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Why Fiber is Vastly Superior to Cable and 5G

      Netflix Is A Joke
Dave Chappelle on the Jussie Smollett Incident 

Lying Bastard Hobama 2007 said he’d end wars in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, LABEL GMOs, etc. He was CFR and I WARNED so before he was SELECTED!
TULSI GABBARD IS CFR! SO please remember MOST ALL CANDIDATES LIE THEIR ASSES OFF and make empty promises during campaign. Worthless Words.
It’s Official: California Issues Caution on Cell Phone Use 2017
This week, California officially issued groundbreaking guidelines… 

     Luke Z Rudkowski Sun Oct 20
NEW VIDEO: What's Really Happening In Lebanon Is Remarkable! 

     Luke Z Rudkowski Sat Oct 19
NEW VIDEO: This Is The Final Nail For Hillary Clinton! Tulsi Gabbard Moves On Up! The
     Tulsi is a member of CFR
Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders 

      Jellybean Gen. 
What is really happening in Sweden, Greta? 

       $ WHO PAYS GRETA?
Greta Thunberg Needs Police When Asked About Who's Paying Her 

     England Rape
British Schoolgirl's Testimony Muslims Threaten Children With Violence Rape Outside School Daily YouTube

10-20-2019 Dallas, TX — Significant Tornado and Damage on I-635 

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 10/15/2019 

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 10/19/2019

Blackbird9's Breakfast Club with Frederick C. Blackburn 10/16/2019

     colin-flaherty Oct 21      STATS: posted @ Minds dot com
Forget Halloween. In Madison, this is the season for anti-white racism
It is open season on white racism in Madison, Wisconsin. The rest of country is celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but in Madison, exposing imaginary white racism is their favorite seasonal celebration
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