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     Dr Jordan B Peterson
Surprised that Dr Jordan B Peterson lectures about RESPONSIBILITY, and millions of young people tune in. How does that happen? I asked Peterson: 

ALL MEN MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO! Jordan Peterson and Tucker on What's Happening to Men!   

Dr Jordan B PetersonToronto, Ontario 

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson 

At Lafayette College: The hardest questions I've faced:
Lecture and Q&A with Jordan Peterson (The Mill Series at Lafayette College)
Lafayette College on March 29th, 2018, hosted and…

Jordan B Peterson

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Thu May 3 

5/03/2018 -- Volcanic Fissures open in Hawaii SUBDIVISION -- Seismic unrest obvious -- HAVE A plan

ALERT: 5/03/2018 -- Volcanic Fissures form in Hawaii SUBDIVISION -- Lava now on the move Evacuations ordered.

Citizens Up in Arms Against 5G Wireless Technology Roll-Out: Are Their Concerns Justified? #5G 

     R.I.P. Londonistan
London's violent crime wave is happening for 5 reasons.
- Mass immigration
- Political correctness
- Emasculation of police
- Hopeless nihilistic youth
- Degenerate "drill rap" music
This is what they don't want you to know. 

     We Are Change 
Big Brother is here in a big way. China is now fully enacting its social credit system to all of its citizens by 2020. This Orwellian nightmare is now a reality and has to be witnessed to be understood. 

Here's the truth the doctor will never tell you... 

Chelsea Clintons Obsession; CDC Fleeing From Epidemic?; FBI’s Most Wanted Scientist with Guest James Grundvig; The Fishiest News Story of the Week 
All this and much more on The #HighWire
Fish feel, they suffer fear and pain and they have an immense will to live. As sentient beings they deserve our respect and compassion not cruel exploitation.

     #Rothschild #Zionism
DC City Councilman Attacked As An ‘Antisemite’ For Telling Truth About #Rothschild #Zionism

- - - - - Wed May 2

5/02/2018 -- USGS reports M7.0 Earthquake in West Pacific -- Then deletes and replaces w/ M4.7
4/30 into 5/01/2018 -- Hawaii's Kilauea / Pu'u O'o crater has partially collapsed
4/30/2018 -- New M5.0+ earthquakes strike West Pacific -- Spreading out across plates
What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Next HUGE GLOBAL CONFLICT And The Lies Surrounding It!
ummm did everyone forget how Netanyahu was at the Senate telling everyone about IRAQ's "WMD's" and how great the war will be for the world?
Well its happening again with Iran, and now Isreal is one step closer to an all out war.
     This is Londonistan. 
A black man brazenly wielding a 6 inch hunting knife in a McDonalds where children were eating their tea.

- - - - - Tue May 1 pm 

Facebook begins asking if every post you see is hate speech
Odd behavior pops up hours before Facebook's annual developer-filled conference.

     victims of Communism
The forgotten victims of Communism, they forfeited their lives to tell us a tragic story! 
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