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September 29, 2004

Read, learn, share and give someone you love truth

Peace and love!

The Bulletin Boys, Shep, Jake and JimBob - (aka The Big Rascals)

Section I - PROGRESSIVE NEWS & UPDATES - Election, Local News



The last month of campaigning is here and like many activists groups we are out there working the streets (not like that).
Our account is running low and we have much more work to do before the big day arrives. Please take a moment to send in a donation to the Marin Peace and Justice Coalition and help us ratchet up the pace for PEACE and JUSTICE and the important work around the issues we face on November 2.
Supporting MPJC supports swing state work, local candidates, local measures, voter education, voter watch, voter registration campaigns and much much more. We work as an all-volunteer organization year-round on issues important to you. We need your support now to finish our final flurry of voter education events and materials for this important election cycle.
Thank you for your support!
Send checks to:
Marin Peace and Justice Coalition
P.O. Box 9458

San Rafael, CA 94912

Marin Independent Journal--- spotlight

Library gets grant for human rights series

By Andrea Koskey, IJ correspondent
Excerpt from the full story
Monday, September 27, 2004 - Project to feature speakers, videos
A national library association has selected the San Rafael Public Library as one of 50 nationwide to receive a grant for a video and speaker series on human rights. "The Human Rights Video Project" will debut with a video presentation and speaker at 7 p.m. Friday at the libraryŠ

The San Rafael library, working with the Marin Peace and Justice Coalition, will use the money to complement the videos with speakers who will discuss various issues, said Marilyn Boatright, outreach service coordinator for the San Rafael Public Library.

MPJC is proud to have been selected as a partner by both the San Rafael and Fairfax Libraries film and speaker series. We look forward to continuing our work of education and activism with our many community partners and coalition members. Please support this important work by supporting your local libraries and attending their special outreach programs.

Is your voter registration current? Make sure by sending in a new one.

Think you're registered to vote? You may be wrong. Up to 30% of MoveOn members are NOT registered. Make sure you're not turned away from the voting booth on Nov. 2, by registering now! While you're at it make sure you relatives, neighbors, friends and associates are current. Send everyone you know a reminder to register.

Look it's a billboard, no wait a minute it's the dat da daaa 'The Freeway Blogger"
A few short words from our friend, California's infamous Scarlet Pimpernel aka the freeway blogger
Dear Friends,
I'm pleased to say that things are really starting to take off now.  Signs are going up, pictures are coming in and guerrilla cells are forming around the country.  In response to numerous requests that I start signposting in swing states, I've decided to extend the following offer.  If I get 25 pictures of signs hung in Arizona, I'll go there and put up 75.  Same for New Mexico and Colorado.  Please let your readers know and, as ever, feel free to use anything from my site on yours.  There's some pretty funny new material up now, so enjoy...
 Yours, by the highway, The Scarlet Pimpernel  aka the freewayblogger

As many of you Marinites might know, we also have a few famous freeway-bloggers of our own in Marin, so keep your eyes peeled for blogs on 101. Danny of the Valley's crew and Zappy the Zippatista's band of midnight bloggers and a bevy of other artists are decorating our local roadways. Have you spotted any? If you do spot some local freeway-bloggin's take a photo and send it in.

All are welcome to join our weekly meetings: (sinners welcome, but no whiners please)
First United Methodist Church, 9 Ross Valley Drive, San Rafael

Mondays 7-9:30PM

MPJC Endorses - (we Are finalizing all our endorsements next week)

Look for the handy MPJC Voter Guide (polling place cheat sheet)
coming to a location near you

Local Marin Measures

… Measure A - Transportation--------------------------YES

… Measure B - Keep Marin GMO Free------------------YES

… Measure C - College of Marin Facilities Bond-------YES

Supporting community values we believe in!

State Propositions

Prop 60 - YES Election Rights of Political Parties - YES
Sounds like a no-brainer, letting political parties run their candidates that receive the most votes in their respective primaries.

Prop 62 - NO Primaries - NO

This would limit the already oppressed participation of third party candidates making our democratic process even worse than it is now. We want more access to the election process not less.

Prop 63 - YES  Mental Health Services Expansion, Funding. Tax on Personal Incomes
above $1 Million  - YES
We treat our pets better than our fellow humans. We need to reverse the disastrous program closures of the past, and return to human treatment and care for our neighbors and fellow citizens.

Prop 64 - NO Limit on Private Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws - - NO
Oh, cool lets let corporations run wild with abuses as they chase the almighty dollar with total disregard for everything and everyone around them. I don't think so! It is time to stand up to corporate abuses and consider all the societal costs of damages they cause.

Prop 66 - YES Limitations on "Three Strikes" Law. Sex Crimes. Punishment - YES
We can put people away for life for serious violent crimes or for minor "pizza theft" crimes. Come on, three strikes was a failure from day one. Lets chip away the damn thing and make our justice system fair. Stop building the prison industrial complex. It's cheaper to educate than incarcerate!

Prop 72 - YES Health Care Coverage Requirements - YES

Should legislation requiring health care coverage for employees, as specified, working for large and medium employers be approved? We are the most advanced country in the world and how many of our citizens can't afford health care. Lets work towards single payer health care one step at a time.

Candidate Endorsements

US Senator - NO Endorsement
US Representative - Lynn Woolsey
State Senate - more research being done

State Assembly - NO endorsement
Marin Superior Court Judge - Faye D'Opal
Marin County Supervisor 3rd District - Charles McGlashan
Marin Health Care District - J. Frieman  and A. Ramirez

Stinson Beach Water - Elizabeth Sapanai

GMO - Measure B news and campaign opportunities

Vote YES ON MEASURE B on November 2, 2004
Like to chat on the phone? Phone banking is in full swing. Contact the campaign office. We will be phoning almost everyday from now until the election, so come on down and join the fun.
Buttons, t-shirts and bumper stickers available for campaign volunteers.
GMO Free Marin needs you and your vote!
To Volunteer call Christian Heath at 454-9898 or
Attend our volunteer meetings Sunday at 7pm
GMO Free Marin Campaign Office - Social Justice Center
of Marin

1000 Sir Francis Drake Suite #18 San Anselmo

Section II - MPJC Events

Major upcoming events and happenings supported by MPJC:

Friday, October 1, 2004, 7am (notice am)
San Anselmo HUB
Over Privileged Marinites for BUSH Swaree

Pre-victory celebration (BLACK TIE)

Friday, October 1 @ 7:00 pm -- doors open at 6:45 pm
San Rafael Public Library (Reading Room)

1100 5th Street (at Mission St.), San Rafael
Behind the Labels: Globalization and the Exploitation of Women (45 minutes)
Chie Abad in person

Admission is FREE

Friday, October 22, 7 p.m. (VIP Reception at 6pm)
At the Marin Center in San Rafael, CA

Next Generation invites you to


Section III - Volunteer opportunities and Calls to ACTION

Rotocare, the free Medical Clinic in San Rafael Monday and Thursday eves
from 6pm to 8:30pm needs folks fluent in Spanish to volunteer. Help others to have health care!

Be the change you want in the world.

Please contact Laurie Schryver 415-389-0163.

OK everybody! Now is the time to jump into some critical local races and "turn the tide" right here in Marin. Contact the following campaigns, and get out there knockin' on doors, talkin' to neighbors. If everybody does a little, we can achieve a lot in this election! Faye D'Opal, Marin Superior Court Charles McGlashan, Marin County Supervisor 3rd District Measure B Measure C

Section IV -


Learn to Green Your School!
Student Sustainability Conference & TRAINING
Want to learn more about the environment and how you can implement sustainable solutions in your personal life, school and community?

Join 50 high school and college students - as well as environmental leaders from across Marin - at Next Generation's first annual Student Sustainability Conference!

Have fun, meet people and learn about solar power, organic food, fair trade clothing, recycling - and how to green your school. Also, learn about exciting environmental ballot measures promoting public transit and banning genetically modified crops, and take part in a hands-on volunteer project.

Choose from organic gardening, creek restoration and green (strawbale) building!

Friday, October 8 (5:30 - 9:30pm) and Saturday October 9 (10:30am - 6:30pm) at the San Domenico School, 1500 Butterfield Rd., San Anselmo. Car pools will be organized from your town. And if you're traveling from outside the county, we'll have a place for you to stay Friday night.

Cost: $27.50, includes organic dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday (donated by the Good Earth Grocery in Fairfax!). Need-based scholarships available. Enrollment is limited!

To register, call 415.455.9498 or email today with your name, school and phone number. We hope to see you there!

Section V - Events Calendar

Friday, October 1, 2004, 7am (that's right 7 in the morning, just pretend it's a hunt)
San Anselmo HUB
Over Privileged Marinites for BUSH - Swaree

Pre-victory celebration (BLACK TIE)
Come dressed in your finest too show the rest of Marin why we are large and in-charge. Bring your best spirits, and some attention getting devices. Please have limos drop you off in a discreet location so we don't get the common Marin folk coveting our material possessions.

George W. and Dick might even make a surprise appearance!

Friday, October 1 @ 7:00 pm -- doors open at 6:45 pm
San Rafael Public Library (Reading Room)
1100 5th Street (at Mission St.), San Rafael

Admission is FREE
Behind the Labels: Globalization and the Exploitation of Women (45 minutes)
Chie Abad in person
The majority of individuals employed in off-shore garment manufacturing facilities are women. A chain of events occurs when women work in these factories that paradoxically results in the family having less access to education, health care and work opportunities over the long term. Tonight's speaker, Chie Abad, is featured in the film. She spent six years as a garment worker on Saipan and frequently worked 14-hour shifts in order to meet arbitrary production quotas for her employer, which made clothes for the Gap and other retailers. When she tried to organize a union, Chie was met by fierce resistance from management and eventually lost her job. In September 2002, she was instrumental in forcing 26 major retailers to settle a lawsuit to improve conditions in Saipan. Her story is an inspiring example of how people can win if they stand up for their rights.
Co-sponsors: Marin Peace & Justice Coalition and the San Rafael Public Library
in collaboration with the Human Rights Video Project of the American Library Association

Info: 415-485-3321 (SR Public Library Reference Desk) or 415-454-5470

Saturday, October 2, 2004 SWING STATE ACTION

Walk for Democracy in Reno on Saturday,
Democracy for Nevada and various progressive organizations from all over the western United States will be holding the first Walk for Democracy on Saturday, October 2nd, in Reno, NV. Join the fun from 2 PM - 5 PM. Registration beings at 1 PM in the University of Nevada, Reno campus in front of Moral Hall.

Participants will raise funds by walking on a scenic 5K walk and enjoy prominent guest speakers, entertainment and BBQ. The Walk for Democracy is appropriate for the whole family! Why: Let's face it! We're frustrated and we know lots of folks asking the same question: "What can we do today to change the direction of our country on key issues such as foreign policy; job growth and sound economy, effective healthcare for all; Supreme Court appointments; energy independence and stem cell research?" The reality is that whoever has the most electoral votes on November 2 will set the course of our country for the next four years. So here's where Nevada with its 5 electoral votes comes in: Nevada went for Clinton in '92 and '96 but gave Bush a small majority in '00. The good news is that in August the number of registered Democrats in Nevada overtook the previous Republican lead by 3000 voters. That lead is growing as hundreds of volunteers (including many of us from the Bay area) register new voters every weekend. These residents can Turn Nevada Blue and help set the country on a Democratic course, but only IF they vote!

Check out the Walk for Democracy page for information, and be sure to register NOW for the walk.

Sunday. October 3, from  2:00 - 4:00 pm
Presbyterian Church of the Roses, 2500 Patio Ct., Santa Rosa
(off Farmer's Lane, behind Albertson's)

David Ray Griffin, author of "THE NEW PEARL HARBOR"
speaking on  TRUTH AND POLITICS: Unanswered Questions about 9/11
Also on the program:
Derrill Bodley, father of Deora Bodley, 20, who died on 9-11 in the crash of United flight 93
A panel of journalists who will question David Ray Griffin and Derrill Bodley

Sponsored by P&J Center of Sonoma County. A freewill offering will be taken.

Wednesday, October 6
SF Yacht Club, 98 Beach Road, Belvedere

JOAN BLADES, co-founder of
Sponsored by The  American Democracy Speakers Series - $5 donation

no-host cocktails @ 6:30 pm -- Program begins at 7:15 pm

October 8, 2004, 7 p.m..
Fahrenheit 9/11 and a Q&A with special guests Lila Lipscomb

The Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

The POP presents an exclusive screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 and a Q&A with special guests Lila Lipscomb, the military mother who has been called "the heart and soul" of the film, and journalist/activist Andrew Rice. Friday, October 8, 7 p.m.. The Cowell Theater, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco. Tickets are $25 and all proceeds benefit The POP. For tickets, call (415) 345-7575 or visit

Saturday, October 9, 7:30 p.m.

Foreign Cinema Restaurant, 2534

Mission St., San Francisco

The POP presents an evening at Foreign Cinema, with special guests Lila Lipscomb, from Fahrenheit 9/11, and journalist/activist Andrew Rice. Saturday, October 9, 7:30 p.m. Foreign Cinema Restaurant, 2534 Mission St., San Francisco. Tickets are $150.  All proceeds benefit The POP. For ticket information, call 415-488-0618 or visit

Friday, October 15, 2004, 6 pm
Health Care for AllŠS.B.921 and YOU
Olney Hall, College of Marin

Dr. Sheldon Whitten-Vile, Medical Director of Community Mental Health
Come find out how California can again be on the forefront of change with the ability to insure that everyone in the state will have HEALTH COVERAGE through a single payer insurance plan. Come find out what you can do to make this become a reality.
Explore the savings and simplified administration through consolidation of financing, bulk purchase of drugs and statewide health planning.
Sponsored by Emeritus Students for Social Responsibility, College of Marin

For more information call Emeritus College of Marin at 485-9368

Saturday October 16, 2004, 12:30 pm
Grey Panthers

Whistlestop, San Rafael

Come down for the final pre-election meeting of the Grey Panthers. Don't miss out on their lively discussions and their recommendations for the strongest voting block in the county (our seniors). Be there or be square (or a slacker)! Make sure you are registered to vote. Last day is October 18!

Sunday, October 17th
4:00-6:00 p.m.
Dorothy Hughes - Celebration of Life

San Rafael Community Center, Albert Park, 618 B Street, San Rafael
Honoring one of our own -  Come celebrate the life and gifts of Dorothy Hughes.
Please come join Dorothy's family and us as we share and celebrate the accomplishments and milestones of Marin's premier social and community activists, Dorothy Hughes.
She has planted a seed of activism in all of us and we have stories to tell and a legacy to carry on! We all miss her strength, her compassion for others and her passion for life.
She will live on in every one of us as we continue the work she started.

Contact: Cindy Whitman-Bradley  461-3662

Friday, October 22, 7 p.m. (VIP Reception at 6pm)
At the Marin Center in San Rafael, CA

Next Generation invites you to

An exhilarating evening of activism and inspiration to benefit youth action!
What do you get when you combine live music, spoken word, progressive
organizations, and fiery speeches by legendary activists Julia Butterfly
Hill and Randy Hayes? A historic evening that shouldn't be missed.
Two weeks before the election of our lifetime, join hundreds of fellow progressives and leading grassroots organizations for an exhilarating evening of activism, community, and inspiration to celebrate sustainability, youth activism and election victory!
World-famous eco-activist Julia Butterfly Hill will rouse you with her passionate oratory. Legendary environmentalist Randy Hayes will inspire you with his powerful vision. And Bay Area Youth Poetry Slam champion Josh Begley will rock you with his fiery spoken word.
In addition to our star-studded line up, you'll be inspired by both dynamic youth and community speakers. Celebrate to music and performance art. And be excited by local ballot measures to ban GMO crops from Marin County and develop a viable public transportation system!
This event will be co-sponsored by local progressive media and dynamic grassroots organizations, and will feature exciting ways you can get involved. Proceeds benefit Next Generation, a growing grassroots organization that promotes local youth activism through education, leadership, organizing, and action.
Are you ready for a change? Join us and stand up for peace, freedom, environmental justice and genuine democracy at this historic evening of activism and inspiration.
Friday, October 22, 7 p.m. (VIP Reception at 6pm)
At the Marin Center Showcase Theater in San Rafael, CA
Tickets - $12 (Students 18 & Under $5); Reception - $35, $50 per couple
Box Office: 415.499.6800   On-line at
Event info: 415.455.9498
Organized by Next Generation.
Major Partner: Pax World Fund.
Media Sponsor: KPFA.
Green Business Sponsors: Bedrock Music, Copy Express, Good Earth Grocery,
Green Builders of Marin, Marin Coffee Roasters, and Skyward Marketing.
Organizational Sponsors: Marin Peace and Justice Coalition, Social Justice

Center of Marin, and others tba.

Sunday, October 31, 2004, 7pm

will broadcast "The Emotional World of Farm Animals." 
This companion film to Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's recent book The Pig Who Sang to the Moon offers an in-depth look at the emotional lives of the pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks and other sentient beings who exist primarily to become someone's meal. 

In writing his book and making this documentary, Masson visited with animals living on farm sanctuaries like Animal Place and Farm Sanctuary and examined the changes that come over animals who makes it from a factory farm to the safety of these animal havens.  The film is scheduled for broadcast at 7:00 p.m.

November 5th, 6th and 7th, 2004

Berkeley, California

A Conference on Establishing a Cabinet Level

U.S. Department of Peace

Martin Luther King Auditorium
1871 Rose Street

Berkeley, CA 94703

Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Marshall Rosenberg
(Center for Nonviolent Communication)
Marianne Williamson
(Best-selling author and activist)
and many more to be announced soon!

Learn how to be an effective citizen advocate for the establishment of a U.S. Department of Peace!

Go to for more informtion!

Section VI
For ongoing activities including weekly peace vigils, weekly organizing meetings, and committee meetings:
All are welcome to join our weekly organizing meetings:
First United Methodist Church, 9 Ross Valley Drive, San Rafael
Mondays 7-9:30PM
7PM Committees Meet
7PM Orientation for new folks

7:30PM - 9:30PM General Meeting 415-721-2844

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