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A local news station admits to finding Barium in Chemtrail fallout.
U.S. Supreme Court Says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Roads

      Diva Cup:
17 +/- 4 ppm Cd (cadmium) Tested with an XRF instrument.
Considered safe by all regulatory standards.
Tested multiple times to confirm results (all results were within this same range: 13 to 21 ppm.)
Learn more about who I am and the testing I do here: Http:// 
Lena cups have also been tested and found super high. 

NPR is a disguised, radically biased, one-sided, political hack job, run and financially supported by nefarious outside interests, while parading about and claiming their "public" aspect, that is nothing even vaguely close to some form of balanced programing. Don't cal it public; it's agenda driven instead. JG 

- - - - - Sun Feb 11  
Why the CDC Lies about its Fluoridation Data

Glyphosate contamination will cause 50% of children to be autistic by 2025, according to researcher

Power companies will not be motivated on their own to stop installing smart meters.
Studies on radiation from smart meters show that electromagnetic frequencies disrupt and damage the nervous system
"This includes: political blackmail and political pressure on various nations at least in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization – responsible for defending its North Atlantic members). Environmental modification would be events like Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans where the ports and coastal areas are being restructured and remade.."

Directed Beams
Enormous Power 
Deep Penetration into the Body
5G is going to be at a much higher frequency range, which means the antennas are going to be much smaller—small enough to fit inside a smartphone—but like in PAVE PAWS they are going to work together in a phased array, and like in PAVE PAWS they are going to concentrate their energy in narrow, steerable high power beams. The arrays are going to track each other, so that wherever you are, a beam from your smartphone is going to be aimed directly at the base station (cell tower), and a beam from the base station is going to be aimed directly at you. If you walk between someone’s phone and the base station, both beams will go right through your body. The beam from the tower will hit you even if you are standing near someone who is on a smartphone. And if you are in a crowd, multiple beams will overlap and be unavoidable.

Max Igan's presentation at the Truth And Freedom conference…

one a number of recent studies which found extremely significant associations between maternal thyroid function/hypothyroidism in pregnancy and increased same-sex attraction/gender nonconformity or homosexual orientation in offspring. 
Now whats really important is that the current study Published in Nature this past week, found that fluoride in drinking water, at levels below those present in tap water in Ireland, may contribute to thyroid impairment and a worsening of thyroid conditions in adults. In other words fluoride can contributed to sub-clinical and clinical hypothyroidism; which according to this research can contribute to higher prevalence of same-sex attraction/gender nonconformity or homosexual orientation in offspring. Now isn't that interesting.

[Mental Illness 2015; 7:5810]
High rates of same-sexattraction/gendernonconformity in the offspring of mothers with thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy: 
proposal of prenatal thyroid model

     ending fluoridation
If each of us sent a letter to the editor of our local newspapers and community publications, we could help educate millions of people around the world about the importance of ending fluoridation.
How many people in your community can you educate and protect? More than you think!

     electric bill gone up
HEARING ON HUGE ELECTRIC BILL INCREASES Tuesday, February 13. Has your electric bill gone up significantly at any point since a smart meter was installed on your home? You will have a chance to make your voice heard at the February 13 Michigan House Energy Committee hearing either via oral or written (email) testimony. DTE, Consumers Energy, the Michigan Public Service Commission, the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's office, and AARP have all been asked to testify.
Submit Written (Email) Testimony to: (this is the committee clerk) Be sure to to include: "Testimony for February 13, 2018 Energy Cmte Meeting" in the subject line. 
     Dog Meat S Korea
The South Korean government offered restaurants serving dog-meat soup money to take it off the menu during the 2018 Olympic winter games taking place in Pyeongchang but most refused, 
Olympic Venue Surrounded by Dog Meat Farms, 
Dog Soup on Menus Despite ProtestsDespite efforts by the South Korean government to hide the dog-meat on menus, 
many shops offered dog soup near venues for the 2018 Olympics.

- - - - - Sat Feb 10   


- - - - - Fri Feb 9  

5G - EDUCATE :::The Dangers of EMF and 5G! (and how to combat the radiation) #RFR #5GDeath
I've been fairly interested in this topic for quite some time, but today I decided to put together a show for you all that detailed EXACTLY what EMF's are an...

Why Failure Is Not An Option
With Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux
     New Podcast:
So called leader of so called Black Lives Matter Dies a real life death after a real life murder at the hands of a real life fella.
But the real killer was the self delusion that allowed him to think that cops are more dangerous than fellas.
A fatal error. 

Accusing Facebook of 'Effectively Banning Professional Journalism,' Brazil's Largest Paper Ditches Platform
Accusing Facebook of discriminating against "quality" content and accelerating the spread of "fake news" with its newly-unveiled algorithm, Brazil's largest newspaper Folha de S. Paulo—which boasts a print and online subscriber base of 285,000 people—has announced that it will no longer publish its articles on the social media platform.
- - - - - Thu Feb 8 pm 

Water Bill Investigation: Are smart meters to blame for skyrocketing rates?

Anyone interested in hacks like "How to Work 40 Hours in 16.7"? A powerful one from today is a template for implementing the "Eisenhower decision box". An earlier one was the Warren Buffet strategy:
Warren Buffett uses a simple 3-step productivity strategy to help his employees determine their priorities and actions:
STEP 1: Write down your top 25 career goals
You can also complete this exercise with goals for a shorter timeline. For example, write down the top 25 things you want to accomplish this week.
STEP 2: Review your list and circle his top 5 goals.
Note: If you‘re following along at home, pause right now and do these first two steps before moving on to Step 3.
At this point, you have two lists: the 5 items you circled are in List A and the other 20 you did not circle are in List B.
STEP 3:Everything you didn’t circle just became your Avoid-At-All-Cost list.
No matter what, these things get no attention from you until you’ve succeeded with your top 5.
Eliminate ruthlessly. Force yourself to focus.
Complete a task or kill it.
The most dangerous distractions are the ones you love, but don‘t love you back.
(Emails come approx. 6 times per month.)

Productivity Hacks: Master Procrastination, Get Things Done.Productivity Hacks: Master Procrastination, Get Things 

The Protocols of Zion at work divide and conquer as usual

Oh would you look at that! Sure as heck doesn't seem like a bandwagon.

City of Evil.
San Francisco Bay Area Experiences Mass Exodus Of Residents

TRUTH !!!!! 

Kamala Harris Aide, 2 Others Arrested After Allegedly Running Fake Police Force in Santa Clarita 
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