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     MAR 14 THU
MAR 14 THU Eating Animals: Screening & Discussion (and potluck!) 18 · Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists  

     MAR 15 FRI
MAR 15 FRI AcroSF 2019 17 · Kezar Pavilion AcroYoga Fest 

MAR 15 FRI Hacknights! 20 · Noisebridge Hackerspace 

MAR 15 FRI  23:45 The Secret Party New even better super sick secret space 

     SAT 16 MAR
12:00 16:00 SwapORamaRama! Sat, 16 Mar · PLACE for Sustainable Living  1121 64th St Oakland 

SAT 16 MAR 13:00 Seed Saving and the Art of the Seed Garden @ PLACE for Sustainable Living 1121 64th St Oakland 

SAT, 16 MAR AT 20:30 Mission Fusion 7th Anniv w/ Heather Christie and Vir McCoy

21:30 03:30 Wormhole இ 3/16 இ Yheti, NastyNasty, Potions, TLZMN & Phers Sat, 16 Mar · The Great Northern 

     Sun Mar 17
Brides of March Sun Mar 17 Union Square SF

13:0016:00The Earthscape Art ExperienceSun, 17 Mar SF 

14:3020:30Beware the Brides of March 2019Sun, 17 Mar · Bar Fluxus 

18:00 20:00 Acroyoga All Levels + Jam Sun, 17 Mar · Aerial Artique SF 

     Tues, 19 Mar
09:00 No on AB262 Tues, 19 Mar · Sacramento - State Capital of CA. 

     Thu MAR 21
Thu MAR 21 FULL MOON Lunar calendar for 2019 

FREE! SF 16th Annual Water Conservation Showcase - Thu MAR 21  - Pacific Energy Center - Free Registration & Lunch - RSVP Today

March 21 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm Community Meeting with Niki Sylva  	$10.59 – $20.59  As we encounter more medical research on how psychedelics may treat individual traumas, we can also ask in our communities, “How are we collectively transforming and healing our cultural traumas?”

     Fri Mar 22
A group has gathered in Oakland to put together a resolution to Decriminalize Nature, inspired by the Denver and Oregon ballot initiatives. Join the Decriminalize Nature movement at Omni Commons in Oakland for a rally to educate, advocate, and connect with community.
The evening will begin with brief talks and testimonials from residents, thought leaders, researchers, and organizers of our beloved entheogenic community here in Oakland. $5.10 – $125.00

Mirus Gallery presents "Aletheia" group exhibition opening March 22nd 7-10PM 540 Howard St SF

MAR 22 FR Hacknights! 20 · Noisebridge Hackerspace 

MAR 22 21:00-02:00 Frisky ~ Heavy Petting Zoo BM Spring FUNdraiser @ BRIX 581 
581 5th St, Oakland

     SAT 23 MAR
SAT 23 MAR AT 18:30 Press On 10 Heron St SF Arts 

     Sun Mar 24
Sun Mar 24 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm	$10 – $20  Is Micro Dosing a Placebo?Join Balazs Szigeti for a night of learning, sharing, and exploration. Only a few studies have ever been conducted on psychedelics microdosing, but anecdotal evidence suggests that microdosing can improve mood, creativity and psychological well being. 

     MAR 30 SAT
MAR 30 SAT Opulent Temple's 10 Annual Sacred Dance at the Regency21 · The Regency Ballroom 

     Mar 30-31
Art Explosion Spring Open Studios Mar 29 Fri 7-10pm Mar 30-31 Sat & Sun 12-5pm 

     April 2019
April 4th beekeeping Talk will be of particular interest, even to non-beekeepers. We have Tom Seeley coming to talk, which is kinda like your local bar having Elton John come play the piano. He's pretty famous for a beekeeping scientist, having written a popular book 'Honeybee Democracy' about swarming that is (somewhat) aimed at laypeople. He's also got a new book coming out. This time he is going to talk about the honeybee algorithm and the hive as an information center. Will be of great interest to anyone who is into programming, nature, or learning how to do human stuff better based on animal behavior. He's also supposed to be a dear, sweet man and I think is kinda a hippie at heart. Anyhow, great opportunity for anyone to come to our FREE talk (donations to defray the considerable cost of flying him in and paying him gratefully accepted). I recommend they try to bring a folding chair as it will likely be a 'doorbuster'. Meeting, is as usual at 
Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1106 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Carlos (corner of Brittan & Alameda de las Pulgas). We have beginner beekeeping info at 6:30 as the 'warm up' and then Seeley talks at 7 for about an hour.

THU, 4 APR AT 18:00 April Castro SF Art Walk 

WED, 10 APR AT 19:30 Erratic Dance April 10 East Bay Community Space Oakland 

Sun April 14 10AM to 3P Mountain Lion Foundation and many more wildlife and conservation organizations to celebrate 
Earth Day 2019 @ Oakland Zoo 9777 Golf Links Road Oakland

April 17 2019 Tech Signal Bio Signal Talk @ SRI 333 Ravenswood Ave Menlo Park  The Search for Life on Exoplanets  

APR 19 FULL MOON Lunar calendar for 2019 

APR 19 FRI Bicycle Day SF 2019 20 · The Midway 900 Marin SF 

SAT, 20 APR 10:00 EarthDay Valencia between 19th and 20th SF 4/20

SAT APR 20 Earth Day SF 2019 11:00-19:00 Valencia St, SF

APR 20 SAT Vegan Bayground Oakland 2019 11 · Jack London Square 

This year World Naked Gardening Day is on Saturday, May 4!

MAY 9THUWild cats of the San Francisco Bay Area - Salesforce Tower17:30 · Conservation Fund 

)'()'()'()'( SUN, 19 MAY Bay to Breakers )'( )'( )'( best place to join in… 10am -Noon at GG park panhandle into GG Park then Haight st. all night costume Party! 9th and Irving SF is smaller. Castro and Mission are smaller still
come to Pan Handle GG Park for 10am-Noon cause you will NEVER meet more 20 somethings in costume than today. only competition are DykeMarch / Pride / Burning Man
)'( = <10,000 peeps )'( )'(  = > 10,000 peeps. )'( )'( )'( = 70,000 (Burning Man Aug 25) to )'()'()'()'( 100,000 = B2B Pride 4July HSBG
SF has only 4 big 100,000 people parties: ( A: BayToBreakers    B: DykeMarch 6.29 Pride 6.30   C: 4thofJulyPier39Embarcadero (no costumes tho :( ) D: BlueGrass )Sept/Oct
One day inside my camera #BaytoBreakers #SF 

Do you love animals? Do you dream about saving them? WED, 29 MAY-4 JUN Animal Liberation Conference 2019 Berkeley, CA

JUN 2 Burning Man Desert Arts Preview 2019

JUN 20 THU CAMP TIPSY 2019 4155 Sites Lodoga Rd, Stonyford, CA 

Sat Jun 29 DykeMarch Dolores Park SF 12 Noon - 5pm then MARCH upto Castro @ 18th St SF for All night Costumes party
                     Fri Jun 28 Castro @ 18th st. SF is fun every night this wknd but PINK SAT EVE is the BEST
SUN 30 JUN  2019 SF Pride Sunday Market St March to Civic Center SF for 100,000 fun costume people on 16 Blocks of 12 or 20 sound systems  11am-6pm then Castro Again Sunday Streets July 14 - Mission 2 

AUG 18 Sunday Streets SoMa 8.1811 · Sunday Streets SF

     FESTIVALS CALifornia 2019 
)'( Apr 12-15 Lucidity Festival 2019 - Moon's Eye View @ Live Oak Campground  Santa Barbara, CA
4600 Highway 154, Goleta, CA

)'( FRI 26 APRIL 2019-29 APRIL 2019 Serenity Gathering Woodward Reservoir Oakdale, CA

)'()'( MAY 8-13 Lightning in a Bottle 2019 Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area13601 Ironbark Rd, Bakersfield, CA

SAT 1 JUN 13:00-18:00 Animal Liberation March SF

Sat Jun 29 DykeMarch Dolores Park SF 12 Noon - 5pm then MARCH upto Castro @ 18th St SF for All night Costumes party
                     Fri Jun 28 Castro @ 18th st. SF is fun every night this wknd but PINK SAT EVE is the BEST
SUN 30 JUN  2019 SF Pride Sunday Market St March to Civic Center SF for 100,000 fun costume people on 16 Blocks of 12 or 20 sound systems  11am-6pm then Castro Again

THURS 4 JULY 2019-8 JULY 2019 High Sierra Music Festival 2019 Plumas County Fairgrounds · Quincy, CA

)'()'()'( Aug 25 - Sep 2 Black Rock City, NV

)'( upto 10K peeps
)'()'( maybe 15K or 20K peeps
)'()'()'( 70K happy campers mostly in costume
)'()'()'()'( 100K people @: A: BayToBreakersSF B: DykeMarchSat(10K)+PrideSundaySF100K C: 4thOfJulySF D:HardlyStrictlyBlueGrass
These then are the only 100K people FREE PARTIES in SF. Sadly 4th of July lacks costumes but offers clusterfck traffic  
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.