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Butterfly's Bay Area Events Calendar
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Dedicated to bringing you the best in consciousness raising events, be they 
musical, artistic, poetic, political or spiritual.  If you know of other events 
of this nature, please let me know.  Please help support this calendar by 
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Wish of the Week
We need to book events at our newly reopened center in Vallejo which is 
currently the home of the Butterfly Gardeners and Musicians & Fine Artists for 
World Peace.  Bands, concert & event producers and anyone needing a place for 
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Movies of the Month
   Check out Greg Palast: Bush Family Fortunes BBC 3 documentary on the 
history of the Bush family and how George W. Bush got to the White House.  Check out 
this great film "Liberty Bound" by Christine Rose.  What the 
Bleep now playing in SF   VOICES 
Flirting with Power is a surprising look at the humor and heartbreak independent 
and third party candidates face as they challenge the political status quo in 
the United States. 

Quotation of the Week
Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your 
grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. - Nathaniel 

This Week's Links  Bush's Folly may be 
duplicated/copied for public-charitable and political purposes without license or 
duplication fees.  Great new 
protest song by the Pits Band  World Court cites George Walker Bush, President of the United States 
and Commander-in-Chief of US military forces for serious crimes; waging a war 
of aggression on Afghanistan, war crimes and crimes against humanity against 
the Afghan people, against prisoners of war ; and the use of radioactive 
depleted uranium weapons of mass destruction , against the people of Afghanistan ; 
with serious fall out effects on  Sharon 
Shea-Keneally, principal of Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington, Vermont, was 
shocked when she received a letter in May from military recruiters demanding a 
list of all her students, including names, addresses, and phone numbers. But 
when Shea-Keneally insisted on an explanation, she was in for an even bigger 
surprise: The recruiters cited the No Child Left Behind Act, President Bush's 
sweeping new education law passed earlier this year. There, buried deep within 
the law's 670 pages, is a provision requiring public secondary schools to 
provide military recruiters not only with access to facilities, but also with 
contact information for every student -- or face a cutoff of all federal aid.  The PAN PartY is the 
Peoples’ answer to business as usual and was founded in recognition that the 
old order is approaching a “tipping point”, a “crisis of conscience”, and 
that something new is being born. The goal of the party is to unite progressives 
and populists into one organization to create a world that works for everyone. 

This Week's Sponsors
Sponsors for this newsletter and memberships are welcomed. Sponsors will also 
be listed on the membership page for Musicians & Fine Artists for World 
Peace.  Please contact Alan at 707-552-9886 or email for details.
   Global Peace Foundation  Lori 
Grace - Sunrise Center - San Rafael

Contents    *Asterisk denotes events that I plan to attend. 

The following events now on-line at

Oct. 14 - 23                       Quartet No. 1 for Three Characters & Cello 
- SF
Fri. Oct.  22  8 pm            *U.S. Provisional Authority: A Political 
Comedy - Berkeley
Sat Oct 23                          Northbay Decompression - Santa Rosa
Sat. Oct. 23  10-4 pm        *Toward a Culture of Sustainability Symposium 
Sat. Oct. 23  1-6 pm           Raw Food Fest - SF
Sun. Oct. 24  12 pm           Way Cool: The RNC as Not Seen on TV- SF
Mon. Oct. 25  6:30 pm      *Screening of Voices of Dissent - Oakland
Mon. Oct. 25  7:30 pm         Marijuana Vs. the Supreme Court - Berkeley
Mon. Oct. 25  8 & 10 pm      M.R.L.S & Tony Saunders - Oakland
Tue. Oct. 26  6:30 pm         National Tribal Environmental Council Benefit - 
Thu. Oct. 28  7 pm             Something About W Screening - Vallejo
Thu. Oct. 28  8 pm           *Rosa Remembers Palestine Screening - Berkeley
Thu. Oct. 28  8:30 pm         Butterfly Bush Bash 2004 Comedy Showcase - SF
Oct. 28 - Nov. 1                  Autumn Retreat with the Elder Spirits - 
Sat. Oct. 30  10-5 pm         Women Working With Oneness Forum - San Rafael
Oct 30-31                          Horror Film Convention - SF
Sun. Oct. 31  4 pm             Samhain reading w. Raven Grimassi - San Rafael
Sun. Oct. 31  7 pm            *Samhain Ritual w. Starhawk - Sebastopol
Wed. Nov. 3  5 pm             Anti-War March & Rally - SF
Thu. Nov. 4  7:30 pm          The Leonard Peltier Story - SF
Nov. 5-7                           *U.S. Dept. of Peace Conference w. Dennis 
Kucinich - Berkeley

For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.