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Tragedy and Hope: Professor Carroll Quigley and the "Article that Said Too Little" by Kevin Cole

Joe Plummer Teaches Tragedy and Hope 101

CFR Historian Carroll Quigley - Tragedy and Hope     (9 Minutes) 
The Suicide of #Europe #MigrantCrisis

- - - - - Wed Sep 5

#Israel Admits to Giving Guns to Anti-Government Extremists in #Syria

The US State Dept Openly Outlined Plans for ZioUSA Global Tyranny ?
The US State Department Openly Outlined Its Plans to Guarantee America’s Global Primacy
Parents are left furious as school puts ‘80 to 90’ pupils in ‘isolation’ for not wearing the right trousers 

- - - - - Tue Sep 4

Andrej Babis: ‘Illegal Immigration Is Threat to European Civilization’!!!     (9 Minutes)

Anti - Racist a code for ANTI- WHITE

If skin color doesn't matter, why do they complain that something is "too white"?

It's because they are anti-white.
They use this word "Anti-racist" to hide behind as a codeword.

"Anti-racist" is just a codeword for anti-white

Normie: "You're a racist!"

You:"In your opinion, you are just saying that becase I'm white. "Anti-racist" is just a codeword for anti-white"

Hungary Goes Another Round With Soros and Bans Gender Studies
Hungary fights against the globalist EU while kicking Soros Soldiers out of their country. Budapest’s Central European University banned from accepting more students to indoctrinate.  (5 Minutes)

#VerifiedHate Suspended from Twitter     (5 Minutes)

- - - - - Mon Sep 3 pm

Doctors + Engineers Arrive in ITALY (2018)
Italy is welcoming thousands of Doctors & Engineers every day, just like Greece and Spain are too.
This is a EU & UN sponsored plan to upgrade the boring European culture by injecting Diversity and Multiculturalism. (9 Minutes)

Meet the Pentagon employee who exposed CIA spy inside Trump campaign
The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss an explosive report from journalist Sara Carter, which exposes the deep state’s secret weapon, Stefan Halper, and a whistleblower in the Pentagon who threatened to expose the truth about the Trump-Russia collusion narrative being was all a set-up to frame Trump.     (25 Minutes)
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