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     "Cal-Organic Farms" Oil Wastewater and Crops.
Grimmway Carrots Threatens Food & Water Watch. 
The company is threatening a frivolous lawsuit amidst growing concern with use of toxic oil field wastewater to grow food in California. 
Grimmway Carrots Owns Cal-Organic and Bunny Love Brand.
Wonderful owns Bunny Love Carrots. Pom. Halos Mandarins. Get Crackin Pistachios & Almonds. 

     Stefan Molyneux 
‪Social media giants sell advertising.‬
‪Lower IQ groups are more susceptible to advertising.‬
‪Lower IQ groups have more money due to leftist government redistribution programs.‬
‪Of course social media giants have a leftist bias.‬
‪Its basically their business plan.‬
‪Just the facts‬

Syrian War Report  Dec. 24, 2018: France Plans To Replace US Forces In Syria
Israel okays ZioUSA's 'Syria Withdrawal' ? - FF News
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