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Latest Revelations on next "9-11"

You all got to check this shit out....READ ON.  If this is true, it's crazy!
Let me know what you all think....

Dear 9-11 Truth Activists,

      I received an interesting phone call from a woman who claims to have
managed to penetrate "Al Qaeda," years ago, not realizing who they were,
and figure out their "attack codes." They sent her cookies (computer) which
allowed her to access some secret military plans on military websites.  Her
warnings of attacks on New York (poison gas in the subways) earned her
respect from the NY Transportation Authorities, who thwarted the attacks,
and she was given Tom Ridge and other officials private phone numbers.

      Only later did she realize that "Al Qaeda,"...the guys she was in
communication with, were "fake Muslims-connected with the US
Military/CIA"... and after she figured that out,  and laid out what she
knew of their plans to them; they cut off communication with her, and she
has come under personal attack.

She has figured out the next major 9-11 style attack will be on Novemeber
1st or 5th with nukes in various locations (although there is also a
possibility of a "rush" job on October 8th- but I don't know much about
those specifics).

Some of what she received/found is in Arabic and needs to be translated...

Here's part of an earlier e-mail she sent me

"the family" took a bunch of afghan orphans back in the 80's and made
them into the crux of 'al qaeda'.  the orphans were approx. 5-10 yrs. old
then and are now in their 20's/30's.  they were made into soul less
killing machines as was seen in the russian school incident recently
(note children/parents put inside of a sacrificial circle of bombs).  
these people think they are the original lost tribe of egypt and
everyone else should be eliminated.  as a result they have planned to
nuke chicago (navy pier), los angeles (3rd st. promenade), san francisco
(union park) and n.y.c. (jefferson market park) , london and sydney in a
triple attack with use of nuclear suitcase bombs in lead lined
freezers.  they are also looking into what they call an 'ominous valve'
attack on indian point nuclear power plant, oyster creek nuclear power
plant and possibly seabrook and vt. yankee.  cnn showed an entourage of
rubber duckies floating past indian point on 9-19 which symbolized us
being the 'ugly ducklings' whereas they call themselves 'black swans'.
there are 5 nukes that are 100 megaton and 2 that are 10 megaton plus on
8-29 a taiwan co. involved in this with a japanese and so. korean co.
paid $500,000.00 (double sea shipping price) to get the largest cargo
plane in the world, the Russian Antonov 225 to allegedly ship a 210 ton
machine from germany to taiwan to speed up production of video monitors
by 40 days (symbolic moses 40 days/nights wandering tribe).  in actuality
their cargo was a 50 megaton nuclear warhead lost, i believe back in the
80's in kazakystan and shipped to a factory in germany where supposedly
no one could find it.  they are either going to launch it into
washington, d.c. or smuggle it into l.a. port in a triton container to
pull a sum of all fears nfl attack (prob. redskins vs. cowboys
game).  the gov't is going to let this all happen...

Do you think if we cast any light on this we might be able to prevent it?
Any great ideas? Strategy suggestions?  She has faxed me a number of
documents which deserve some scrutiny/time/attention... A credible
journalist interested in a big story would be ideal to follow up on this,
but it is pretty daunting stuff, and whoever follows it up should be well
versed in the history/methods of CIA/special ops (computer skills a big
plus...).  She is also located in the North East.

I'm so busy organizing events and trying to break the "Cheney's role in
9-11" into the press, hard to do everything... If someone would like to
write a good article on this which we could blast all over the Internet, I
think that would be great. Please give me a call, if you want to do
follow-up on this- or email me to get contact info for our source.

Thank-you for all your efforts!
Carol Brouillet (organizer of the SF Int'l Inquiry into 9-11

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