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Dragonfly's dancefloor global-go-roundz!

In This Issue:

- Oct - 15th The Maddest Party -  The Freeeekiest Crowd
- Oct 16th - Bioneers Afterparty
- Oct 21st - Harbin Hotsprings
- Oct 30th - Kimya House Halloween
- Nov 6th- Groove Garden-Tuvan Throat singers & Stephen Kent!
- Nov 12th - Harmony Cabaret

Oct - 15th The Maddest Party -	The Freeeekiest Crowd
Hey Everyone,

I am super-psyched to see you all this weekend for a superlatively
good time. Many thanks to all the promoters who've lined me up...and
thanks to you'all for filling the floors to the ragga twisted,
tribal-tipped, breakbeaty global mashups I've got for you.

It all starts with this Fridaaaaay so get your mind off work and get


Get Freaky, Mad Hatters Ball, Friday, Oct 15

...."But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm
mad.You're mad." 

"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.

"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

Join us all on Friday Oct 15, for a trip dowwwwwwn into the Rabbit
hole in a night of sensory chaotic madness woven to stimulate bodily
gyrations to the visual
and auditory vibrations of:

Tiffa Novoa, dream weaver of ONDA designs & EL CIRCO presents a
fashion show/performance created especially for the Mad Hatter's
Ball.  See her website at

Line up!

fingerlickin' records/double 7/creation UK
Old school originators of the some of the most wicked, catcthy
grooves from the UK. Infusing a most uplifting, hip grinding
sensibility with earthbound rhythms and global vocals! Miss this one
and you'll have to make the next 5 Get Freaky's to make it up!

The Bay Area's own swervey breakbeat rockstar comes as a complete
action figure that comandeers dance floors like midget racecars on
the speedway! 

limited promos of lorin's new CD DIVERSE SYSTEMS OF THROB to be
given away to those with the best mask or costume (this alone IS
worth admission!) The sleight god of throb fixed me up a copy for
review - and upon 1st listen I can tell ya its a bumpfestin' ,
bass-droppin' whumped up floorbanger!

Fellow freaks on decks look like this: 
ADAM OHANA/an-ten-nae,OoAh da TUrntablIst,Michele BASS aka TREE,Dov
,Alibi ,Dragonfly ,Jocelyn, David Starfire,Rena, Mark Growden,El
PaPa Chango/el circo,Adnan ,Laura/e.l.f. ,Shawna/apsara 

Upstairs lounge decor by Fuzzy Philipp

....And for a very special kind of tea party...join the Mad Hatter
and the Queen of
Hearts serving tea @10pm don't be late...... 
$15.00 in costume 
$20.00 without 
Doors open @ 9:30
Space 550/ 550 Barneveld
San Francisco, CA 94124

Get Freaky here

Oct 16th - Bioneers Afterparty
So scientists have announced we are all going where,
but right here on Earth with a whole mess 'o problems to mop up.

15th annual Bioneers Conference, at Marin Civic Center in San Rafael
is one of the premier U.S. gatherings that looks to tackle
environmental issues. 
So in their words: Bioneers is geared to taking action and
catalyzing wider citizen participation. Community is one of the
cornerstones of biological organization, and Bioneers provides a
dynamic focal point for weaving community, the intricate tapestry of
relationships that make the world go ‘round.

So come check it out and join us at the afterparty Sat night as we
go from "heady" to "body" on the Neptune soundsytem!

Bioneers website here

Oct 21st - Harbin Hotsprings

Its a short-but-sweet night, but if you came all the way to Harbin
just to hear me DJ then I am flattered and you've missed the point. 

The point is gettin' nekkid, contemplating your navel, deep long
soaks, yoga, sunshine, friends and sleeping out under the stars on
the big deck!

Okay, the music's not bad either. So come join us - start your
weekend on Thursday and head for the hills....

More info online here....

Oct 30th - Kimya House Halloween
This is theee North Bay party where all the funksters, prankster and
hipsters congregate and chug the dancefloor with swingin' hips and
positively sweet vibe!

I can't tell you where it is - you just gotta ask someone who does

No info, no website - just gotta be in the know!

Nov 6th- Groove Garden-Tuvan Throat singers & Stephen Kent!
Saturday November 6th
2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd - Fairfax

Here's some advance information on the upcoming Groove Garden in

From Mongolia to Fairfax we are honored to be joined by some of the
finest vocal talent from a most exotic place on earth. And
didgeridoo emissary Stephen Kent joins in to weave the cultural
crossraods at which point The Groove Garden will intersect!

Much more to be announced....

Click away to get to The Groove Garden!

Nov 12th - Harmony Cabaret
The good folks who hold down the scene in the Way-North-Bay, as in
Sebastopol celebrate the with a great new monthly, Harmony Cabaret
(same folks who bring you Health & Harmony Festival).

More info to come...the Qwaali groove sensation Shabaz performs
live, I'll be DJing with your unfulfilled (thanks GWB-but by this
till he'll be outta office) Middle Eastern excursion in mind!

More deets to come.....

Harmonize here in Sebastopol!

Big thanx to all those who came to the Oct. Groove Garden! And BIG
up to Rhthmystic and Castle 9 for nailing down the dance floor and
DJ Omer for levitating minds in the chillspace. Anyone on this list
in the East sure to catch Rhythmystic at NY's hottest
club Spirit on 10/29 and Body Temple's Halloween 10/30!

Big thanx to Six Degrees Records for hosting me at their newest
Monthly "One World" - which hosts Cheb i Sabbah next month on
November 4th. see
 Six Degrees Records

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.