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     Dr Jordan B Peterson 
It's NOT OK to be WEAK - Jordan Peterson Motivation
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8yr old receives death threats over her parody videos of Ocasio-Cortez 

60 black-lives-matter folks caught on camera looting Philadelphia Walgreens 
Even while rioting they can be seen in “Hands up don’t Shoot” / BLM poses 
Same as in SF Castro after Pride Sunday, June 26, 2016 when 40 black youth jumped on 50 cars and every time the Motorcycle Cops tried to move them on down the road they would throw their hands up in the air and yell:
“Hands up don’t shoot” alternating with: “Fuck the Police” and “Fuck Trump” 
Cucked USA: Black vandals can RIOT DAY and NIGHT … JUST BLAME WHITEY! … Entitled Black Youth … Black Priveledge.

     Dutchsinse Noon PST Wednesday July 10
7/10/2019 -- California Seismic Update -- KEEP WATCH until July 11 -- Global seismic unrest

     Health RANGER
EXCLUSIVE: California’s nuclear power plants built in close proximity to the San Andreas fault, setting up catastrophic “Fukushima” event for the West Coast

     David Icke 
Ex-Chiropractor Fined $100,000 For Posting “Anti-Vaccine” Information On Social Media #Vaccines

     David Icke 
New York Times: Middle-Class Americans Must Sacrifice Their Suburbs to Aid Poor Immigrants

Why the Sun is Necessary for Optimal Health
excellent info on heliotherapy Alexander Wunsch, MD, Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Earthquakes Shake Yellowstone Supervolcano, Magma Rises 1 1/2 Miles 
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