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FB just BLOCKED me from POSTING or LIKING or commenting for 30 days Because I posted a Link to (this they warned me NOT TO POST Yesterday.

and/ or beccause I forwarded a video about Paid Agitators. FB does not allow critique of #ANTIFA ?

FB says is UNSAFE R.I.P. Facebook

FB is so evil and Jealous they are BLOCKING competing Social Media Platforms. 
Digital Strip Searches Coming to an Airport Near You - #NewWorldNextWeek

The Corbett Report Did Eugenics Fake Its Own Death? - Questions For Corbett

❓Questions For Corbett  
This time on Questions For Corbett: Did eugenics fake its own death? Why was KAL 85 ordered to squawk a hijack code on 9/11? Will deep fakes make people more skeptical of authority? And can you download Corbett Report videos directly from the website? Join James for the answers to these and other burning questions.
Full Video in the comment section bellow  
     $ Peter Schiff
re: Trump @28:50 - Ep. 398: The Bear Market Has Begun, Recession to Follow

This is the left-wing "mob" that Trump talked aboutIt's undeniable... 
     SEE RAINFOREST immersive Mural Environment in SF
Montgomery Street BART station in San Francisco before October 15

This beautiful project should stay up for 1 YEAR and/ or INDEFINITELY! ... where is the petition for that?
All Pacific Tuna is RADIOACTIVE

Best time to stop eating TUNA was March 11 2011

2nd best time is today
Luke Z Rudkowski NEW VIDEO is out!!!

Talked about a lot of serious things dealing with the predictions of economic collapse and the next potential large conflict. Stayed away from the fear-mongering and did my best give you the most important info.

And people wonder why there are so many false confessions.

Why Cops Beat You In The Interrogation Room
you have the right to remain silent, but we know you won't...

Don't Talk to the Police

3 Constitutional Reasons Why Kavanaugh Should Not Be On… 
Inside the Mind of a Thief | Burglar Confessions 

     Follow me now and read this slowly.
 If you bring "there" here, "here" becomes there. 
Ellison wants to resettle another 110,000 in Minnesota.
Somalis Riot at Minnesota Amusement Park, Forcing Evacuation 

Stabbing today in ravensburg!

The Jewish Question: A multimedia Adventure! 

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Antifa & BLM Chase Police out of town and take over Streets of Portland
Following another Officer involved shooting the streets of Portland erupt into chaos. The facts are not in but obviously the crazies out there over react and begin both verbally and physically assailing normal people to help make their “point”. The police seem either powerless or unwilling to intervein. Are we even surprised by Portland anymore?   (4 Minutes) 

Video footage of real-time cultural enrichment!
'Diversity' truly is our strength.
-Refugees attack and beat people in Sweden:
(1 Minute)
-Scumbag Muslim in Germany: We want an islamic world:…
(2 Minutes)
-Muslim Migrants in Berlin Shoot Guns, Throw Explosives:
(2 Minutes)
-Muslim Cleric How to Lie about Islam:
(2 Minutes)
-This Is The Most Disturbing Muslim 'Refugee' Video You Will Ever See:
(25 Minutes)
-Sweden and the Radical Islamic Problem Full Compilation:
(1 Hour)
-African "refugee" in Germany praising eldery woman - life changing:
(22 Seconds)
-Peaceful Refugees…
(42 Seconds)
-Girl sexually liberated by refugees in Cologne, Germany:…
(51 Seconds)
-German culturally enriched by migrant:
(56 Seconds)
-Refugees hug and kiss people in Sweden:
(1 Minute)
-Muslim migrant marries Chinese woman in the streets and gets punished on the spot:
(2 Minutes)
-Beautiful Muslim in Germany: We want an free world:…
(2 Minutes)
-Muslim Migrants in Berlin Shoot love footage, Throw confetti:
(2 Minutes)
-Secret footage taken in an English diversity school:…
(3 Minutes)
-Proof that Muslims enriched Sweden permanently:
(9 Minutes)
-Muslim Refugees; peace Agenda:…
(20 Minutes)
-This Is The Most inspiring Muslim Refugee Video You Will Ever See:
(25 Minutes)
-Muslims enrichment of European citizens compilation; Islam religion of peace:
(38 Minutes)

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