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i wish i could hold this moment forever but i am offering the peace and space to let go when she wants. 

Faith is breathing quiet mode now, snored a little. so i am quiet now. to let her rest at 6:15pm Fri eve. 

Must pause and allow her comfort and rest.  so i will lay on couch. as quiet 6:30pm

oops looks as though 5pm letter not sent here :

- - - Fri Apr 5 Day 9 5pm - - - email #12 i love you 

- - - Both Nurses are Indian so it is no surprise that they both say “They can hear” “They know” " just talk normally”, "play them music”

this is not only spiritual but it is just the plain truth. In the last hour I have heard a hundred audible vocalizations from Faith  when and only when i touch her, kiss her forehead, hold her hand, stroke her hair, th
while inviting her to let go when she wants
“i release you”
You have done such a fantastic  job of raising 3 sons
we love you 
Marcia loves you
Hank loves you 
I love you 
Tom loves you 
Ray loves you 
Abby loves you 
you are held In our hearts. forever
you will always be us 
thank you 
be in peace
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