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     Stefan Molyneux 
France: Burn Till You Learn! 

     #Stop5G ... Best quality PNG:
... Research ... Like: ... Join: thnx
These Shiny Tech Toys in the Classroom Are a Trojan Horse!  
Shiny classroom toys like iPads & smartboards are tech crack pushed by Apple, Google, and Microsoft. But there's ZERO evidence they do anything for your kids academically. 
They serve ONE purpose: Letting Big Tech grab student & family data.

Sometimes what you don't know CAN HURT YOU! 
There is Wisdom in Knowledge, please watch and share with others! 
Wireless Warfare Exposed. Includes ways to protect your family.
Ignorance around this subject matter is almost… 

U.S. House Passes #SMART IoT Act Without Acknowledging Security Risks Associated with Internet of Things

As of August 30, 2018, 244 EMF Scientists from 41 nations have signed the Appeal Against Mass Rollout of #5G ... #Stop5G ... Research ... Like: ... Join: thnx 

Wi-Fi In Classroom Liability Notice Served To New York School District 

     We Are Change  
We Are Change 
Gas EVERYWHERE! From The Streets Of Paris!
Total Media Blackout! Paris Is Far Worse Than They Will Tell You!

Luke Z Rudkowski
Come Visit Paris For A Lovely Winter Vacation They Said

The Globalist Mask is OFF and the People Are Rising

     Pat Condell 
He says pretty much everything I've been thinking over the past few years.Credit: Pat Condell 

#German Government Accused of Funding Brochure That Encourages Kids to Spy on Their “Right-Wing” Parents

Trump: US military’s purpose is to be Israel’s slaves
Admiral Murdered—World War 3 Coming?
USA Life Expectancy DOWN due to drug war. to main statistical increases : OD and SUICIDE
ODs on Heroin due to POT being illegal. 
SUICIDES mostly by VETS who are depressed about fighting wars to obtain and secure Heroin from Opium fields in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. 


A man is in critical condition after being shoved into the path of an oncoming box truck in an apparently unprovoked attack caught on video in downtown Los Angeles Monday. 
A suspect was arrested after an hourslong manhunt.
What is the cost to the city and society when mentally disturbed people are free to roam and do damage?

Solutions are not easy but this conversation needs to happen.

I'm on Drum St SF in the pouring rain in the heart of the financial center.
A homeless man picks up gobs of wet newspapers and trash from the gutter.
He sticks them in the Blue US MAIL box on the curb. WTF
How much damage is he doing? How many letters, checks, tax forms, critical documents will FAIL to reach their destinations?

How many lives did he ruin or alter with that act? How many MailBoxes has he internally doused with wet garbage?

     GHW Bush
Here's a video of that "gentle soul" laughing in the middle of his eulogy for
Gerald Ford, whom Bush was hailing for his collaboration on the Warren Report,
which, Bush claimed (without laughing), shamed all those "conspiracy theorists" 
who don't buy the official story. 
Speaking of which, note that Bush laughed just before reminding us that 
"a deluded gunman" blew JFK away. No doubt other spooks who watched Bush 
do his number at  the podium were laughing, too.   
Talk Nation Radio: Dave Lindorff on the Pentagon’s Fictional Budget
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