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RIP FaceBook. Boycott Facebook. I learned from my 30 day FB block in December. I no longer comment on other people's posts. because even a harmless inane comment can flagged by another troll as SPAM.
WELL! Today I was blocked from FB for 30 days for Commenting on my own POST:

     my post:
St. Louis- Crime is the new black entitlement. AGAIN.  
VIDEO: Black kids jump on cars playing bounce house causing $1000 to $1500 vandalism damage per car. just like in SF Sunday Eve after PRIDE June 24 2017
when 40 black "Fuck The POLICE" and "FUCK TRUMP" thugs jumped on 20 cars @ Castro @ 18th St SF
     my comment on my post: Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Patreon 
- - - - - Sun Jan 21  

The EU's madness! In Italy, tomatoes are destroyed because the EU imports from Tunisia cheap! Thanks to exploitation and subsidies, Italian tomatoes destroy the Australian market and Europeans get tomatoes from China!
Read here.
     Paul Joseph Watson.
This is not normal. What on earth is going on in Germany?   

America’s Deceitful Secret Support of Al Qaeda     January 21, 2018 by Eric Zuesse.

Import the Third World, become the Third World. This is Italy! 

Invaders. Ship them all back.
VIDEO: Coach Driver Films Illegal Migrants In Calais! [Shocking]

     Colin Flaherty
We found some fellas in San Francisco for reporter Justin Phillips.
Poop on sidewalks. = SF.  If you like Hepatitis you will love SF! 
San Francisco has an interactive poop map
EXPOSING THE TRUTH this video is not a personal…

Affirmative action

Orange County is now a shit hole country thanks to Sheriff Sandra Hutchins and her co-conspirator Don Barnes. Please watch 10 minutes of filth.

- - - - - Sat Jan 20 

There seems to be some debate on exactly which words a lady person needs to say to keep from getting sexually assaulted. So I wrote a helpful song!

Cincinnati reporters are puzzled: A group of the fellas beat a white librarian. On video. One of the worst beatings one cop had ever seen. reporters are just trying to figure out why these random things keep happening.We tell them.

- - - - - Fri Jan 19 

     "Tree hugger"
The origin of the term "Tree hugger"

10 Key Issues for California Cities & Counties on the Challenges of Small Cells & “Not So Small Cells”

     EU / BREXIT
"Why are we paying the French to control our borders a problem the French, Germans and the EU created in the first place?" asks UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEP Nathan Gill MEP as Theresa May commits £45m to upping border security in Calais.

     Colin Flaherty 
Serial rapists stalk bike riders in Hamtramck and Detroit.  

Kabuki in Detroit - the ritual of black violence and denial. 

Chickens Form Backyard Band 

- - - - - Thu Jan 18 

6 Lemons 1 bulb Garlic 2 tsp. Ginger powder 2 Tbsp. Honey 3 cups Pineapple juice 1/4 tsp. Cayenne powder 
Keep your immune system strong with this natural recipe. 
Blend all ingredients thoroughly and store in a glass jar. Take 1 cup 4 times a day until the symptoms are resolved.

SF used to be fun 10 years ago. I lost hearing in my left ear to black thugs near pillow fight 2012. I was not even in JH plaza. I did not have a pillow.
the 3 BIGGEST and best parties in SF: Castro NYE, CASTRO Halloween, and LoveFest were lost to thug violence. 
I Used to have a great list of SF events and take pride in telling folks about BIG FUN FREE EVENTS, which are now rare.
Consequently I have less Grand Affairs to post and friends ask what happened to me and why I became negative.
read more:

Today's Australia: Shoplifting is not really a crime, especially if the shoplifters are Africans, Muslims, migrants or "refugees". 
I mean.. Wouldn't these people be subject to having hands chopped off in their homelands for this? 

Police Chasing Large Group of Motorcycles, ATV's in Miami

     Colin Flaherty covered these outlaw bikers Monday too Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB Youtube and Patreon 

 Colin Flaherty Documents Black Violence Daily 
#DinduNuffin #DinduNuffinn #Dindu #Nuffin 
#WhiteGirlBleedAlot #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry

Sheriff in hot water for telling the truth about black crime and victimization. 

PSA: do not play with BIG fireworks / M80s / Dynamite / grenades etc.  I can NOT POST THIS but goto Twisted Medic on FB if you dare.
Twisted Medic

- - - - - Wed Jan 17
The 8 worst pieces of advice medical doctors give their patients.

 Islam as it currently exists is incompatible with western society.

     Pat Condell speaks
NEW: This man is clearly a rightwing fascist Islamaphobic Nazi nutjob but i cant find one word i disagree with can you?
Pat Condell speaks...
(Please note the description of this post is in a sarcastic tone for the retards that think we are attacking Pat)
Check out Pat on his YT channel for more updates in the link below.

     Gang Members
You Can Learn Alot From A #Dummy!! Harvey Illinois Gang Members Show Guns & Drugs On Utube, Then Their Home Gets Raided Where Drugs, Guns and A Dead Dog Where Found. Police Laugh And Tell Criminals To Keep Helping Them Out...... #Share This Post

In Italy, food is destroyed because they do not conform to the standard or because imported goods from abroad are cheaper. This had to be seen by Spain with bananas, and 9000 tonnes had to be thrown away in Spain because the eu imported bananas

Disease-resistant GMO banana field trial approved in Australia and in #Coahuayana in Mexico they destroyed 11 million kilos of bananas to regulate the price. And in Spain, 9,000 tonnes of bananas were destroyed because the EU imported cheaper bananas. Where else does that lead?

- - - - - Tue Jan 16

6 Lemons 1 bulb Garlic 2 tsp. Ginger powder 2 Tbsp. Honey 3 cups Pineapple juice 1/4 tsp. Cayenne powder 
Keep your immune system strong with this natural recipe. 
Blend all ingredients thoroughly and store in a glass jar. Take 1 cup 4 times a day until the symptoms are resolved.

"Why I'm Suing UC Berkeley and Antifa..."

HORRIFYING! Parents Caught Starving and Torturing Their 13 Children After One Escapes...  

Martin Luther King Day brings out the craven, the cowards and the incompetent

- - - - - Mon Jan 15 2018 pm MLK

Hawaii is building a new car. Featured Prominently below the START button is the DUMP OIL button.
Hawaii is assuming you will press the top button and not the bottom button. SMH

Affirmative action 
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