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     Sat. July 27
†Please help get 5G (5th generation telecom roll out) restricted! --†Sat. July 27 is a†National Day of Action! †

1. †2:00 PM Rally and flyer in front of the Verizon store at 2209 Shattuck Berkeley.†@ Allston Way
(Verizon has appealed the Zoning Adjustment Board's unanimous rejection of a 50-70 foot cell tower with 6 antennas overlooking Cordonices Park.)

2. †3:45 PM†FREE screening of the excellent documentary†Generation Zapped†at the Albany Library, 1247 Marin Ave. Albany @ Masonic Ave
Yes the Building with 3 Pyramids on Masonic Ave. Hint Hint

Video of our June Green Sunday 5G panel discussion: Alameda County, CA
     Dutchsinse Friday
15,000 acre fire - 'Cold Creek Fire' - Hanford /Rattlesnake Ridge Washington --

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
NEW VIDEO: Major Incident In Strait of Hormuz What The Media Is Not Telling You! Chris Pratt In Hott Water???

     Luke Z Rudkowski 
@ 5:17 Do not drink Beer itís POISON that calcifies your PINEAL GLAND and has Fluoride in most of the BEER. 
(Sierra Nevada is both Fluoride Free and GMO Free!)
WATCH NOW: Human Rights Tribunal Now On BALL WAXING??? Why Is Tulsi Gabbard In Puerto Rico! 

     Jeffrey Epstein Case
Blackmail is the preeminent weapon against those who are uncooperative; oh, and murder, of course. †Pedos have been rampant for ages.
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case
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