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............ Designing Sustainable Ventures ..........
--FREE tickets to the Green Festival!
--Project Resource Wall & Project Lottery
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.................... FEATURING .......................

-- guayaki yerba mate -- social fusion -- adpsr --
urban permaculture guild -- craigslist foundation --
-- sf green festival -- off the grid consulting --
hemp industries international -- new leaf paper--

Network, collaborate, and learn from seasoned 
professionals in the for profit and nonprofit 
sustainability sectors!

Tuesday October 12, 2004 
6:00PM – 10:00PM
$15 limited presale 
$20 limited general
$25 at the door

Herbst International Exhibition Hall
Building 385 Moraga @ Montgomery 
(south of the bowling center, off Arguello) 
San Francisco Presidio

limited scholarships are also available

Natural World Museum and SFUAS join forces to launch 
“Designing Sustainable Ventures”, part of the SFUAS 
monthly “GreenHouse Sustainability Series”. This 
event takes place under the umbrella of NWM’s 
Anima Mundi ~ “Soul of the World” Exhibition and 
October schedule of educational programs.

“Designing Sustainable Ventures” seeks to explore 
the issues of ethics and profits through experiences 
of sustainable business leaders as well as through 
group interaction.

CHRIS MANN, CEO of Guayaki Yerba Mate.

Guayakí works in partnership with Indigenous and 
local communities in the South American rainforest 
to provide healing herbal teas, whose production 
generates economic, social and environmental well 
being for the producing people and their countries 
while providing customers with extremely beneficial, 
healthy and medicinal rainforest products. 

AMBER NYSTROM, Director of Social Fusion

Social Fusion is a Women’s Technology Cluster 
business incubator that scales nonprofit and 
for-profit social ventures by merging successful 
business practices and positive social impact. 
Social Fusion's goal is to make innovation easier 
by employing entrepreneurial strategy to build the 
networks, capital and infrastructure needed to 
foster financially sustainable social change.

Ms. Nystrom Co-founded two successful social 
enterprises, and offers extensive domestic and 
international experience in Latin America and 
Europe launching and scaling for-profit and 
nonprofit ventures.  Her extensive experience
includes ten years of senior level nonprofit 
and public policy experience launching and 
directing women’s health, business and economic 
development initiatives; and several years 
consulting on strategy and development to small 
businesses and individual entrepreneurs. 

BILL REED, General Manager of New Leaf Paper.

Bill grew up in a family of passionate 
environmentalists on a small farm and later studied 
environmental science in college. His interests in 
agriculture led him to Odwalla where he worked for 
six years, two of which he was the Director of 
Operations.  He focused much of his time at Odwalla 
on waste, including the return rate of unsold juice.  
At New Leaf, Bill continues to focus on waste, and 
the remaking of waste into new, usable products.  
Bill handles everything from finance to marketing 
at New Leaf where he has driven sales from 
$5 million in 2001 to $16 million last year.  Each 
dollar of sales represents about one pound of 
post-consumer waste.  Growing sales means New Leaf 
is using more waste or saving more trees.    

DARIAN HEYMAN, ED Craiglist Foundation

After co-founding and selling digital advertising 
agency Beyond Interactive to Grey Global Group, 
Darian made a conscious decision to dedicate his 
life to philanthropy, arts, community and travel. 
He created Project Pangea, which produced more 
than a dozen interdisciplinary fundraising events, 
bringing top DJs, musicians, artists, filmmakers, 
speakers, designers, and other performers together 
to help groups like Michael Franti & Spearhead, 
NextAid, and the Center for Young Women’s 
Development raise both awareness and capital. 

Darian is responsible for launching Craigslist 
Foundation's first Nonprofit Boot Camp, a 
day-long event to help emerging nonprofits, 
develop new skills for marketing and running 
their organizations,  build relationships with 
potential donors & volunteers and strengthen 
ties within the nonprofit community.

JOHANNA SCHULTZ, Sustainability Consultant

Johanna is a consultant with a multi-faceted
approach to social justice and sustainable 
development.  As the former director of 
environmental and social policy for Thanksgiving 
Coffee Company, she was awarded grant funding 
to subsidize the use of biodiesel in the company's 
delivery vehicle, making Thanksgiving Coffee the 
first private fleet in the state of California 
to use B100 biodiesel in delivery operations.  

Johanna is currently a founding member of 
Sustainable Mendocino, co-chair of Mendocino 
Alliance for a Community-Based Economy, 
Public Relations Director and Board Member 
for the Hemp Industries Association, and a DJ 
of political and conscious hip-hop on 
Mendocino County community radio, KZYX&Z.

YOHAI GOLAN, Co-Founder of OTG Consulting

Off The Grid Consulting (OTG) is an energy consulting 
company specializing in the use of alternative 
Diesels. OTG, in collaboration with Generators 
Unlimited and Grease, has developed a hands-free 
industrial standard Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) 
conversion system for Diesel engines. Not only is 
SVO renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable but 
emissions contain up to 100% less sulfur, 75% less 
green house gases and 50% less soot. SVO is the 
renewable fuel of the future that can be grown by 
American farmers. 

KARRI WINN, Green Festival Organizer

The Green Festival is a two-day party with a 
serious purpose: to accelerate the emergence of 
a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming, 
inclusive and nurturing. Together we are 
cultivating a culture of sustainability and 
social equity that honors our interdependence 
with all life. Green Festival unites green 
enterprises, social and environmental groups, 
visionary thinkers and thousands of community 
members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce 
and movement building fun.

KATHERINE STEELE, ADPSR & Urban Permaculture Guild

Katherine Steele is a international networker, 
permaculture activist, educator and designer.  
Founder of the Urban Permaculture Guild in Oakland, 
CA and Administrator of the NorCal Chapter of 
Architects Designers Planners for Social 
Responsibility (ADPSR) in Berkeley, she facilitates 
workshops on natural building and permaculture. 
Trained in Ecovillage Development with Findhorn 
Foundation of Scotland, Natural Building with 
Kleiwerks and Permaculture from Occidental Arts 
and Ecology Center and the Permaculture Institute 
of Northern California she also holds an MA in 
Creative Arts from San Francisco State 

PATRICK DOMINGUEZ, Social Fusion Marketing Guru

Patrick spent 10 years as a successful entrepreneur 
and marketeer in Prague, Czech Republic, where he
built Tesco, the UK's top retail company, into
the market-leading brand of department stores in the 
Czech Republic and Slovakia. Patrick currently 
provides strategic marketing consulting to Bay Area 
social enterprises for Social Fusion, the SOcial 
venture incubator for the Women's Technology 
Cluster, helping them develop sustainable, 
scalable business models and marketing strategies.


Green Festival
Guayaki Yerba Mate
Ithaca Fine Chocolates
Rainbow Grocery Coop


The SFUAS is a local network of green businesses and 
community members who are creating dynamic models of 
sustainability within the urban environment. We have 
joined forces to help transform the City into a more 
harmonious social, economic & natural environment.



San Francisco’s emerging Natural World Museum is a 
501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to 
showcase educational art exhibitions that cultivate 
environmental awareness and stimulate social 
engagement in conservation.



Showing Oct 1-31, 2004 at the SF Presidio's
Herbst International Exhibition Hall
Tues - Fri 10am -7pm, Sat & Sun 10am - 5pm
$4 general/ $2 students


Join the Natural World Museum in launching its debut
exhibition of Environmental Art.  Take a journey 
through 6,000 years of art in 12 unique installations,
from ancient and indigenous objects to multimedia
visions.  Featuring a special collection of nature
paintings by Robert Bateman, renowned wildlife artist
and avid naturalist.  Enjoy hands-on experiences
through evocative educational contexts about
conservation and sustainability.

- CARBON WALLS composed of five elements by Hirokazu
- WILD SOUNDSCAPES by Bernie Krause of Wild Sanctuary
- DIGITAL GARDEN featuring 30 eco-artists from
- MINERAL GARDEN from the California Academy of
- NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN ART from the NW Museum of Arts
& Culture
- ANCIENT CHINESE CERAMICS from the Babka Collection
- BIODIVERSITY SHOWCASE by Costa Rica Conservation
- FIVE ELEMENTS EXPERIENCE virtual interactive
  green screen by Incredible Places 

and more....

To complement the show, we host a wide array of 
lectures, workshops, and film screenings throughout 
October to highlight the caliber of art and 
educational programming NWM will offer as we move 
forward in establishing a permanent site.  

For a detailed schedule visit:

Art is the signature of civilization and the 
cornerstone of conservation. From the paintings of 
Robert Bateman, to the indigenous objects of Native 
Americans to the soundscapes of Bernie Krause, the 
message is loud and clear

~ nature’s beauty is fragile and finite.   


Not knowing, we fall under the power of conceptual thinking...            and samsara unfolds like a dream. ~ Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

Lorna Li 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.