here's a really big one as well 2550x3400 big ! ‪‬

Here's how to respond to those misleading posts claiming our recent fires are all about tree huggers preventing logging and a supposed fuel build up via past fire suppression. Radiant Heat Versus Firebrands(embers)

Here is our list of recommendations: 

California KILLS YOU TODAY. CA requires infinite red tape in building codes including millions of tons of TOXIC Plastic insulation you are breathing today in CampFire SMOKE. 
Whereas organic eco and human friendly strawbale housing is fire resistant and clean. Covered with clay / mud these structures do not burn. 

It’s not just “smoke”. It’s plastic, rubber, asbestos, paint, lead, hydrogen cyanide, fats, resins, starches, benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metals, PCB’s, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, chlorine, arsenic, aldehydes, toluene.......and thousands and thousands of other compounds. 

These "wildfires" are now all nano lithium/aluminum-thermite fed from years of drought induced by "aviation and shipping pollution". Hot, hot, hot! Not to mention all of the glyphosate and Fuktonium. I am afraid these missing people have been turned to ash.

USA KILLS YOU TODAY. EPA FDA USDA are forcing GMOs Fluoride Aluminum Chemtrails Vaccines #EMF #5G #Microwves + "Clean, Safe Nuclear Energy" into your body TODAY.

Fire Protection Essentials 

Good Medium Victory #Stop5G News :D: ~credits successful protest video: ... Governor Jerry Brown VETOED the bill (y)

Radiations and male fertility 
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Lawsuits claim faulty PG&E Smart Meters started house fires

Video: GTA homeowner liable for damage after smart meter catches fire

Smart Meter Fires. CA Fires? Something Similar About These Fires.

place sheet metal, metal screens etc. by your smart meter to block radiation towards your SLEEPING work and LIVING areas.

Beds, Pillows should be FARTHEST away from any "SMARTmeter"

We Are Change
The Media Won't Tell You Why The Price Of Oil Is REALLY Low

This is less surreal than reality.
#NPC programming.
 Myron Fagan on the Illuminati Conspiracy from 1967, short version. See link for full version in comments.

Full Version
Myron Fagan exposes the Illuminati/CFR [1967]


OH GEE MAYBE THAT's why they do not burn? ok so stop posting pics of Redwoods Standing next to burned out houses and suggesting this is PROOF of CONSPIRACY. 
Yes there are conspiracies. No this is not one. 

Did I mention that Redwoods do not tend to burn? 

For the hearing impaired: "WHY YOU NO BURN REDWOOD?"

     Is Cheese Really Bad for You?
Another great video once again by the O.G. Nutrition Daddy.
What about the recent studies that show cheese is neutral or positive health effects?
The video sources, transcript, and doctor's notes are available here:
The WWI Conspiracy 

World War One (ALL PARTS)

11/13/2018 -- Earthquake pressure builds -- sudden seismic silence across 1/2 planet - Unrest likely.

Environmental Health Trust 
A Mother speaks eloquently about 5G small cell mini cell towers in her front yard 
This is starting to happen everywhere! We the people need to stand up against the deployment of 5G. 

Retired ER Nurse shares her experience with #ACIP at #CDC #FluShot #FluVaccine #Revolution4TRUTH

     David Icke
Tucker #Carlson, George #Soros, and Property Rights

Mandatory/Forced #Vaccinations a Blatant Violation of the Nuremberg Code #California

Christopher Bollyn on the War on Terror
Christopher Bollyn joins Our Interesting Times to
discuss his book The War on Terror: The Plot to
Rule the Middle East. We discuss how governments
and the media have misled the public about the
9/11 and how the War on Terror is a strategic plan
developed decades in advance to dominate the
Middle East and the entire world.

"You can choose to look away but you can never say you don't know again!" 
Keep pumping yourselves and your kids with flu shots...enjoy.

What part of KILL the USELESS EATERS / GOVT wants you DEAD
do you not understand?
Chemtrails over Redding, CA
lives can change or end in an instant. stay vigilant. When a Idiot People Driving a Car

The Political Spectrum Easily Explained - Basic Forms of Government

Political Spectrum Explained This clip explains the political spectrum. From 100% rule of a Fascist dictatorship to 0% like that of Anarchy and that which is in between. Anarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Monarchy, Republic.
(7 Minutes)

FGM Ruling Foreshadows the NEW AMERICA Emerging     (9 Minutes)

Hola there is your unroll: Thread by @CoreysDigs: "1) U.S. FORCES HAVE TAKEN CONTROL OF THE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN PORT-AU-PRINCE HAITI I was receiving reports on this o […]" 
#Haiti #ClintonCartel 
Enjoy :) 🤖 #Haiti #clintoncartel #theworldiswatching #cf #EndHumanTrafficking
20) People have been informing me they cannot access my site. I had a surge in traffic and it bumped me offline. I am not being hacked. I apologize. I will have this fixed tmrw. Please bookmark my site and it should be back up soon.

The #Clinton #BodyBags #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonBodyBags #BodyCount
#Hillary #Bill #Mena #Arkansas Who would have thought?! ANY safety protocols to be followed since its injected into blood?! What for, right?!
#CIA #CocaineImportAgency #GaryWebb #MichaelRuppert #LAPD #VICE
Haiti Coup, Happening NOW!Pray for Haiti 

     #Antifa are #DomesticTerrorists
SHOCKING: Anti Trump Portland Protesters Attack Pregnant Woman in Car as She Tries to Get through with an Emergency.... She even called 911 with no help from police because they have a "Hands-Off" rule during this protest #Terrorists #SOROS
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