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Who Is Scott Ritter and why YOU should care ?

Hello Fellow Nazi Basher !

Scott Ritter is the former Chief Weapons Inspector for
UNSCOM in Iraq.

He is a former United States Marine Core Intelligence

He is a member of the Republican Party and descibes
himself as " conservative as they come ".

He is also calling for the Bush Regime to be put on
trial for TREASON against the United States of

To summarize quickly Mr. Ritters position he claims
that in the seven years he searched Iraq for weapons
of mass destruction he could find no evidence of
existing weapons or programs to produce them. He
states that the Bush government lied to congress about
these facts in order to go to war for there own
purposes and not to defend the United States.

Learn more about Bush Nazi Basher Scott Ritter by
visiting the following websites;

Read a brief biography on Ritter

Listen to his keynote address at Caltech at,

Read the Time interview.,8599,351165,00.html

Read the transript of  "Perpetual War and the Rise of
Fascism" at

Or just do a google search on his name.

And don't forget that you can join the global movement
to vote in the upcoming U.S.presidential elections at,

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