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4.0 Earthquake Forecast South of SF Bay Area or North of Monterey Bay
6/03/2018 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- MAJOR UNREST taking place -- Volcanism increase- BE READY
27:00 TX CA MEX also 101 111 and at 
113 SF Bay EarthQuake you are going to get hit this week

- - - - - Sun Jun 3

Be nice & don’t spread manure: #Canadian farmers asked to avoid smelly fertilizer during #G7

Patrick Little for Senate robocall (Hilarious)

-Patrick Little running for Senate to represent USA not Israel;
& 2nd hr: Barbara Honegger on 9/11 lawyers and more
RED ALERT: Nazi Candidate Doing Much Better Than Expected in California

- - - - - Sat Jun 2

Islamic songs are so loud in London, that people can't even hear the Big Ben's bells! 

Inconvenient facts about the racial narrative in America. 
Those darn facts....  This is worth watching. 

- - - - - Fri Jun 1

Sadiq Khan’s latest London tourist advert is going viral! 

ARTHRITIS? Folks, need to pay attention. Here is just one of many studies revealing a concern and likely a cause. ---The National Team
Fluoride as a factor initiating and potentiating inflammation in THP1 differentiated monocytes/macrophages
It is well known that exposure to fluorides lead…
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