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#KnowMoreNews #Congress #DanceNoahide 
Laws Prayer in Congress & Dance Party Outside 

Yup, we are evil and are supposed to follow their Noahide Laws and bow down to them, our spiritual superiors.   Anti-Semtism in any form is going to be criminalized.  An orthodox Jewish woman has just been named NSA cybersecurity Chief.  


WHOOLI'S BLOG Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt - 7/21/2019


Blackbird9's Breakfast Club with Frederick C. Blackburn 7/24/2019 

NAFTA caused the migration of Mexicans into the U.S. after destroying their subsistence farming.  This was the Clinton objective.
The Psychological Reasons for America's Defeat (Part One) | The Common Sense Show 
Fluoride Action Network | Pro-Fluoridation Institute Acknowledges Harm to Fetus; Council Cancels Hearing
The dental-lobby, along with proponents of fluoridation on the Calgary City Council,…

9 Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?
The Shady Link Between Sunscreen and Your Health
The unsuspected capacity of melanin to transform light energy into chemical energy and the surprising anoxia tolerance of chrysemys picta

India plants 66 million trees in 12 hours as part of record-breaking environmental campaign

Black Mirror on NetFlix
RideShare Driver takes hostage to talk to CEO of Social Media
CEO admits he wants OUT as the CO who admits he started it but wants OUT!
That his social media CO has Dopamine Targets, that the whole software is designed to make addicts of users.

     Rachel Jack and Ashley Too: 
AI. Undertones of Bob Geldof in Pink Floyd the Wall. 
Hiatus for months from NetFlix and from Black Mirror. Profound, hits on so many levels. again so sorry 
was it Terrence McKenna, or Timothy Leary, who said: 
“(if we don’t explore the future, we will never get there!)”
I advocate folks to watch Black Mirror as it may be our best defense against AI Cyborg #SKYNET Dystopian HELL Future, as
Black Mirror does well what SciFi has done for over a century: 
Displays to us Possible Futures that we may be warned. 
That we may choose advisedly. That we may avoid our own demise.

Crocodile: Excellent Love Story :) Future Set Datng App matches couples for preset times to find the right Match

ok so those are 2 of the 3 new. Then there are some older:
Callister: a la StarTrek: super fun and an excellent way to break in to the series VR Game Inf
Arkangel: Mom goes daughter Sara a brain implant / Monitor after almost losing her at playground…

Black Museum: Rolo Haynes BioTech Archive of human Brain implant experiments gone wrong…

NoseDive: Social Credit Rating System just like lovely free and happy China Utopia! YAY! 

PlayTest: Video game VR TRAP  

3 videos you can see now FREE! 

Destruction Coming to the US West Coast: USGS Hiding Key Seismic Data July 23 2019

     Luke Z Rudkowski is with Theodore Braidwood Irwin. 
NEW VIDEO: Is Trump Responsible For Bringing Jeffrey Epstein DOWN? Also Highlights Disastrous Plans!

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
WATCH NOW: What Happened In That Rich Man’s Jail Cell? Ukraine Makes Major Move Against Russia!

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
What To Make Of Epstein’s Jailhouse Injuries??
#WeAreChangeWhat Happened In That Rich Man’s Jail Cell? Ukraine Makes Major Move Against Russia!

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
NEW VIDEO: Trump and Tulsi Gabbard Team Up Against FED and Google? $1.48 Trillion MISTAKE!

     David Icke 
Is Google creating a voice-activated search engine for TODDLERS? Tech giant files patent amid fresh privacy concerns

     podcast from Colin Flaherty
It’s a thing: Black violence against cops. And other things in this new podcast from Colin Flaherty.

Where is "Black Lives Matter" and other Black non-governmental groups when these murders are happening?

Multicultural Swedish town becomes hell on earth: A girl and two women tell their stories

Facebook "fact-checker" counters truth with dangerous misinformation on vaccines

Birthday Wish for TRUTH to spread like WILDFIRE 

TruNews: Epstein, etc.

Gary Webb - - Powers & Principalities Episode 109
-- audio:
Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2019.07.13
Gary Webb - - Powers & Principalities Episode 109
Original Larry said...
The absolute BEST interview I have heard on the crack cocaine epidemic of the 80's. I thought I knew the story, turns out I missed a very important point. I should have known when the FX network had a series on the CIA/Contra cocaine connection. It's called "Snowfall" If you have ever heard an interview with "Freeway" Ricky Ross, well lets just say he doesn't seem like the brightest bulb on the tree. It goes way deeper than that,
I recommend this program if you have any interest in the subject.

WWS said...
O.L. -- Much more is generally available. 
Search on "Gary Webb" "Freeway Ricky Ross"
and include "Dave McGowan" "Laurel Canyon".

Robert discussed many important political topics. 
Incendiary Radio Archive     RBN
*Criminal Conspiracy to Genocide Whites
*George Soros is Funding the Protests 
*9-11 Fast and Furious
#MarxStreamMedia #AOChe = Alexandria Ocasio CHE #RegressiveLeft #California invites in #RedDawn Activities #Communist #TedLau #SF #ChinaTown #Tong #TriAd #Barios 

     Kurt Nimmo
Why the Epstein-Mossad Honey Trap Story Has Disappeared
Kurt Nimmo, July 23, 2019

If you search the news, you will find very little to nothing in the corporate media about pedo Jeffrey Epstein's connection to Israeli intelligence. This connection is obvious -- from Epstein's connection to the Zionist Les Wexner and especially his Mossad handler, Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of documented Mossad operative and double agent Robert Maxwell.

It's said Ghislaine had a romantic relationship with Epstein in 1992. This is likely a cover story. Maxwell was Epstein's Mossad liaison. She also procured and trained teenage girls to work as honey traps.

The story in the corporate media following Epstein's arrest is that Ghislaine recruited girls for Epstein and his associates, many rich and influential. It is described as simply a pedophile sex ring when it is obviously much more -- a blackmail operation designed to compromise politicians and others when and if they deviated from the Zionist agenda.

This has already swirled and descended into the memory hole. Headlines focus instead on the appeal of Epstein's bail denial, the red flags raised about his jail records and work release, his close ties to Wall Street and Barclays, and the taint on the money he gave to Harvard and other institutions over the years. Much attention dwells on the salacious nature of Epstein's pedophilia.

Meanwhile, disgraced former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta's remark on Epstein's intelligence connections (which Acosta has since denied) fade as corporate media sensationalism and miasma dominate and shape the story.

Leslie Wexner is described as the "most prominent client" of Epstein's alleged money management firm. However, it appears Wexner was the only client -- and he wasn't so much a client as a conduit for money poured into a Zionist blackmail operation.


     Chris Bollyn
Chris Bollyn evidence of Israeli 9/11 criminals also censored as 'hate speech' by YouTube

Evidence naming some Israeli criminals behind the 9/11 attacks...


YouTube censored ANOTHER of my videos last night - this time an edit of a Chris Bollyn film shot in Texas 2015, about the 9/11 attacks, presenting evidence of scores of the likely Zionist Mafia criminals. 

Weirdly, the ORIGINAL filmHERE that clip of mine is from has not been targeted by the Zionist lobby and remains up - download it while you can using one of many youtube to mp4 downloader sites. 

here's the previous 9/11 film they censored at the weekend

YouTube censor Henshall/Architects/Engineers' 9/11 analysis show!topic/uk-911-truth/gETN_1thB6E
If you only listen to one podcast this year — OR EVER — this should be it.
This is part two of our interview with Cat Burke.
With additional commentary from our great friend and former prison psychologist, the Late Great Marlin Newburn. (and because our links have been acting funny lately, here's the link:
     David Icke 
They don’t work: Conventional meds for depression and mental disorders treat symptoms, not cause

#ChemTrails #GeoEngineering #SRM #SolarRadiationManagement #HumanBugSpray #AGENDA21 #Genocide*/

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     Amazing Polly
You Are Being Groomed

     Ryan Dawson
Jeff Epstein Crime Map (Updated) 

Sources and Map

All films
A Fact-Free Hit on a 5G Critic
Fabricating History on the New York Times Science Desk

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
NEW VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard Joins End The Fed Movement

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
NEW VIDEO: LIVE: Alternative Media Comes Together AnarchoVegas

Mind-blowing segment on the Intelligence community's attempt to engineer society using mind-altering substances.
Haight Ashbury: Hippies, LSD, CIA's MKULTRA and Fascist Deep State-Families 

The NSA Gave Israel Access to All US Citizens' Communications Data, Leaked Docs Reveal 

Ellen Brown on hemp and FaceBook money;
   Jonathan Mark on Apollo 11;
        Ibrahim Soudy says Americans are living in a new Dark Age
Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2019.07.19

Google is Now a Pharmaceutical Company 
Big Tech has Merged with Big Pharma
In addition to changing their last name, Ilhan's family did not have to answer the previously long-standing question about being communist sympathizers:
(In addition)Two years before, Congress, at the urging of the Clinton administration,** abolished the law requiring that would-be immigrants declare whether they had belonged to a foreign Communist party. The Omar family was able to move to America without that important element of screening.
**Apparently the US is seriously trying to destroy itself.
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