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MARIN PEACE AND JUSTICE COALITION WEEKLY BULLETIN October 27, 2004 Read, learn, share and give someone you love truth Peace and love! The Bulletin Boys, Shep, Jake and JimBob - (aka The Big Rascals aka The Editors)
YO, can you feel me? Get Real---VOTE NOV 2 Section I -- PROGRESSIVE NEWS AND UPDATES - Marin Peace and Justice Coalition Voter Guide for November 2, 2004 The Marin Peace and Justice Coalition Voter Guide is just that, a guide for some of the really important things we think you should vote for on November 2nd. We in the MPJC are progressive, politically active members of many different Marin county organizations. Together we educated each other about the issues, argued over every decision, and came to the conclusions in this guide. We didn't always agree, but in the end, these recommendations represent our best shot at an MPJC consensus. That said, we all agree that although voting has its place, it isn't the main focus of our work throughout the year, nor should it be. The current presidential race, for example, makes this abundantly clear. The MPJC began life as an anti-war group, but neither of the two major parties have anti-war platforms. This means our presidential recommendation is a strategic choice, not an enthusiastic endorsement. Since the questions at issue in this general election address only a tiny fraction of the peace and social justice issues we face, we encourage all the wonderful people who have risen up for this election, to continue their involvement beyond November 2, and join the Marin Peace and Justice Coalition in the work of achieving a more peaceful, just and humane world. US President - STOP BUSH - The Marin Peace and Justice Coalition recognizes that the defeat of the Bush Administration is the most important task at hand for Americans. We urge everyone to vote on Nov. 2 to accomplish that end. Most of all, we affirm the Marin Peace Justice Coalition's primary role as part of a global and local movement which will continue beyond Nov. 2nd, to stand for the common interests of peace, justice, democracy and compassion. US Senator - no endorsement - Barbara Boxer is opposed by right wing conservative Bill Jones, who is a nightmare of course. But Boxer's seat is secure and Jones hasn't a chance. So we'll send her a message by not endorsing her. Boxer supports the death penalty, voted for the PATRIOT Act, and opposed San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome's effort to legalize same-sex marriage. To earn our support, Boxer needs to lead the progressive charge not the retreat. US Representative - Lynn Woolsey - We agree with the San Francisco Bay Guardian's endorsement of Woolsey, noting she "voted against the PATRIOT Act and, while she voted the wrong way on the war at first, has become a clear antiwar voice." Bravo! State Senate - no endorsement State Assembly - no endorsement Marin Superior Court Judge - Faye D'Opal - She is in a runoff with Republican Paul Haakenson. D'Opal is the legal director of the Legal Self-Help Center of Marin, which works to make the legal system available to litigants who don't have lawyers. She's been practicing civil, probate and family law in Marin for 18 years, and we endorse her enthusiastically. Her opponent is a career prosecutor with the District Attorney's Office. Marin County Board of Supervisors District 3 - Charles McGlashan - He is endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Marin Builders Association. He will add a progressive seat to the Marin County Board of Supes and bring environmental vision to county government. Marin Health Care District - J. Frieman and A. Ramirez - They will return Marin General to community control, and out of the hands of the infamous hospital management corporate leviathan known as Sutter. Stinson Beach County Water District - Elizabeth Sapanai Marin County Measures Measure A - Transportation - YES - This will add a half-cent increase to our sales tax that will bring in $16 million a year for public transportation, improved bike paths, Safe Routes to School, and the completion of the HOV lane on Highway 101. Without Measure A, bus passes for students (which reduces morning and afternoon traffic), seniors, and low-income people will be cut, and the public transit program will be cut in half! An Oversight Committee made of just plain folks, no politicians, would be established to make sure the funds are used responsibly. Measure B - GMO Free Marin - YES - It's all about healthy farms, healthy foods and a healthy future for Marin, and keeping corporate greed out of our food supply. Tell those corporations to keep their genetically modified crops out of Marin's farms and gardens. Vote YES on B! Measure C - College of Marin Facilities BOND - YES - College of Marin's old buildings and outdated technology are taking funds away from academic programs and vocational training. Passing the bond proposed by Measure C will pay for "GREEN" building and technology improvements, increased energy-efficiency, and better campus safety, so our youth's education can prosper. STATE PROPS YES...Proposition 60 Election Rights of Political Parties - This is a good thing; let political parties run their candidates that receive the most votes in their respective primaries. "Prop 60 would ensure that each political party that qualifies for the primary election would be able to have it's nominee on the general election ballot - as is now the case." -- SF Bay Guardian. NO...Proposition 62 Elections. Primaries - This would limit the already suppressed participation of third party candidates, making our elections even less democratic than they are now. We want more access to the election process not less. Prop 62 competes directly with prop 60 so we must defeat this proposition at all costs. "Every small party in the state including the Green Party is actively opposing it." -- SF Bay Guardian YES...Proposition 63 Mental Health Services - Not only will prop 63 fund much needed mental health programs, but it does so by a modest income tax of one penny per dollar on earnings over one million a year. NO...Proposition 64 Limit on Private Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws - This would limit California's antifraud law (Business & Professions Code, Sections 17200 and 17500). This law is one of the few tools an average consumer has to hold corporate miscreants accountable. Prop 64 is an attack on ordinary consumers. Naturally, it was bankrolled by the likes of Allstate Insurance Co., Bank of America, Citigroup, Intel, Microsoft, and other mega-corporations of similar ilk. YES...Proposition 66 Limitations on "Three Strikes" Law - "Three Strikes" was passed by voters a decade ago. It can send three-time felons to prison for 25 years to life. You might like the Three Strikes Law if you think pot dealers, drug addicts, and pizza thieves are such a menace to society that we should lock them up and throw away the key. On the other hand, if you think that's bad policy, then vote YES on Prop 66. It requires the third felony "strike" to be a "violent" or "serious felony," as defined in the penal code. It's welcome modification to this harsh and counter-productive law. NO...Proposition 69 DNA Samples. Collection. Database. Funding This Proposition authorizes collection of DNA samples from persons arrested for any felony (and some misdemeanors) even if they are never even charged or convicted. "Orwellian is by far the best term to describe prop 69, the initiative would create a mammoth DNA database of anybody in California accused of a felony." -- SF Bay Guardian YES...Proposition 72 Health Care Coverage Requirements - This is a referendum on John Burton's Senate Bill #2, limiting the cost to employees of employer-covered health plans. It requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide at least 80% health care coverage to their employees. A modest, positive intitiative, that would help a great number of working people (although it falls far short of the single-payer, universal health care system we desperately need). Election Watch 866-OUR-VOTE is the hotline number for election abuses Local Elections Marin Candidate Forums and Get Out The Vote Actions Voting Dinners - The Marin Grassroots Leadership Network is encouraging people to vote by absentee ballot, and host a voting dinner to make it fun! Voting does not have to be a pain and a chore...invite some friends and family to bring some food and their absentee and discuss what's on the ballot, then vote together! Monday, 11/1 Get-out-the-vote phone tree, targeting infrequent voters. Call Jessamyn at 451-4350 x302 for more info or to volunteer Tuesday, 11/2 ELECTION DAY Get-out-the-vote activities, all day long! Passing out voter guides, exit surveys, phone calls, etc. Call Jessamyn at 451-4350 x302 for more info or to volunteer. Sponsored by Marin County Grass Roots Leadership Network Dear Supporters of a Measure B - GMO-Free Marin: As part of the campaign to pass Measure B, we'll be having Visibility Actions in San Rafael at Third and Irwin on: Friday, October 29, from 4:30- 7pm and Monday , November 1 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. You are invited to be part of this visibility campaign. All signs will be provided. Just show up for an hour or so and lend your presence. If you can come for any time at all, please call me at 454-5470 or email me. And please call the Measure B headquarters at 454-9898 if you can help with any of the visibility actions at other locations or with phoning or leafleting. We're in the final days of the Campaign to ensure that Marin remains free of genetically modified agriculture. All hands on deck!! Aye Aye! Other locations are: (a) San Anselmo Hub (b) Mill Valley corners ( 2) * Camino Alto and Blithedale * Hwy 1 at Tam Junction (c) Novato sincerely, Wendy Tanowitz Next Generation - calling all youth For the next week, we'll continue our focus on impacting the upcoming local elections. Please get in touch if you'd like to volunteer some time this weekend to support Measures A, B and C for public transit, healthy food and quality education. Contact to get involved, and remember everything is political Next Generation, 1741 Lincoln Ave, #6 San Rafael, 94901.! Peace, Roni Krouzman 455.9498 After the Election Give yourself and a friend a well deserved treat COME VISIT MPJC AT THE GREEN FESTIVAL The Marin Peace and Justice Coalition in collaboration with East Bay Animal Advocates and Bay Area EarthSave will be tabling together at the Green Festival in San Francisco November 6th and 7th at the SF Concourse. Learn to be part of the solution as we integrate progressive movements into one cohesive goal for ourselves, the earth and the animals. Come change the world with us! About Green Festivals The Green Festival is a movement building event. Our intent is to diffuse an economic model based on life affirming values, an economy built on human [and animal ] rights, equity, art and an understanding that all life is interconnected and interdependent. The most important outcome of these events for us is to get more people involved in the green economy movement. These events are so ecologically expensive, no matter what efforts we take toward sustainability, that the only way we can offset our footprint is by helping facilitate opportunities, networks and connections that strengthen organizations, new businesses or inspire individuals to find more ways to make a difference. This is an amazing time of transformation from a life destroying to a life affirming culture. We hope that as part of this transformation, Green Festivals is a catalyst helping to chart a course through the reorganization of our economy so that we can heal our biosphere and nurture all communities, all people, all species. 2004 Green Festival San Francisco November 6 & 7, 2004, Saturday10AM - 9PM , Sunday from 11AM - 7PM San Francisco Concourse, 8th & Brannan Ticket Prices: $15 each, discounts for groups of 5 or more. Call (800) 555-1212 for group sales. For more information please write Section II - MPJC Events MPJC and coalition member events Friday, November 5, at 7:00 p.m. San Rafael Public Library, 1100 Fifth Avenue The Human Rights Video Project of the American Library Association, the San Rafael Public Library and MPJC present: Film/Speaker: GOING TO SCHOOL: Disability and the Right to an Education See events calendar below for details of above events Section III - Volunteer opportunities and Calls to ACTION OK everybody! Now is the time to jump into some critical local races and "turn the tide" right here in Marin. Contact the following campaigns, and get out there knockin' on doors, talkin' to neighbors. If everybody does a little, we can achieve a lot in this election! Volunteer some time for your favorite local campaign. Faye D'Opal, Marin Superior Court Charles McGlashan, Marin County Supervisor 3rd District Measure B Measure C Keep up the good work. Give some time or money to a local campaign. Section IV ACTIVIST LEADERSHIP EDUCATION AND WORKSHOPS Section V - Events Calendar
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