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I am hoping to have a PLANT TREES free shirt printing camp at Burning  
Man decompression,
where folks can print on a blank shirt of their choosing, or print on  
the shirt on their back...

... and am seeking donations:

Blank shirts: if you work retail or know of seconds, or surplus shirts,  
most important.

If you have silk screen ink to donate,

Propane tanks and a heater element, to cure the ink.

I can pick up anytime, anywhere... Preferably SF/Palo Alto/ Bay Area/  
NorCal 415 269 7738

Creative Life Principles

0: Believe nothing, entertain possibilities
(therefore everything therafter is offered playfully)

1: Imagination lays the tracks for reality to follow

2: Better to create prophecy than to live prediction
(whatever makes us passive is toxic. whatever makes us active is tonic.  
this is the difference between predictions which make us passive and  
prophecy which is active co-creation with the Divine.

3: The Invisible world would like to help us but spiritual etiquette  
requires that we ask.
(help is always available-operators are standing by)

4:if something is a problem, make it bigger
(blow it up really big and then look at it)

5:we only possess the power of an insight when we give it expression

6: creativity comes from the wedding of Paradox
(we aspire to be Disciplined Wild People who are Radical  

(some words of wisdom to be passed amongst the tribes......)sharing our  
hearts together......... akasha

     New electronic Florida ballot eliminates the "Hanging Chads" problem
Try using it yourself at the link below:

SFBC Biker Bulletin - October 6, 2004

Here's the Bay Area Hoopers Calendar for October

Sunday, October 10th:  Decompression 2004
Burning Man Presents the 5th annual Heat The Street Fair from noon
til Midnight (til 1:30 am inside).  Where? Indiana Street between
Mariposa and 21st Street in San Francisco.  The Main Entrance is
actually at 19th and Minnesota. $10 Black Rock City attire; $20
street wear; All ages outdoors rain or shine (kids under 12 free),
21+ inside Cocomo. Outdoor amplified sound ends at 10pm. The
festivities will be spread over 4 blocks, an art park, 3 performance
areas, an indoor club with patio and multimedia wall of new Burning
Man imagery. BYO picnic. Bring your art. Dress your playa best.
Featuring a multitude of category-defying art, interactive
performers, live music, theme camps, art cars, Black Rock City DJ's
and hooping hooping hooping. We'll be rendezvousing and
finding/creating hoop space at 2:00.

Sunday, October 17th: Sunset Party Season Finale
The Sunset Party Season Finale is happening from noon until 8 pm at
Stafford Lake Park in Novato with djs: Galen, Solar, J-Bird + special
guests. The event is free, although there is a $7 fee to park your
car. Carpooling for BAH is encouraged so if people need a ride, let
people know. From San Francisco take Highway 101 North toward Novato.
Exit Atherton Avenue\San Marin Drive. Turn Left over freeway and
continue on San Marin Drive for 2.7 miles. Turn Right on Novato
Boulevard (at San Marin High School) and go 2.4 miles. We're planning
on rendezvousing at 2:00.

Sunday, October 24th: THE BIG BAY AREA HOOP DAY!
We want everybody on this list to show up in Dolores Park in San
Francisco for one afternoon of incredible hooping. Can you imagine
Dolores Park filled with 120 hoopers? Can you imagine the look on the
faces of everyone in the vicinity as we swarm Dolores Park and turn
it into Hooper Heaven? Isn't it beautiful? This is the one Sunday we
want you to get to even if you haven't shown up for anything in
months or ever. Everybody come hoop! We really want to get a sound
system for the day too. Does anybody have one or know of a good cheap
rental resource for something that'll play cds and blast some volume?
Bring finger food to share. Totally free day, possible donation to
cover the sound system.

Sunday, October 31st: Halloween Hooping in the Castro
We're delaying our usual hoop time until 7:00 and meeting at Castro
and 19th for Halloween hoola-hooping in costume. In recent years the
DJ station near 19th on Castro Street has been the best and if
something changes this year we'll relocate. We'll hoop until we
collapse or we are overrun by the mob. Probably a $3 donation to
enter the neighborhood.

Well gang, that's October. We hope to see you throughout the month
and we look forward to giving the opportunity to be of service to
this group to someone else for November.

Happy Hooping,

Philo and Vera

Art Opening for HYPERPOP
Rx: 132 Eddy Street 
Thrush's meticulously crafted paintings begin as an amalgamation of  
iconography culled from the annals of advertising and pop culture. His  
intense palette of brightly chosen "mega-brands" coagulate and compete  
with each other to express themselves amidst a generational comedy of  
errors which often address the artist's own psychological and  
sociological concerns. Thrush's humor and provocation, through the  
juxtaposition of these familiar images into ironic often harmonious  
circumstances, creates a dynamic interrogation of what has become the  
standard denominator of life in America: television, advertising and  
mass media. "Hyperpop" runs from through November 6. Gallery hours:  
Tues/Weds. 12-5pm, Thurs/Fri. 2pm -2am

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Join Cory Richardson, the Dragonfly Therapist, at Sacred Space healing  
and retreat center (776 Haight @ Scott in San Fran) 1pm-5pm Friday, oct  
8th for an afternoon of creative self-exploration in the garden.

The dragonfly is symbolic of transformation. It spends the first two  
years of life under water as a nymph, bogged down in the bog, and looks  
nothing like the beautiful being it will become. Not until it has  
developed is it free to fly.

Before a person has a passion through which to focus energy, or a  
mission that provides a sense of purpose, they may find themselves  
feeling bored in school, working an unsatisfying job, struggling with  
an addiction or even locked in a cell. The problem is often not a lack  
of intelligence or physical ability, but simply not seeing a clear  
picture of their potential or believing they can attain it.

To gain a sense of direction and positive self-image, it is helpful to  
have a clear vision. Take time to view your inner landscape. Slow down.  
Be still. Gaze inward. Listen to your heart. Take stock of your values,  
interests, relationships, and skills both acquired and desired. What do  
you want to know? What do you love to do? What do you want your life to  
look like? How will you spread your wings and fly?

The Dragonfly Workshop is much more than an exercise that creates a  
beautiful art object, participants weave meaning into their creation  
and bead a spell that facilitates a journey of self-exploration  
resulting in a powerful symbolic reminder of one ’s potential life  

To help guide the participant on this inward journey, they will answer  
questions uncovering clues to their destination, read messages left by  
other travelers offering insightful views, pick up keys leading to  
exciting opportunities, and write journal entries to record their  

This work shop is $15 (materials included). Visit to see examples of the dragonlfies and call  
Cory if you have any questions 818-331-9707.

o learn a lot... go where you know nothing!

Be inspired and entertained... Join SoloMAX on an kayak journey from  
Vancouver to Central Mexico... through a mosaic of captivating images  
corresponding to music and poetic narration sharing experiences and  
insights focused on personal goal setting and environmental awareness.  
It's a trip!

9pm, friday. Admission free, donations please.
Sacred Space healing and retreat center, 776 haight st. @ Scott


"Your world is only as big as you know. Open your mind by expanding the  
horizon. Step away from society ’s noise and haste. Free yourself from  
cages of steel, concrete and glass. Go slow, get close, you ’ll see  
more. Go FAR OUT into open spaces to gain a wider perspective."

Then afterward... join Anusha and friends for a Massage, Sauna and Hot  
Tub Party.
Come in and enjoy the gorgeous Garden Sauna two 15 min Massage samples
for only $25. The Hot Tub will also be available for $10 extra. The  
sauna is the nicest in San Francisco, it is both a wet and dry sauna
and is complete with internet streaming audio. The Hot Tub is probably
the only chemical Free ( Ozone, ionized copper and enzymes) Hot Tub in
San Francisco. Sun Charged Water and treats will be available.

Planned is a Crucial Oakland Box Emergency Fundraiser
Friday October 8, 2004 **8pm** at the Noodle Factory,
1255 26th Street @ Union in West Oakland 510-451-1932
$10 - $100 nobody turned away

Featuring:The Mamaz, headRush, Abbey Atkinson, DJ
Kikoman, DJ Trinity, and many more to be announced

$100,000 needed by October 15 for code compliance work
or we get the boot!

Rx: 132 Eddy Street 
We sure do feel lucky to have DJ Harvey as San Francisco's exclusive  
resident for his wild monthly "Discotronic". Tonight's version features  
a special Libra birthday bash fueled by the funky sounds courtesy of  
Rong Music' - Mudd and Ben Cook. Watch out, cause Libra's in the house!

9:00pm - 2:00am
$5 adv / $10 door


Boycott for Equality Friday, October 8, 2004
Reply to: see below
Date: 2004-10-06, 11:21AM PDT

Boycott for Equality
Friday, October 8, 2004

This is a call for a nation-wide boycott in the traditions of Gandhi  
and Dr. Martin Luther King. We are asking all GLBT Americans and their  
Straight Allies to "drop out" of the United States economy for one day  
to demonstrate that we are vital and important members of our  
communities with significant economic presence. There are four elements  
to the boycott: withdraw from work, withdraw from your ATM, withdraw  
from commerce and withdraw from cell phone communication.


Decompression  2004 

Heat the Street Faire 2004

Burning Man Presents:
SUNDAY, OCT 10th, NOON TILL MIDNIGHT (till 1:30am inside)
INDIANA STREET bet. Mariposa and 21st St. in SF
Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota

$10 Black Rock City attire; $20 street wear; Shine or Rain
All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free); 21+ inside Cocomo
Esprit Park closes and outdoor amplified sound ends 10pm
Street F(a)IRE! ends at midnight; Cocomo closes 1:30am
PLEASE take public transit/carpool/bike or park on 3rd St. or 3 Com  
Respect the neighbors; Don't park in driveways. LEAVE NO TRACE!


10/24 is Bridge School
community, communication, creativity

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9th Annual Thanksgiving Gathering 2003

hosted by Lisa Mekis & Tom Sepe

Wed, November 24th  - Sunday, November 28th


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