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Reddit Identifies A New Threat: The Truth - #PropagandaWatch 
Reddit is a controlled propaganda platform. Shocking, I know. Join James for this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch where he breaks down self-proclaimed homepage of the internet's war on truth. (14 Minutes)


Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?

 The Media is Lying about Chemnitz | Declinist Books Surge in Sales     (11 Minutes)

 Sweden Nordic Resistance Movement - Migrants Out, Kick Them Back
This was to be expected because of what the left has done in so many countries. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. They are going to bring another Hitler on the world stage.    (5 Minutes)

White Genocide? A Response To Riley Dennis
Today i respond to the Riley Dennis video ""White Genocide" is not a thing"    (15 Minutes)

How Hollywood Jews exploit Black Culture
(4 Minutes)

Top 4 (well known & documented) Plans for the Genocide of Europeans     (2 Minutes)

The War on Whites Is Real

If there was ever any doubt as to the true intentions of the endless waves of migration, let it be heard from the people who have been promoting it. The war on Whites is real. Wake up, learn the Truth and get involved. (4 Minutes)

     Stefan Molyneux asks a jew about immigration in Israel
Watch as Stefan Molyneux asks a jew why jews push immigration into white countries but not in Israel. You can watch as he squirms trying to justify the double standard and fail.
The most annoying thing about this interview is how the jewish man gets caught in his hypocrisy and doubles down on trying to excuse it.     (10 Minutes)

Rabbi on Edom, Europe, Islam, Christianity & the Messiah     (13 Seconds)

Jewish German Chancellor Angela Merkel's 2050 White Genocide Vision     (1 Mnnute)

The German Chancellor and Her Past | People & Politics

This is the reason why the Jews were expelled from 109 countries
After being expelled from Western Europe, many Jews made their way to Poland and the Ukraine. Darryl Cooper examines the role of Jews as a "middleman minority", and explains the origins of the troubled relationship between Jews and Eastern Europeans. Regarding anti-Semitism in the Pale of Settlement, Kevin MacDonald observes, "Another exploitative Jewish economic niche was the arenda system in Eastern Europe, in which Jewish estate managers were motivated to exploit their subjects as much as possible during the period of the lease. In the arenda system, a Jewish agent would lease an estate from a nobleman."
"In return for a set fee, the leaseholder would have the right to all the economic production of the estate and would also retain control of the feudal rights (including onerous forced labor requirements) over its inhabitants ... Such a system approximates slavery, the only difference being that serfs are tied to the land while slaves can be freely bought and sold."
"... It seems likely that such a system would not benefit society as a whole compared to a society where there were free markets in labor, and in any case, it is easy to see that such a system would lead to anti-Jewish attitudes as well as hostility to the non-Jewish elites who employed Jews in the manner. These negative attitudes would be exacerbated because the arendators were from a different ethnic group. It is not at all obvious that these attitudes are irrational, either psychologically or from the standpoint of the best interests of the society as a whole."
-From the Pale to Palestine:
(9 Minutes)
Arabs were not traditionally seen as adversaries - indeed the golden age of the Jewish diaspora took place in Muslim-occupied Spain. It was Europeans (and European societies) that Jewish revolutionaries and Zionists saw as "the enemy".
-From the Pale to Palestine part 2:
(10 Minutes)
Do Jews have a separate group identity? Do they have a sense of “Jewish interests”? How do these things affect the societies Jews live in?
-What is the JQ - Greg Johnson explains:
(9 Minutes)
(reading E. Michael Jones)
The Jewish Question in Spain. Reading excerpts from 'The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit' by E. Michael Jones.
-The JQ in Spain:
(18 Minutes)
A short history of the conflict between Jews and native Christian Europeans in the late Medieval era, culminating in the discovery of the Talmud, mass expulsions, and half of the Jewish elite converting to Christianity.
-The JQ - Medieval Edition:
(21 Minutes)

- - - - - Sun Sep 2  2018

     Fluoride Action Network
Fluoridation: Worsening the Lead Crisis in Flint, and Beyond
Print-Friendly Copy of Report Press Release: Fluoride in Water Worsens U.S. Lead Crisis…

Billionaires Soros And Steyer Teaming To Impeach Trump And Make America Socialist (10 Minutes)

What Happened At The Chemnitz Protest     (11 Minutes)

Watch my first Chemnitz video: 

Brittany Pettibone

The Future of Quantum Sensing & Communications
(37 Minutes)

 I stand with the German protestors in #Chemnitz currently being slandered by our gutter press as Far right. Here, they are seen holding pictures of Germans who were murdered by islamic immigrants welcomed into their country by Merkel the traitor. 

The Jewish Question Explained in 4 Minutes
An explanation of the role that the Jewish community have played in pushing multiculturalism and liberal social policy on Western civilisation.…
(3 Minutes)

The Jewish Question: A multimedia Adventure!

200 Africans Brawl But The Media Lies About It
(2 Minutes)

9/11 truth would lead to civil war in US

WHY Porn Changes the Brain | Science of NoFap [SFW]
This is about why high speed internet pornography has such high potential for making negative changes in the brain.
(18 Minutes)

- - - - - Sat Sep 1  2018

     Stephan Molyneux
This is the root reason for all of it. Free yourselves.
The Story of Your Enslavement

National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

#Stop5G ... Research
Cell Tower Radiation - Radiation Dangers In Residential Neighborhood - Crimes Against Humanity! 

In a new paper, “Clear evidence of cell-phone RF radiation cancer risk” published in the journal IEEE Microwave Magazine, Dr. James C. Lin states that the results of the National Toxicology Program (NTP) cell phone radiation study suggest that current radio frequency (RF) exposure guidelines are inadequate to protect human health (1). Furthermore, the paper recommends that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) re-assess the research and consider upgrading the classification of RF radiation from "possibly carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2B) to probably carcinogenic (i.e., Group 2A).

As Nation Mourns McCain, Some Ponder Role of Cell Phone Radiation - Public News Service, 31st August 2018
LANSING, Mich. – This week, the nation mourns the loss of Senator John McCain, who succumbed to a brain tumor known as glioblastoma. Now, groups concerned about the health effects of radiation from cell phones and cell towers are raising the alarm about this increasingly common type of cancer.
They note a recent $25 million federal study found a link between electromagnetic radiation and tumors in rats. Ellie Marks director of the California Brain Tumor Association says people should take steps to protect themselves – and especially their children...

#Stop5G ... Research
Goodbye Psychopaths 2018 - 5G Update
The 5G roll out continues : On March 29, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission gave its approval to SpaceX's plan to launch an…
9/01/2018 -- Global Earthquake Update -- West Coast USA -- W.Pacific + S. America on watch
     9/11 truth
9/11 truth would lead to civil war in US

     Silas Aurelius
The Extreme MALE Brain vs SoyBoys and BUGMEN     (9 Minutes)

Language Learning: It's all about INPUT (Comprehensible Input) (14 Minutes)
The Psychological Suppression of White Identity in Chemnitz and in the West | The NY Times Breakdown     (22 Minutes)
Karl Marx calls for genocide of White Europeans     (3 Minutes)

     The Talmud, Exposed

What Is Race Realism? (We're all different, but that's okay!)
Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains why it is vital to understand the truth about race: that it is a biological fact and that races are not the same. Denying the reality of race and insisting that all groups are equivalent makes it impossible to understand race relations in the United States. It also undermines any resistance to the massive Third-World immigration that is radically changing the West.
(10 Minutes)

Who's behind the race mixing agenda in advertising?
(31 Minutes)

Let's talk about [Redacted]

Kalergi plan in action.
Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda [HQ]

Muhammed Ali on Race Mixing
(4 Minutes)

Why Interracial Relationships Are Pushed On White Women 

The Real Reason the "Mastermind of 9-11" has not been tried after 15 years in U.S. custody
The basic reason that there will be no trial for the so-called "Mastermind of 9/11" is because the suspect being held at Guantánamo is neither Khalid Sheikh Mohammed nor the "Mastermind of 9/11", and the U.S. government and military are well aware of that.
Read also:
Why the "Mastermind of 9-11" is Kept Secluded by Christopher Bollyn 

- - - - - Fri Aug 31 

The United States and other countries that allow politicians to add fluoridation chemicals to the public's drinking water are vastly outnumbered by countries prohibiting the practice:

Fluoride used to poison your drinking water comes from this industry.
Phosphate Mining is Florida's dirty little secret. Not many people even know of the environmental devastation that is going on in our state involving this mining. Our leaders are looking the other way while these companies destroy our natural wonders. Please share this video because all Floridians need to know the facts so we can demand that our leaders stop them from poisoning our environment and our water supply!

Watch this before face book delete it 

There is no such thing as a New World Order; It's just a Conspiracy Theory.     (10 Minutes)
#Swedish right-wing parliamentary candidate attacked by 'immigrant' during campaign meeting

Return Of The Swede     (5 Minutes)

Imperium (15 Minutes)

The Jewish Role in the Porn Industry
A frank discussion on the disproportionate role played by Jews in the porn industry. Whilst not all Jews are involved in encouraging and supporting pornography the West, leading Jewish authors on the subject admit that Jews have played a disproportionate role in the industry and their motivation is not simply financial. Whilst in the West we are seeing an increasing amount of sexualised material pushed upon society, in Israel family values take centre stage and by law internet pornography is blocked by internet service providers.
(28 Minutes)

- - - - - Thu Aug 30 pm

A discussion on social media and regulation. 
Corbett highlights the counter-intuitive notion that tech giants WANT regulation because it snuffs out their competition.

Support for German Right Surges as Chemnitz Protests Continue!!! (12 Minutes)
The Info War
When you want to censor information outlets, you likely aren’t going to start with someone who has tremendous social capital or credibility.
(11 Minutes)

Lemmings Don't Jump Off Cliffs - #PropagandaWatch
As The Corbett Report community notes, lemmings jumping from cliffs is a figment of Walt Disney's imagination, not a real phenomenon. So how else has our perception of the world been shaped by the media?
(9 Minutes)

The Alex Jones Backlash: Trump Considers Regulating Google!!!
(12 Minutes)

- - - - - Thu Aug 30 am

      Dr. Felicia LeFish
This cute and clever rhyming fairy tale packs a very big punch and delivers a serious message.

Contact your state and local officials to end artificial water fluoridation in your town and please sign the petition. ---The Team
Is Fluoride Bad for You? A Lecture on Water Fluoridation by Dr. Felicia LeFish
Is fluoride bad for you? In this captivating lecture, Dr. Felicia LeFish presents evidence that…

Sign my Petition @ 

- - - - - Wed Aug 29

Remember when President Trump called out 'Swedish no go zones' and the media tripped over each other to shout 'LIAR!'? 
Well, they currently DO have 61 No Go zones, but their police,
for political reasons, call them 'vulnerable' or 'risk' areas. 
The Socialist government in Sweden have destroyed their country with uncontrolled immigration. 
58% of rape cases and 75% of sexual assaults in the last five years were carried out by immigrants. 
Swedish newspaper 'Expressen' researched gang rapes or 'grooming cases', (as they like to call it in the media), and found that 93% of convictions in the last two years were immigrants! #refugeeswelcome 

Time to say Goodbye to EUROPE (2018)
(4 Minutes)
     Sweden Car Arson
1998 380
2007 843
2017 1457
2018 2,000 Jan-Aug
This Month: 100 burned or vandalized in just a few hours

     Pete Ramon
Using sensors (motes) to turn commercial aircraft into a type of airborne smart dust network.

'Airborne Wireless Sensor Networks for Airplane Monitoring System'

'Press Release: FCC clears Airborne Wireless Network to test concept'

     Pete Ramon 

McCain called the murder of Pres. Kennedy an "intervention"

     Jerry Kroth
 Assassination of John F. KennedyAssassination of John F. Kennedy, mortal shooting of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, as he rode in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. His accused killer was Lee Harvey Oswald, a former U.S. Marine who had embraced Marxism and defected

     Jerry Kroth

     Colin Flaherty 
The fellas looking for cars in Wilmington. Or, in answer to just about no one's question: What kind of car does good ol' Colin drive?   

- - - - - Tue Aug 28

#5G Explained By Researcher Arthur Firstenberg: Be Forewarned

How to poison your children... 

Local news original report says drill was happening... This will probably not last... watch while you can... 

Nigel Farage On 2nd Referendum, George Soros, Battles Within Parties     (5 Minutes)  

Germany is at boiling point - Tens of thousands took to the streets last night, over the latest set of murders by migrants in Germany. 
Angela Merkel and her TREACHEROUS government have the cheek to label the protesters as 'far right racists'. 
If you let one million migrants, UNCHECKED, into Germany, with a Third World mentality, and some of them rape and murder German citizens, then the people have every right to protest about it ....without being called far right racist! 

A COLD BURN YEAR: Headlines from Drudge Report just now:
"Burning Man: 10 hours to get in!"
"Whiteouts, high winds, dust storms cause festival to stop entry..."
And down into the 40s at night. Burrrr!

9 hours to get out. coupla years ago police state cops shut down exodus cause kid left camp without telling parents. parents freaked and called cops who shut down gate for 9 hours.

? How many people Fell asleep at wheel and DIED cause they had to wait extra 9 hours to get out?

AT What price in human lives do we say NO. you can NOT shut down the gate like that.

- - - - - Mon Aug 27 

WRC Cast 12 – Maverick Or Puppet Of The Military Industrial Complex

At a festival in Chemnitz in Germany, migrants were allegedly molesting a young lady. Two men stepped in to help her and were attacked, one stabbed to death with reports of 25 stab wounds. From the video it is clear the German people have had enough of the rampant migrant sexual assault and murder and those who protested about this sexual assault and subsequent murder are branded far right!?! People have had enough and still the politicians pretend it is not happening. 

     BART Police Rent a Cops MIA

The Talmud Unmasked~ The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Non-Jews
This is an audio narration of the 1892 book, The Talmud Unmasked, which exposes the secret teachings of Rabbinical Phariseeism, the philosophical basis for the modern doctrine of Political Zionism.     (2 Hours) 

- - - - - Sun Aug 26 

'California Wildfires Parody Satire'
Research .... Join:

5G Wireless - Going Up Everywhere - Know The Facts! #Stop5G

Western Europe is giving up its culture to Muslims who see Europe as prey – Expert

No-go zones are already covering whole parts of Western European cities, security policy expert Jozsef Horvath told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

The Nature of Civilization (with James Bowery)
"Whatever comes out of these gates, we've got a better chance of survival if we work together."
(7 Minutes)

The JQ in Spain (reading E. Michael Jones) 

The JQ - Medieval Edition - (reading E. Michael Jones)

- - - - - Sat Aug 25

Follow Luke for 2 reasons:
A: fun photo Virtual )'( #BurningMan tour.
B: best journalist on earth
Luke Z Rudkowski 

Staged #chemical weapons attack being prepped in #Syria to frame Damascus – #Russian MoD #FalseFlag

The Tragedy of Multiculturalism - Jonathan Bowden
The group dynamics and conflicts which were nation-state oriented in the past now become internal.  (8 Minutes) 

Multiculturalism and White Dispossession with Frank Salter
Political ethologist Dr Frank Salter explains the problem with "Western style" multiculturalism, and how it might be addressed.     (6 Minutes)

Why We (as Asians) Hate the Progressive Left and Cultural Marxism
Dug up this conversation from our archives. Not to make everything about race and culture, but race and culture are absolutely a factor in why we hate the Progressive Left and Cultural Marxism. With Western Civilization crumbling, and much of the Far East under the boot of authoritarian regimes, Asian capitalists like us find ourselves in an increasingly hostile world.
Also: it's surprising to see that even people in China actually share some of our sentiments.    (12 Minutes)
The JQ: A Conflict Theory of Culture - Kevin MacDonald

- - - - - Fri Aug 24

The "Opt-Out" contract is a SCAM!!!   How To Say No To Vaccinations and Smart Meters 
This video presents detailed info how to more effectively…
Go to: and unite with us in holding these entities LIABLE for their actions!!
Make Men Masculine Again 

Help! My Boyfriend Won't Marry Me! What Should I Do?

#Censorship in America: The New Normal. Suppressing 'Inauthentic Behavior'
Old Newspaper Says SIX MILLION JEWS Died in 1915-1938 Before…

- - - - - Thu Aug 23

San Rafael residents take pre-emptive strike against 5G installations

According to Sievers, San Anselmo, Fairfax and Mill Valley are working on strengthening their cell tower ordinances.
“Our effort has to do with making pre-emptive strikes before Verizon, AT&T (and others) actually make formal applications to each town and city,” Sievers said. “There are no applications in San Rafael to date, but there surely have been permits granted and installations begun in other Bay Area cities.”
In May, Verizon was forced to withdraw its application to build two “small cell” towers in Sebastopol after four months of heavy opposition by residents and attorneys for the EMF Safety Network.

#Cancer Link Confirmed In Largest Ever Cell Tower Radiation Study #5G

Risk of #Parkinson’s disease increases with #statin drug use 

Kids are glued to their screens – but parents are in no position to criticize #SmartPhones

Thinking for you: New EEG headset measures brainwaves to learn what you like… can even 'adjust your mood' #AI #Transhumanism

- - - - - Wed Aug 22

     #WhiteGenocide #EthnoMasochism
The gates of hell have opened in Europe.

Facebook to Adopt Chinese-Style "Trustworthiness Ratings" of Users

Rana azher afzal Khan 42 from Manchester...grooming 14yr old kid /decoy 

The Truth About Mollie Tibbetts and Why This is The Future of America  

BLACK CODE Trailer [HD] Mongrel Media

Social Credit - China moves to rate its citizens

Judge orders agencies to review more information in 'Boys on the Tracks' FOIA lawsuit

All the vital documents are already in the vault at the Clinton Presidential Library.

many roads go through Mena.

A telling paragraph:
"Miller also says the Department of Homeland Security failed to adequately search for information Linda requested on "all records, recordings, documents and emails regarding Mena Airport drug trafficking as they relate to Barry Seal" and is ordered to conduct an adequate search for the information".

The #Clinton #BodyBags #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonBodyBags #BodyCount

#Hillary #Bill #Mena #Arkansas Who would have thought?! ANY safety protocols to be followed since its injected into blood?! What for, right?!
#CIA #CocaineImportAgency #GaryWebb #MichaelRuppert #LAPD #VICE
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