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Bush Blows Debate: Talks to Rove in Earpiece!

 In the middle of an answer bush said, "now let me finish" as if someone
 interrupting him - yet nobody did - he was talking to the person in his

 Listen to the mp3 yourself

 or watch the video at c-span
 ffwd to 40 min 30 sec

 as far as i can tell, bush had plenty of time left, nobody interrupted
him, and
 the way he says it all indicate he's talking to person in earpiece.  do
 guys have the debate taped... are there other camera angles that show
lehrer to
 prove he had not motioned to bush?  wouldn't it be funny if this is what
 down the house?

 peace now
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I think Bush uses Audio Spotlight, not an earpiece. it was developed at MIT and swooped away by DOD. 

It's also much less obvious:

says it right there. "public address"

      public address music 
      Provide audio information only to a specific person or area, without increasing the ambient noise. 

From: David Day 
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 2:39 PM
To: 'Dayvidday'
Subject: RE: audiospotlight
Audio Spotlight Jr. - A little megaphone that "throws" your voice across the room. Appeals to the desire in all of us to play ventriloquist. 

2. You Are The Star

i believe bush uses this technology in public. no one really knew what it could be used for. but to replace a teleprompter or an earplug would be ingenious:

consider all his planned press conferences and any time he speaks. this is from today:

he stops. "thinks", blinks, looks away. He looks like he's listening to something, umm.... then says the exact right thing, completing a thought. it's just not like he was before...

developed at MIT:
Make sound fly overhead, swoop over your audience, or whisper in one person's ear from tens of meters away. Project sound against almost any object to create convincing virtual sources.

Inventors of the new "ventriloquist" technology say it could provide an added dimension to entertainment. The military, however, is investigating using it to confuse opponents or even inflict pain.,1282,50483,00.html?tw=wn_story_related

American Technology recently signed an agreement with the U.S. Army to develop the technology for a decidedly non-commercial use: psychological warfare. 

According to American Technology CTO Jim Croft, the technology could be used to confuse opponents by making them think there was someone nearby. Small transmitters could be kept out of sight, and ghost sounds could be bounced off "rocks or any reflective surface" to fool people into believing they were not alone. 

American Technology is also working on a stronger version of the technology called Directed Stick Radiator, Croft said. This "acoustic assault rifle" is shaped like a gun, but instead of bullets, it dispenses high-decibel sounds that would cause discomfort or even pain. 

Croft said the company is developing prototypes of the debilitating weapon that could be mounted on a jeep and used for crowd control. "It could be a very effective first-level deterrent," he said.
Mysterious Sounds
Apart from discreet communication systems and acoustic assault rifles that the US Army is interested in, there is one really wild application-Ventriloquist systems. By using tiny sound focusing devices to beam out voices and having them scatter against rocks and natural obstacles to the path, they can give the impression of the presence of people in uninhabited places. 
Tricks of this sort are known as Psy-Ops-a short form for Psychological Operations that are used to fight a war of wits against enemy troops.
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