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     Avoid Harmful WiFi
2 ways to connect Ethernet to iPhone and iPad

USB 3 to ethernet connector or USB to lightning connector with USB hub

France Germany Spain Italy and Israel are wiring their classrooms and banning WiFi. We should too. 

Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Fairfax, Mill Valley, San Rafael, Novato, San Mateo, Piedmont and other EastBay cities are resisting 5G deployment

Marin County Joins Court Action On 5G TechnologyIn addition to the county and the town of Fairfax, the Bay Area cities of San Jose and Piedmont have filed similar actions against the FCC.  
Nationally, more than 20 municipalities have filed, including Los Angeles and Seattle.

     PORTLAND SUES over 5G
#5G #FCC Several U.S. cities are poised to seek relief from the courts, arguing, in part, that the regulations passed by the FCC last week are burdensome, unfairly limiting the cities’ ability to recoup fees from telecom providers.Lawsuit Threats Target FCC's New 5G Rules That Kneecap Local Control 

Five More Fluoride-Condemning Studies are Published - When Is It Enough? 

Dr Martin Pall The Health Safety Security & Privacy Implications of Smart Meters 5G and WIFI 
Dr. Martin Pall is a leading scientist who has brilliantly figured out causation -- *how* wireless/EMF causes biological effects. Watch his new presentation from last Thursday in Eugene:

Health Crisis at 575 Petaluma Avenue Sebastopol, CA

robust body of independent, peer-reviewed academic scientific studies indicate that wireless radiation is of great concern to public health. Disease endpoints associated with exposure to wireless radiation include brain tumors, parotid gland tumors, and neurological and cognitive problems. For a working list of studies, please click below: 

California Earthquake Alert LiveStream Dutchsinse 
Fracking and Drill Points cause Earthquakes. 26,000 Drill points in Oklahoma alone on North American Craton Adjacent to New Madrid Fault zone. 
Seismic Pnrediction

#Fracking #chemicals found in animals living downstream from wastewater disposal sites

Explosive devices sent to #Clintons, #Obama, #CNN evacuated after #Soros pipe bomb


Based assessment Resist Marxism 

Gab web archive shows that synagogue shooter Robert Bowers shared a post by Leftist infiltrator Johnny Benitez. Johnny Benitez has recently been outed by the Black Panthers as a mole who has been feeding them information on Trump supporters and the Alt Right.

NSW high school leading the way in wireless technology safety advice to students 
We are concerned about the emerging evidence for adverse effects of mobile phones on children’s mental and physical health.
When reputable scientific bodies have issued warnings and government health agencies of some other countries have already started awareness-raising campaigns/taken measures (please see appendix for full details) to reduce children’s exposure to microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) from mobile phones and other wireless devices, it is clearly prudent to follow the Precautionary Principle to protect children.

     David Icke 
Inside a #smart meter, and the REAL problem with them
#FBI Director Christopher Wray is LYING to America about the fake pipe bombs: Yes, they were HOAX devices

     David Icke 
'Pipe-bomber' Cesar Sayoc’s #CIA Connection
Leaked Documents Prove #Soros’s Open Society Is Working with #UN in Supporting Current Illegal #Migrant Crisis

Arabs try to derail German high-speed train with steel wire across railroad 

Why doesn’t our government do something about Soros?! Soros can be held on aiding and abetting the overthrow of our borders and government.

100 ISIS Terrorists Caught in Guatemala as Central American Caravan Heads to U.S. 

     #SOROS EU
UN, EU and Soros provide migrants with prepaid debit cards to fund their trip to and through Europe 

[GovernmentShadow] The Fetch - Jewish Hate of Americans / Free Speech
Inside the Eye - Live! - Prime Time 2018.11.01

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