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Finally a Candidate of Governor (CA) taking a stand against the UN's Agenda21.

"Just because our Federal Government has been taken over by the United Nation power structure does not mean that California, as a Sovereign State of the Union, has also succumbed. Our Government is a matter of Law, not of trickery. We are perpetually loyal to the Declaration of Independence and to the U.S. Constitution, and we state plainly, in view of our Tenth Amendment States Rights, that we must now draw a line of self-protection. Through the exercise of these same Rights, we hereby declare that no United Nations or Federal depopulation program, such as: GMO's, weather modification—deadly aerosols and accompanying 5G proliferation, fluoride in our water, forced vaccinations or other poisons of mind or body foisted upon us by the United Nations or Federal Government shall hereafter be accepted by California. As a legitimate State and Constitutional Republic, we cut all ties to the United Nations and to any and all regulations or restrictions therefrom."
Peter Valentino for Governor
A California native, Peter has a vision for a better California. The answer to the problems which beset us is to get back to the traditions and practices we threw away in our quest for modernity.

SUICIDE? best way? 
A: Gun to head
B: Leap in front of a TRAIN
C: Jump into VOLCANO
D: JFK yourself: 1: Reign in the CIA 2: Pull out of VIETNAM 3: END the FED
E: RUN for OFFICE opposing UN / NWO / Aganda 21

Would you sell life insurance to Peter Valentino?

weather modification—
deadly aerosols and accompanying 
5G proliferation, 
fluoride in our water, 
forced vaccinations or 
other poisons of mind or body

Student #Suicide Clusters – Is Microwave Radiation And Its Technology To Blame? #5G

Refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers have very high levels of driving experience in major metropolitan areas. They are known for their quick assimilation and lack of devout religious radicalization.

     Horrible news...
China's apetite for meat is growing, and they are taking factory farming to a new level...  

- - - - - Mon May 21    

Say hello to the FBI mole inside the Trump campaign
Stefan Halper and the origins of the FBI counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign
By Thomas Lifson  - May 14, 2018

HUGE: Deep State leak to NY Times is admission that Obama regime spied on Trump campaign without evidence of any crime
          Black Mob Violence '
Thanks to the media, Police all around America are afraid to engage with criminals.
After gun shots were fired outside of Intimo Lounge in Tinley Park Illinois, which is a very quiet suburb of Chicago, the police completely avoided engagement. 
Residents of Tinley have told TRE that their suburb is surrounded by more dangerous areas of the city, and that when non-residents come in and cause violence, the police ‘do nothing.’
Gunshots fired in our neighborhood, please share and repost so something will be done. This video was taken last night after an hour of this mob fighting in the parking lot and 4 gunshots fired...unfortunately, this has been the scene at Intimo Lounge in Tinley Park every weekend for quite some time now and nothing is done to protect the public’s safety despite many calls and complaints to the TP police department... let’s hope something does get done before someone is actually shot or a stray bullet hits YOU.

- - - - - Sun May 20 

#Stop5G Related: 
China Has Officially Launched Its AI “Skynet Program” To Scan 1.3 Billion People In A Single Second

- - - - - Sat May 19

Trump Rothschild Syria Connection - Major Revelations 180509 video:
The Rothschild Syria Connection - Major Revelations
@3:18 to @ 9:00
'Trump bought & paid for by Jewish Banksters' ?

Trump's 9/11 Flip-Flop (Youtube censored) - but archived here:
Trump is going to war for ISRAEL

Zionist Wars for a Greater Israel

re: Zionism: “there is no real opposition party” in the US
USA Used & Abused / ZioDemoRub Dystopic Demolition of USA

- - - - - Fri May 18    

     Stefan Molyneux
The Ugly Truth About Mass Shooters 

- - - - - Thu May 17   

A JOIN ISLAM SONG (A bit of fun for you all) 

The Truth About Critical Cycles in Human History

5/16/2018 -- Earthquakes develop across large region -- West coast keep watch

- - - - - Wed May 16  

Fluoride in our water is LITERALLY a hazardous waste chemical Hydrofluorosilicic Acid!

     Tommy Robinson
If they arrest him for hate speech this song will go to number 1  

Rx: whole foods plant based diet. why?

Because we all know people who yoyo from one extreme to another... don't do so well.

Moderation. Whole Foods. In the words of THE OMNIVORES DILEMMA:
"eat less, mostly plants, nothing your grandma wouldn't recognize"

For anyone who has friends that are keto, aka increased animal flesh consumers, help them to make a more sustainable and conscientious change.

(Plant Based News did an amazing job with this one.) 

North Korea Has Now Threatened To Pull Out Of Peace Talks With The US.Link To The Full Video In The Comments Below

Full Video Here -
Why North Korea Walks Away From Peace? Blow Dealt To George Soros,…

Said no to a #smart meter? Prepare for a deluge of junk mail after energy firms are given the green light to pester you
Cathy O'Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim

WARNING -- DISTURBING CONTENT: Shocking video shows a fight breaking out at a Houston apartment complex when a woman, swinging a baseball bat, starts hitting a man, who punches right back, and then the crowd joins in. Police broke up the brawl minutes later, but it's unclear if there were any arrests.
VIDEO: king.coka/Instagram

- - - - - Tue May 15   

CHE Webinar: Invisible Hazards: State of the Science on EMF Impacts and Steps for Policy Change 
CHE Partnership Webinar: Invisible Hazards: State of the Science on EMF Health Impacts and Next Steps for Policy Change. Dr. Frank Barnes, Distinguished Professor in the Biomedical Group of the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado, provides some of the current state of the science on how weak electric and magnetic fields can modify biological systems and the growth of cancer cells. 
Chinese World Order Rises in Ashes of Iran Deal
China has just opened a new railway link with Iran and CNPC is set to fill the void left by France's Total if and when they leave the South Pars field. It looks like the US pulling out of the Iran deal is win-win for China and the BRICS world order...and the engineered destruction

     Stefan Molyneux

Gun Control 
Everyday, millions of hardworking North Carolinians go to work, provide for their families and strive to be good neighbors who make a difference in their communities. Their words are often more powerful than any speech coming out of Washington or Hollywood. Thank you Mr. Robinson for speaking truth to power at the Greensboro City Council meeting last night.


- - - - - Mon May 14  

5/13/2018 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Large Earthquake NO SHOW? Pacific deep EQ event ongoing

Video has shown the moment police came face to face with an alleged terrorist at Minto.

Staff at JD Sports have to barricade themselves in the Ilford, East London shop as diversity comes knocking. 

- - - - - Sun May 13  
VOLCANOES ,CINDER CONES, Buttes and Lava Fields IN THE USA- Idaho 

Save The Trees Research #Stop5G Save The Trees Research 

A fight erupts in Antwerp, Belgium after an elderly man is attacked for drinking alcohol in front of an halal restaurant 
- Europe has fallen to its knees at the hands of these barbarians ~ it must stop before they deal the final blow 
- - - - - Sat May 12 
Court ruling confirms Gardasil vaccine kills people… scientific evidence beyond any doubt.

On Tuesday, a video was taken at Cedar Hill High School in Texas showing a student allegedly assaulting his teacher, Bobby Soehnge, after he took his phone away.

'ZOMBIE JUNKIES' TAKE OVER: It looks like a horror film. Drugged-out addicts strewn throughout a subway station. As some shoot up, others wander lifelessly. Many just pass out. and ABC7's video
Now a fed up commuter is documenting his daily routine, stepping over needles, bodies and bodily fluids in a Bay Area train station. How can this happen?

Migrants Invaders smashing up an Italian town.
- - - - - Fri May 11 

Max Igan joins me on this episode of the show to go over…
Hidden History & Surviving The 5G A.I. Matrix with Max Igan | KBS Ep#916
Max Igan joins me on this episode of the show to go over…

5/10/2018 -- 50,000 Foot high eruption -- Mount Merapi -- Earthquake increase -- UNREST UNDERWAY

Luke discusses the complexities of the latest conflict involving Syria, Israel, and Iran in the Middle East. Full Video - 

This is what has become of Britain. There is a crime and murder epidemic in our 'wonderfully enriched' capital and on the streets of 'diverse' Bradford we have this.
Anyone that drinks energy drinks needs to watch this!  

- - - - - Thu May 10 

I seek CBD oil for my 12 yr. old cat Nick. Any ideas in Palo Alto / SF / Berkeley / Hayward etc? thanks

CBD Oil For Cats: The Definitive Guide

CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats
CBD oil. Studies show that many cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects, and can help with pain, tumors, seizures, muscle spasms, skin conditions, appetite stimulation, aggression, anxiety and neurological disorders…all of this without the possibility of life-threatening side effects. 
The upper oral dose limit for CBD products recommended by veterinarian Dr. Robert Silver is around 1 mg/kg/day orally, but one should start with a much smaller fraction of this dose such as 0.05 mg/kg/day. For THC products, Dr. Silver recommends starting with an oral dose of 0.1-0.25 mg/kg THC once or twice daily. Once the pet has received the same dose over about 1 week without undesired effects, the pet has developed a tolerance and the dose can be gradually increased.

- - - - - Wed May 9 pm 

10 most evil people in the world today who lie about science, pharmaceuticals and GMOs. 

- - - - - Wed May 9 am

Last Time Hawaii Volcano drained … 2011 … Fukushima struck 5 days later :(
5/08/2018 -- Earthquakes strike West Coast USA in pattern -- BE ON WATCH -- Activity increase

- - - - - Mon May 7    

The UN Is Behind the Deadly 5G Rollout In America
From Tumors to Tyrann. 5G technology is beneficial but not when it involves the vulnerable brain and that is what the social planners are moving towards. Brain cancer rates are going to skyrocket. Here is the story. Sometimes we #Stop5G
5/06/2018 -- Potential of a VERY LARGE Earthquake this week -- Please keep watch next several days

- - - - - Sun May 6  

Mayors Call for End of Hydrogen Fluoride Use at Refinery 
The Twin Ports mayors are calling for an end to hydrogen fluoride use at the Superior oil refinery after last week's explosion and fire.  

- - - - - Sat May 5 

5/04/2018 -- Major M6.9 earthquake strikes Hawaii -- Unrest Spreading - HAVE A PLAN + BE PREPARED
Fukushima EarthQuake 2011 was 5 days after Hawaii Volcanos drained as they are today

     Moms are mad! 
This Mom is NOT happy that her child was given fluoride varnish against her wishes. #Fluoride Intro for Schools and Families...  
Fluoride Intro for Schools and Families
One of my children was given fluoride varnish yesterday against my wishes. I wanted to share my correspondence with the school in case anyone else is moved to educate the directors of their child&#… 

Thank you for not breeding. Your REWARD: Millions of MUSLIM imports via SOROS MERKEL OBAMA CLINTON Trudeau May Marcon Kahn
MILLIONS of BREEDERS who hate rape and kill women gays animals and free speech.

Why Are My Nipples Pixelated? From CollegeHumor. Original video from YT 

#US ‘freezes funding’ for White Helmets as group’s #Douma chem attack claim falls apart #Syria #WhiteHelmets
A meeting of the local Muslim Temperance Society?  


For a schoolhouse in the city of Luxembourg! The full truth of the so-called enrichment! Merkel-Juncker-Rutte-Refugee, of course without underpants, abused two older luxembourgers. Here too the motto is: Diversity is our strength! Europe is going to be a shit hole!

     The Corbett Report 

Television has taught us that the crack CSI experts and their state-of-the-art technology can solve any crime through the power of science. In reality, more often than not the crime-detection technology of the past has turned out to be pseudoscience at best, and outright fraud at worst. And, of course, it has been used to put innocent people in jail.
#Amazon Drops Christian Non-Profit from Donations Program After #SPLC Declares It a ‘Hate Group’
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