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In New "Mind-Blowing" Study, Planting Trees Reduces Carbon Better Than Carbon 
Mel Gibson's Rothschild Movie TRIGGERS Hollywood
Know More News with Adam Green 
     Raptor Blues

Raptors Are The Solution (RATS)
Paw'd Cast: Stop Rodenticides From Killing Wildlife & Pets - KSCO Pet Radio 

Don't take the bait, kill rodents safely | The Acorn
The headlines are repetitive, the news, quite frankly, repulsive: Another…

please do not use rat poison. rat poison kills Hawks Owls Mountain Lions BobCats Coyotes etc.

      Truthstream Media 
Technocracy: I Never Voted for This, Did You?

      Truthstream Media 
This Is Not My Next Video 

     Truthstream Media
minds dot com/truthstreammedia

10/15/2019 -- California M4.5 Earthquake Bay Area -- West Pacific Seismic Unrest spreads 

BT turn on 5g in Coventry - birds fall from trees DEAD

     Stefan Molyneux Oct 17 
Bernie Sanders Heart Attack!
Dr Kevin Wacasey - an ER doctor with 25 years' experience - weighs in on reports that Bernie Sanders has suffered a heart attack.
Also, what might have killed Elijah Cummings? 
Bernie Sanders Heart Attack!
Dr Kevin Wacasey - an ER doctor with 25 years' experience - weighs in…

     Luke Z Rudkowski Oct 17 
NEW VIDEO: People Are RISING UP! Why You Should Expect More Protests Soon, How Will It End?

     Luke Z Rudkowski Oct 16
A Shocking AWAKENING Is Underway This Week 
All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

     Luke Z Rudkowski Oct 15
NEW VIDEO: Guess Who's Getting Dunked On?! LeBron Flops On Hong Kong! 

     Luke Z Rudkowski Oct 14
NEW VIDEO: Almost Everything Your Being Told About This Important Issue IS A LIE!!!

Red Pill News - CA Blackout & Fires A Military OP? 
13:00 MAP of DUMBs USA DUMB = Deep Underground Miltary Base 

      The Next News Network - #N3
Mini AOC’s Latest Skit Is PURE GOLD - PERFECTLY Sums Up AOC’s CRAZY Thought Process 

Watch This BOLD 15 Year-Old Kid Constitutionally Man-Handle 8 Cops 
great leaders, Great Country! based on a book, "Clinton Cash: The…

     CCC Publishing 
Leo Zagami and Jordan Maxwell discuss The End Times.

Oligarchs Will Crash System to Boot Trump – Paul Craig Roberts

Algorithms Set To Displace The Constitution  
Make sure you don't have any "smart" appliances or RFID'd clothes or you could end up dead

Who Created Facebook? New Letter from Alleged Insider Claims Zuckerberg is a Frontman for Military Intelligence

     David Icke 
PETER HITCHENS: One day it will be impossible to criticise the fanatics of Extinction Rebellion. Until then, I’ll tell the truth about those irrational zealots

     David Icke 
How the 'news' is controlled - CNN chief caught on tape

     David Icke 
The world needs a massive carbon tax in just 10 years to limit climate change, IMF says
     UN-Extinction Rebellion 
Humour, mockery and ridicule is the best weapon we have.
We need to reach the kids and make large, bureaucratic governmental structures (and their 'solutions') uncool again.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 10/14/2019

Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt - 10/13/2019 

     colin flaherty Oct 18
What really scares white people the most. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

     colin flaherty Oct 17
Black riots are not news. But black tee shirts are. At least in Philly. a new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

     colin flaherty Oct 16
How black on white hatred grows in First Grade
Wonder no more where the little fellas learn their anti-white hostility and rage. They learn it in first grade

     colin flaherty Oct 15
The Shaker Heights hoax. More free stuff just made it worse. 
In the Shaker Heights suburb of Cleveland, white folks are proud as punch of all they have done 
to bring fellas to their schools and racial equality to their schools. Turns out it was all one big lie. Oct 14
Fellas forgo forgiveness in favor of revenge at NPR.
Fellas are not interested in white forgiveness. What they really want is revenge. And yes, they say it proudly at NPR.

Who funds the "left" gatekeepers?
This tells us so much about the silence of "the left" on what are actually the most important issues.   
(Donahue's inclusion seems unfair, since MSNBC axed him for questioning the rush to war in early 2003.) 
Does Counterpunch get no such funding? (If not, what's their excuse?)

     911 inside job
EXPLAIN THIS – Plans to Rebuild WTC-7 Over 1 Year Before It’s Destruction

Mr. Zapoper, I understand, but I just wanted to make you, All, aware of what is happening
. Here:

The media are getting fucked, and there is no recovery from this exposure-of-fraud.


I stopped getting colds and flus when I started college.

Waking up at 10am was more healthy than 

waking up at 6am.
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