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Nuclear Free Great Basin Fall Gathering- October
8-10th, 2004.

Skull Valley Goshute Reservation- near the home of
Margene Bullcreek.

Directions to Gathering Site:
>From Salt Lake City, UT
Take I-80 West Toward Wendover, NV- Drive 43 miles
Take Exit # 77 (Rowley/Dugway Exit)
Turn Left on the Skull Valley Road- Drive 26 miles
Follow Signs to Gathering Location

Gathering Schedule:
Friday, Oct. 8th-
Sunrise Ceremony led by Corbin Harney, Western
Shoshone Spiritual Leader
Greeting- Event protocols discussion
Issues Orientation-Update
Formal Orientation/Protocols Review-
Issue Update/Discussion Of Weekend Itinerary.
Talent Show (Bring your instruments, poetry and

Saturday, Oct. 9th:
Sunrise Ceremony led by Corbin Harney
Work/Infoshops/Prepare for Hearing
Lunch and Traditional Native Dancers
Press Conference
People's Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Hearing
Men's and Women's Sweat Lodges
Concert- David Rovics

Sunday, Oct. 10th:
Sunrise Ceremony led by Corbin Harney
Men's and Women's Sweat Lodges
Indigenous Presentations
Goshute-led Spirit Run from Camp to proposed PFS Site-
Rally and March from Camp to Skull Valley Road
Camp Break-Down
Dinner For Remaining Participants/Event Staff

Be prepared for high desert camping, where the weather
can be either hot or
cold, dry or wet.
A $10.00 per day registration donation is requested.
Meals and all events are included with Registration.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
NO Alcohol, Drugs, or Weapons.

This event is hosted by Ohngo Gaudedeh Devia Awareness
and organized by The Shundahai Network.
For more information about the Nuclear Free Great
Basin fall gathering,
please call 801-533-0128 or email

(an earlier message with more details)

Nuclear Free Great Basin Fall Gathering
October 8-10, 2004 Skull Valley Goshute reservation

To all friends of environmental justice,

Please join us to support Margene Bullcreek, all
Goshutes and supporters
who oppose the high-level nuclear waste dump proposed
for this small Indian

We will hear presentations by Corbin Harney, Western
Shoshone Spiritual
Leader and long time anti-nuclear activist, Margene
Bullcreek, Goshute
Shoshone grandmother, reservation resident, and
long-standing opponent of
the nuclear dump project, many other Indigenous
speakers who struggle to
protect the land, and other groups engaged in this

This is a three-day event. For participants planning
to attend overnight,
be advised that this is a traditional peace camp. Be
prepared to camp in a
high desert environment where weather can be hot or
cold, dry or wet. A
fully equipped field kitchen will provide regular
meals. Large MASH-style
tents are available for dining, mass assembly, and
general purposes.
Latrines and other accommodations are also provided. 

The issue:
Private Fuel Storage (PFS), a "limited-liability"
consortium of commercial
nuclear utilities wants to site a "temporary" above
ground dump for 40,000
metric tons of high-level nuclear waste on the
ancestral and reservation
land of the Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians. This
proposed project
continues to enflame bitter controversy within the
Skull Valley Band of
Goshutes and between various governmental and public
citizen groups. The
Skull Valley Goshute Reservation is located
approximately 45 miles
southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah.

This issue is in a critical stage. At the request of
Margene Bullcreek and
Corbin Harney, the Shundahai Network Board, Office
Staff, and Field Staff
are preparing for three days of events in Skull Valley
October 8-10, 2004.
The purpose of this event is to educate, to
demonstrate opposition to this
project, to give concerned interests an opportunity to
offer public
testimony on this issue, to learn, and to strategize

Schedule of Events:
Friday, Oct. 8:  Camp set-up, registration, infoshops,
and talent show
(bring your instruments, poetry, or yourself!).

Saturday, Oct. 9:  Sunrise Ceremony, Infoshops,
Traditional Native Dancers,
Nuclear Free Great Basin Rally, Press Conference,
People's Atomic Safety
and Licensing Board Hearing, David Rovics Concert

Sunday, Oct. 10- Indigenous Peoplesí Day: Sunrise
Ceremony, Indigenous
Environmental Justice Presentations, Honoring Elders
and Indigenous
Activists, Raffle.

We are asking for a $10 per day registration donation,

All meals, events, and necessary accomodations are
included with

To pre-register or for more information please contact
our office:
The Shundahai Network
PO Box 1115  Salt Lake City, UT  84110
Phone: (801) 533-0128
Fax: (801) 533-0129

SHUNDAHAI NETWORK--Dedicated to Breaking the Nuclear

Shundahai is a Newe (Western Shoshone) word meaning 
"Peace and Harmony
with all Creation"

Shundahai Network
PO Box 1115
Salt Lake City, UT 84110
Office: 801.533.0128
Fax: 801.533.0129
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.