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Chemtrails 101 – Kentfield presentation What are chemtrails and why are they a problem? In my post Earth Day presentation at the College of Marin April 24, 2018, 
I prove what is happening, what is proposed and why it’s killing people. 
I show how aluminum causes Alzheimer’s, that observations of spraying matches a corresponding increase in the Alzheimer’s death toll and how we all have legal standing to stop the spraying.

Top Tips to Decrease Your Breast Cancer Risk

You've Been Told It's Safe, but It Damages Your Cells and Breaks DNA Bonds 
Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) impair the flow of protons to ATP synthase, triggering a massive increase in reactive oxygen species. This oxidative stress causes most…  

- - - - - Sat Apr 28  

Time to get your Mayor and your Council onboard with protecting people, saving money and protecting workers.

the one invention destroying earth... 
The Underground Resistance Network     What They Don't Tell You About Money

Shocking! Man Married To A Gay Man Discovers That He Is Not Gay! 

- - - - - Fri Apr 27

     Declan Waugh 

Yesterday, I made a submission to the European Medicines Board addressing the molecular mechanisms by which fluoroquinolone antibiotics contribute to fluoride poisoning. The submission addresses how chronic exposure to fluoride from these medications contributes to the wide range of adverse effects that result from these medications including cardiovascular and blood disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, tendinitis, tendon rupture as well as joint pain and stiffness, cataracts, headaches, impaired thinking, insomnia, psychosis, depression, bi-polar disorders, epilepsy and impaired memory and increased risk of skin cancer. My view is that the use of these medications is not compatible with water fluoridation. The reason being that individuals who live in communities with water fluoridation are already exposed to chronic fluoride poisoning, thus, their blood fluoride levels are already elevated. Therefore, if they are prescribed these medications the risk of adverse reactions increases. #medicine #blood #fluoride #chronicpain #jointpain #skincancer #cataract

Important. Some years ago after I was prescribed an antibiotic for a respiratory infection. I was not advised by my physician that the antibiotic was a fluoroquinolone or of the risk of negative health effects associated with this antibiotic. Following taking this antibiotic within a short time I developed persistent chronic musculoskeletal pain in my upper body including both arms, shoulders, neck and upper back. When the condition was at it worst I was unable to raise my arms to dress myself independently, shave or drive a car due to chronic pain and muscle weakness. Because of the chronic pain, I suffered from sleep deprivation and severe disability. Over the next few years I spent thousands of euros on therapy to treat the chronic pain including physiotherapy, osteopathy and ayurvedic massage, in addition to pain relief medication, but nothing worked. I had a MRI scan that showed I had severe calcification of my ligaments and ruptured tendons in both shoulders. I now know that what caused this condition was fluoride poisoning. From my own experience, the only intervention that was eventually successfully for relieving the chronic pain was to drastically reduce my fluoride intake, allowing by body to repair and lower its total body burden of fluoride. #chronicpain #fluoride

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal problems? Do you live in a community with water fluoridation? In Ireland more than 80% of all homes are provided with artificially fluoridated water. This is what the US National Academy of Sciences reported about gastrointestinal disorders and how a double blind clinical study in the Netherlands in 1974 found that fluoridation of drinking water was associated with gastrointestinal disorders. The findings of the study in the Netherlands, were one of the reasons fluoridation of drinking water was ceased in the mid 1970s in the Netherlands. However, it appears the Department of Health are not interested in these findings and they have never conducted similar research in the Republic of Ireland since fluoridation began in the mid 1960s. #departmentofhealth #HSE #fluoride #gastrointestinaldisorders

Google and Facebook are two of the largest and clearest monopolies in the world and, between them, the harvesting of your personal information goes far beyond what most people realize is even possible
The data harvesting going on between Facebook and Google is enormous. A summary of the kind of information these two corporations collect, track and store on each and every single user is included 

     Stefan Molyneux
Good Lord! I've Already Had Kids With Multiple Women And Now I'm Dating A Single Mom! 

#China bans journalist from buying a home due to 'social credit score' system that punishes anyone who questions the state
- - - - - Thu Apr 26
Finland's Universal Basic Income Experiment Has Failed | True News 

- - - - - Wed Apr 25

4/23/2018 -- Multiple M5.5+ earthquakes strike across Pacific -- Increase expected -- BE PREPARED

Big Brother is here in a big way. China is now fully enacting its social credit system to all of its citizens by 2020. This Orwellian nightmare is now a reality and has to be witnessed to be understood. 

Belgian TV crew pelted with rocks in Brussels suburb. 
Tell me again about how 'no-go zones' don't exist. 

Bouncer pushes women over during shocking pub brawl. But could they have done something else?  

Would have been funnier had a group of peaceful immigrants from Goatfuckistan arrived on the scene and beheaded everyone.

The Philosophy of the 10 Commandments
With Duke Pesta and Stefan Molyneux

- - - - - Tue Apr 24 pm 

This is no longer a strike......its pure theft 
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