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5G Call to Action Community Summit Next Weekend March 10th.
Education, awareness and pro-active solution against global impositions of 5G, AI and smart grid lockdown upon humanity.
Normalizing Surveillance
Through a series of cleverly written and orchestrated contracts, the American people have been manipulated into compliance with a multi-level surveillance state. “Smart” technology has been on the rise in this age of information, and has taken no breaks in its progressive advancement, as we are seeing new technology coming out almost daily now. Within the guise of safety, security and convenience, we have now surrounded ourselves with bots and droids in an attempt to make our lives easier. 
These machines can be upgraded and evolve like most of the new technology coming out today, they come with preset programs as well as upgradable programs, both of which we should be concerned about. 
Smart technology is advancing in many directions, and has touched many aspects of our lives, right down to our most private moments and needs. Could this technology be used for evil? Absolutely. Is this something you should be concerned about? Absolutely. Especially considering the list of pre-set “programs” that are a mile long and you don’t understand. Within these pre-set programs are series of illegal CIA spy tools. 
What makes them illegal is the fact that this information is not disclosed to the consumer, although the information is available. In which case those confronted will insist that the information has been available to you all along, and will use that as their excuse to get away with this. They will not. This is an intentional crime in progress on an unwilling party, that has not been informed. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF RIGHTS AGAINST THE PEOPLE.
We, the people, must expose this, insist on its removal, and do what this man is doing in order to reverse this invasion! We will not tolerate this intrusion on our lives and we will not back down until all surveillance is removed.
Check into and watch Episodes #1 & #2, join their Ground Crew and share with your network if their message resonates... 
Their Liability Action process is not about "fighting", but, "notifying". Notification goes hand in hand with a Claim.

- - - - - Sun Mar 4 

A concise summary of some of the most solid, significant (strong, well-done) research on EMF harm, put together by a PhD in physics
RF: Cell phones and cell towers - Richard Wolfson

YouTube deletes entire Health Ranger video channel; deletes over 1700 videos in latest politically motivated censorship purge
     False Flag / Florida Hoax Shooting / DRILL
Expert asks questions about Parkland. Excellent overview.
The End Of The World - As We Know It!
With Owen Benjamin and Stefan Molyneux

- - - - - Sat Mar 3 pm 

Moscow calls off strategic talks with Washington
The Debate - Russia’s new military doctrine
Russia’s New Nuclear Weapons:
From Hypersonic Missiles To Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
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