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breast cancer, breast milk: eg, PBDEs' neurologic effects - kids as sponge

[We cannot solve the various epidemics until we, as a society and as 
individuals, acquire lifeways that are less toxic. Business interests 
that dominate "regulatory" agencies and enforce the distribution of 
toxins are a cancer within the biosphere. -Teresa] 

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Scientific evidence indicates that multiple and chronic exposures are 
contributing to the epidemic of breast cancer affecting US women today. 
Contaminants implicated include common chemicals often occurring in the 
household, as well as medical products, appliances, cars and rainware. 
State of the evidence 2004: what is the connection between the 
environment and breast cancer? 

Published by Breast Cancer Fund <>, 
Breast Cancer Action <>. [related story] 

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An analysis of breastmilk samples donated by 40 Pacific Northwest 
mothers--10 each from Montana, Oregon, Washington, and British 
Columbia--revealed high levels of the flame retardants in every sample 
tested. Studies on laboratory animals have shown that this class of 
flame retardants--PBDEs-- can impair memory and learning, alter 
behavior, delay sexual development, and disturb thyroid hormone levels. 
Flame retardants in the bodies of Pacific Northwest residents [PDF]. 

Published by Northwest Environment Watch 
<>. [related stories] 

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Children face higher risks from pesticides than adults and need greater 
protection against these chemicals, particularly in developing 
countries. It has been reported that an estimated one million to five 
million cases of pesticide poisonings occur every year, resulting in 
several thousands of fatalities, including children. 

Child pesticide poisoning: information for advocacy and action. 

Published by Food and Agriculture Organization <>. 

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Children as young as nine years old are not only contaminated with a 
cocktail of hazardous man-made chemicals but can have higher 
concentrations of certain newer chemicals than older generations. 

Of the 104 chemicals analysed, 80 were detected - children were found to 
have 75 chemicals in their blood, 75 were found in parents and 56 in 

Contaminated: the next generation. 

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Decades of bad farming practices in the heartland have caused sediment, 
fertilizer, and pesticides to be carried by rainfall runoff from farm 
fields into creeks and rivers that feed the big Mississippi River. 
Downstream in the Gulf of Mexico the Mississippi River brings the 
nutrients from the Midwest to a 6,000- to 8,000-square-mile "Dead Zone" 
just off the coast. 

Farm Policy, Pollution, and the Mississippi River. 
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