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Blackbird9's Breakfast Club with Frederick C. Blackburn 10/16/2019 
Between the Wars episode 175 Dancng Israelis conjour Terror Drone
Timeline: War on Iraq / Persian Gulf War to 911
Wolfowitz Doctrine: 7 countries in 5 years starting w/ Afghanistan. Greater israel agenda, Odon Plan. Tigress/ Euphrates River to the Nile.

     Reblyn Bradley #contents
One World Government Through Climate Change Scam 

10/22/2019 -- West Coast USA Earthquake Update -- Pacific unrest -- New eruption in Tonga + Alaska
     Luke Z Rudkowski Tue Oct 22
#china #hongkongThe Inevitability Of A Controlled Society Like China¡

     colin flaherty Tue Oct 22
Fellas attack a FRIEND OF COLIN. It wasn't pretty. He's OK, but really pissed off at the fellas.

     Wed Oct 23 
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 10/18/2019 

     Wed Oct 23  
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 10/17/2019 Wed Oct 23  
Melinda Gates tells white people to confess their BIG white racism
Melinda Gates may be the richest woman on the planet. But she's not the smartest -- especially one telling white people we have to confess to our white racism. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Major Journal Warns Calling Breastfeeding "Natural" Will Discourage Vaccine and Formula Use; Orwell Spins In His Grave
A study published in the journal Pediatrics raises concern over the use of the term "natural" to describe breastfeeding, even though 
the weight of evidence (and common sense) indicates prioritizing breastfeeding over man-made formulas or vaccines is the best way to protect your child and the mother's health. 
     June 5, 2019 Age of Autism Health 
California: Outbreak of Whooping Cough Affects 30 Students at Private School, All of Them Vaccinated
Babies Taken From Parents Who Refused Vitamin K Shot
Parents have had their newborn babies taken from them simply…

     Joel H
Crrow777 episodes 111 - 113. Good information, and references for more. About recovering your "property" (using the language that works, rather than calling them children, which in legalese means, wards of the state...) Been researching the whole proper redress of the kangaroo court system lately, again, with new insights...
     Joel H
All lower courts operate under Admirality/maritime law. There are remedies that need to be exercised as soon as they try to assert their authority and jurisdiction. Those podcast episodes I mentioned are a good start and will lead you to others that will enlighten you and expose the system we are subjected to.

Dutch Central Bank Hints at Economic Restart Based on Gold Standard

Keiser Report: GOLD: The Trust Anchor for Financial System (E1450) 


     Tulsi is a member of CFR
Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders 

     Tulsi is a member of CFR - Forge The Bond said...
She may well run in the primaries - just to gain leverage, if for nothing else. Leverage against the DoJ to keep herself above prosecution (can't go after a political opponent, a la Biden's defense). And, remember back in 2008 - the day before Bilderberg started in Chantilly, VA .. suddenly Hillary bailed out and endorsed Obama, using her leverage to gain assurance of a Big Chair (SecState) from which to carry out a global shakedown of monetary proportions almost beyond comprehension. Christ, this time she may get Chair of the Federal Reserve or World Bank. ;-)
     Tulsi is a member of CFR - BillyBob said...
The alternative media never ceases to amaze me! There hasn't been a "fair" election since electronic voting machines came into being! Vicky Davis has documented how bogus elections have been, over & over! Then Donald wins and the alternative media claim that he was voted in by white/fedup voters! Nonsense - Donald was "chosen" - he wasn't voted in! Shillary had a massive party planned for her coronation, suddenly 72 hours before the election she cancelled all of the show! She was told by our Oligarchs that she wasn't the choice of "The PEOPLE",. Not the people! This is all theater! The country is in receivership, thus Donald was put in - to tear the country apart, great job! Our Handlers have been doing this for over 6,000 years: have the people fighting each other - so they never focus on the real ENEMY! It doesn't matter who runs - like trained seals we will believe that we have some say, when we have NONE! It's still theater, enjoy the show!

...Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, among the Bubonic Plague, cholera, typhus, tuberculosis, and other medieval diseases that are supposed to have been eradicated, we can now add an old Biblical favorite leprosy to the mix...

What, really, is "Extinction Rebellion"? You may not want to know; but you MUST know....

Some good friends of mine are smitten by Extinction Rebellion—a sign of its extraordinarily sophisticated 
messaging, whose real purpose certainly is not to save the planet, but to prop up the very system that has
ravaged it, and to do so at the expense of all the rest of us.

Thus Cory Morningstar's critique, from May, is a must-read, by all who would resist, and help others to resist,
the siren call of that fake "climate movement." 

Also relevant is this piece from Harper's back in 2008, foretelling the creation of the "green energy" bubble:
Extinction Rebellion Training, Or How To Control Radical Resistance From the "Obstructive" Left
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