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MYSTIC FAMILY CIRCUS presents: "Way of the Warrior?,
a magical and political evening of prayer, performance and dance.

"Way of the Warrior",directed by Nynke Koopmans and Patrick King.
A heart-provoking martial arts performance, that speaks of love, war, 
surrender... and honoring of children; with: Mystic Family Circus, Yoga 
Tai-Chi Collective and Hand to Hand Martial Arts Team. video by Sherry 
Huggima Froman. Music by John Astin, Linkin Park and Bjork.
Fire Swords performance by Chris Sia (Infinite Kaos)
Spoken Word by Julia Butterfly Hill.
Interactive performance to change the world by Alli Starr, founder of 
Art & Revolution, Dancers Without Borders and Art in Action.
Live Art by Selam Mekonen.
Ritual by GoddessUnite community.
DEBUT Performance: Full Puja: "all original live production, 
encompassing the Conscious explorations through vocalistic hip hop, 
dancehall, breaks, jungle, dub, with ethni flavors."

Booths by:
Chrysalis, the Mystic Family Circus Education Team.
Challenge Day, a program committed to stopping teen violence and 
alienation (TBD). Books Not Bars (TBD).
Circle of Life (TBD). Abyssinian Roots. Herstory.
Hand To Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense. Move [TBD].

proceeds will benefit Chrysalis,the Mystic Family Circus Education 
Team. $10 or $7 with a drum. 9pm- 2pm Over 21 event 111 minna st: 
between mission and howard, cross street:
second st, SanFrancisco. *Remember to vote
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