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SF events   
     Wed JAN 24
Wed JAN 24 Urgent: Rally to Ban the sale of Fur in SF Wed 11:30 Steps City Hall 

Wed JAN 24 16:30–17:30 Overpass Light Brigade! Sea Breeze Market & Deli 598 University Ave, Berkeley Public · 
Hosted by Direct Action Everywhere - SF Bay Area 

     MUST SEE!. if not here then stay tuned for a showing near you.
Wed JAN 24 Generation Zapped Film Screening and PanelWed 19:00 · CIIS Alumni Association 1453 Mission St SF @ 10th St. / 11th st.
Generation ZAPPED! is a solution-based documentary that investigates the dangers of prolonged exposure to wireless technology--from its links to breast & brain cancer, increased infertility, genetic mutations related to autism & ADHD, & newly developed illnesses, such as Electro-Magnetic Hyper-Sensitivity.
The lecture will include discussions regarding scientific evidence--such as the 2016 US Toxicology Report, Dr. Martin Pall's discovery of non-thermal impacts of wireless; as well as the long-term impact of cell towers as documented by Susan Foster's SPECT brain scan fire fighter study. 
A Q&A will follow the film, including guidelines for safeguarding ourselves and our families against these potential dangers. Opening remarks by Sarah Aminoff. Discussion led by Ellie Marks, founder and director of the California Brain Tumor Association, and California Alliance for Safer Technology, and Lloyd Morgan, senior research fellow, Environmental Health Trust, Board Member, International EMF Alliance & Board Member, Director, Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States(CBTRUS).
Sarah Aminoff, EWP ’01 has taught freshman first year experience at Sonoma State University and health education at City College of San Francisco, College for Teens, as well as working as an educator K-12. She is currently working with the California Alliance for Safer Technology (CAST), a consortium of health and environmental advocates, physicians, non-profit leaders, attorneys and government officials. 
Sabine El Gemayel is Director & Producer, and Peter Sullivan is Executive Producer of "Generation Zapped."
$5 Supports the CIIS Alumni Scholarship Fund

    Thu Jan 25
Thu Jan 25 18:30 21:30 Weekly Free Vegan Meal & Open Mic at Amor Art Farm Oasis 2009 36th Ave, Oakland 
     Fri Jan 26
JAN 26 Semester Kickoff: Vegan Potluck and Club Meeting! Fri 16:00 · Berkeley Animal Rights Center 2425 Channing Way, Berkeley 

JAN 26 SSS goes toThe Edwardian Ball 18th Annual and World's Faire 201826 January 2018–27 January 2018 · The Regency Ballr 

JAN 26 SF Steampunks at the 2018 Edwardian Ball 

     JAN 27 SAT
JAN 27 SAT Living History Day 10 · Fort Point National Historic Site SF 

JAN 27 March Against Genital Mutilation Sat 11:00 · 1192 Market St, SF @ 9th St. 

JAN 27 SAT The 18th Annual Edwardian Ball, SF 20 · The Regency Ballroom 

JAN 27 Rhino Roar Sat 22:00 161 Erie St, SF 

     Jan 28 Sun
JAN 28 Cube of Truth: Berkeley, CA: Jan 28 Sun 11:30 · The Flying Falafel, Berkeley 
     Wed JAN 31
Wed JAN 31 6pm FREE Film: Ray Bandar, A Life With Skulls Wed 18:00 · SF Public Library 100 Larkin St, SF
Film He's been called Dr. Bones and Reptile Ray. Usually dressed in tattered "field-trip" clothes, Ray Bandar has been a fixture at the California Academy of Sciences and the beaches around the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 60 years."A Life with Skulls" captures Ray's obsession for collecting skulls from local beaches, road kill, zoo animals and on field trips to Mexico, Australia and in the United States. This humorous movie investigates Bandar's history as a skull collector, showing many of the thousands of skulls he has accumulated over the years, talking to Alkmene, his resilient wife, and touring the awe-inspiring Bone Palace."A Life with Skulls" is an inspiring look at a man who has a special tie to the natural world. You will be motivated to go out and explore it for yourself.Screening followed by a Q&A with:- Ray Bandar, Scientist and skull collector- Beth Cataldo, Film director- Moe Flannery, Collections Manager of Birds and Mammals at the California Academy of SciencesFor more info, visit:

     Feb 2018
FEB 1 THU Castro Art Walk: Meet the Artists: "Until Every Animal is Free"18 · Spark Arts 

     Sat FEB 3
Sat FEB 3 19:00 Open Mic Night at Berkeley Animal Rights Center 2425 Channing Way, Berkeley 

Sat FEB 3 14 Shades Of Pink - Pink Mammoth 14 Year Anniversary Sat 21:00 · The Public Works 161 Erie SF 

Sat Feb 3 8:30pm - 1am Mission Fusion Dance 500 Deharo SF First and Third Saturday of every month in 2018
$12 dance or $17 Dance + class. Class is 8:30-9:30pm, $5 after 11:30pm  

FEB 4 SUN Tilden Fungal Fair 10 · Tilden Nature Area Oakland 

FEB 6 TUE ARC Volunteer Orientation & Appreciation 20 Berkeley Animal Rights Center 2425 Channing Way, Berkeley 
Wed FEB 7 Earthquake Preparedness 2018 at 18:00–19:00 SF Public Library 100 Larkin St, SF

FEB 7 WED East Bay Burners' Theme Camp Leadership Workshop 19 · East Bay Community Space 

FEB 9 FRI Dirtybird Quarterly SF 20 · MEZZANINE 440 Jessie SF 

FEB 10 Second Halloween III 15:00 to 1:00 BRIX 581 5th St, Oakland 

FEB 10 SAT Oakland Onesie Bar Crawl 16 · Oakland, California 

FEB 10 Birthday - 3 Year Anniversary at Good Mother Gallery 2.10.2018 7:00pm - 11:00pm 408 13th St.Oakland

FEB 11 SUN Rock N Swap ~ Feb 1107 · USF - McLaren Conference Center 

FEB 11 SUN Randall Museum Grand Reopening Celebration 10 · Randall Museum 199 Museum Way SF 

FEB 13 TUE Valentine's Day Party! 19 Berkeley Animal Rights Center 2425 Channing Way, Berkeley 

FEB 14 SF Valentine's Day Pillow Fight! Wed 17:00 Market @ Embarcadero SF
I lost hearing in my left ear @ pillow fight 2012 SF. Perhaps you too can sustain a life long injury, see: Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Patreon 

FEB 16 FRI Eating Erogenous at Skyhigh Odditorium 19 · Skyhigh Odditorium 

FEB 16 Lunar New Year (Raindance & Antennae Present) 16 February–17 February · 1015 Folsom · SF 

FEB 19 MON Noise Pop Music and Arts Festival 11 · San Francisco Bay Area 

FEB 22 Living with Mountain Lions - Conservation Speaker Series Thurs 18:30 Oakland Zoo 9777 Golf links Rd, Oakland  
FEB 24 Chinese New Year Parade Sat 17:30 · SF 

FEB 25 Animal Rescue Fair!Sun 12:00 Berkeley Animal Rights Center  2425 Channing Way, Berkeley

     Mar 2018
MAR 2 FRI Bonfire at Ocean Beach 17 · Ocean Beach Fire Pits 

FREE MAR 3 11:00–17:00 SF History Days: Sat March 3 The SF Mint 88 5th St, SF 

FREE  MAR 3 SAT SF History Days at the Old Mint 11 · The San Francisco Mint 

4 March at 13:00–15:00 Vegan Food Swap Sun 13:00 Ashby Community Garden 1376 Ashby Ave Berkeley
MAR 10 SAT Worlds Fair Nano - SF 10 · Pier 48, SF 

MAR 18 Beware the Brides of March 2018 Sun 14:30 · Bar Fluxus · SF

MAR 24 The Great Onesie Bar Crawl Sat 15:00 SF 

MAR 27 TUE OMD 20:30 · The Regency Ballroom 

Mar 31 Spring Plant Exchange @ Hall of Flowers 9th @ Lincoln SF  

     APR 2018
 APR 5 Restoring Unlikely Urban Environments Thurs 19:30 · SF County Fair Building 9th @ Lincoln SF

)'( APR 6 2018 Lucidity Festival 2018: Rising Dawn 6 April 2018–9 April 2018 Live Oak Campground (AKA where LIB was years ago)
4600 Chumash Highway, Santa Barbara, Ca

APR 20 Annual Cannabis Festival San Francisco20 April–21 April · Mission Dolores Park · SF

4:20 SF ok. see GG Park 4:20 some years. Noon-6pm
Dolores Park is much easier to get to, so if this follows the pattern of GG PARK which was thousands more people every year, and more violent... well if only POT were just LEGAL then folks would not need to drink as much. oh wait SF Civic Center Plaza Sat April 21, 2018
100 years of redwood forest protection. What makes redwoods special to you? Use #Stand4Redwoods @SaveTheRedwoodsLeague

)'( )'( APR 27-30 Serenity Gathering 5 Year Anniv @ Woodward Reservoir (AKA last loc of Symbiosis Calif)
14528 26 Mile Rd, Oakdale, California

     May 2018
)'( Sun May 6 2018 19th Annual How Weird St Faire, disco theme!

MAY 5 22nd Annual Hip Hop in the Park Sat 12:00 People's Park Berkeley 

The 19th annual How Weird Street Faire will be on Sunday May 6, 2018.You and your guests are cordially invited to the Disco Ball, where the adventures of the towering disco ball and the far out funky inferno will continue in the heart of the new downtown of San Francisco. Can you dig it? It’s out of sight!

MAY 19 5th Annual Russian River Lazy Float Sat 11:00 · Steelhead Beach Regional Park  

)'( )'( )'(  Bay to Breakers Sun May 20, 2018 SF best place to join in… 10am -Noon at GG park panhandle into GG Park then Haight st. all night costume Party! 9th and Irving SF is smaller. Castro and Mission are smaller...
Bring a Picnic Brunch to Pan Handle GG Park for 10am-Noon cause you will NEVER meet more 20 somethings in costume than today. only competition are DykeMarch / Pride / Burning Man
)'( = <10,000 peeps )'( )'(  = > 10,000 peeps. )'( )'( )'( = 70,000 (Burning Man) to 100,000 = B2B Pride 4July HSBG
SF has only 4 big 100,000 people parties: ( A: BayToBreakers 5.29  B: DykeMarch 6.24 Pride 6.25   C: 4thofJulyPier39Embarcadero (no costumes tho :( ) D: BlueGrass )Oct 6-8)
One day inside my camera #BaytoBreakers #SF 

)'( )'( )'(  MAY 20 Bay to Breakers 2018 Sun 

)'( )'( MAY 23 WED Lightning in a Bottle 2018 presented by Do LaB Monterey Co, CA 

     JUN 2018
)'( Sat Jun 23 DYKEMARCH Saturday before Sunday Pride late June. Dykemarch Gather Dolores Park Noon-5pm. 5pm Dykes on Bikes leads Lesbian march to PINK SATURDAY @ Castro and 18th St SF

)'( )'( )'(  Sun Jun 24 Pride @ SF Civic Center + 16 blocks of DJs Music Dancing Costumes and Vendor Booths. 100,000 people. Mostly 20s. Plenty in Costume! Mostly sexy outfits! FUN!
)'( )'( )'( Burning Man Aug 26 – Sept 3, 2018 
4 Years of Burning Man - The Loved & Unnatural- Short Film - 2014 - 2017 Sparkle Pony - How to Dress at Burning Man   Sage like playa advice from Sparkle Pony ;)

Loved the Simpsons take on Burning Man, but I missed the music from all the camps and moving art cars which is so integral to the Burning Man experience.
So, I've added a soundtrack replicating the experience. So fine. With some musical favorites. 
SF has only 4 big free 100,000 people parties: (A: BayToBreakers 5.21 B: PRIDE/DykeMarch  C: 4thofJulyPier39 Embarcadero (no costumes tho :( ) D: BlueGrass Oct 6-8) 
)'( = <10,000 peeps )'( )'(  = > 10,000 peeps. )'( )'( )'( = 70,000 (Burning Man) to 100,000 = B2B Pride 4July HSBG

Do NOT leave Valuables in CAR!   Do not leave anything in car. Windows broken for empty bag. CrackHeads and Homeless in a city that looks the other way. 

Poop on sidewalks. = SF.  If you like Hepatitis you will love SF! 
San Francisco has an interactive poop map
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.