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ALL PEACE NAVY SEAWOMEN & SEMEN are hereby ordered and requested to report 
for duty on Saturday 10/9 at Gas House Cove at 0930 hours. You will provide 
diversion from the obscene spectacle of the US Navy Parade of Death Ships

Report in any wind or human powered vessel, or let the Commoder know if you 
need a berth in someone else's vessel (rudimentary kayaking or sailing 
skill needed).  Instant promotion to the rank of your choice for showing up 
in the uniform of the day (peace/anti-war) regalia,  Best decorated vessel 
gets an all expense paid tour of the Fab Sunni Triangle.

We also need Marines and landlubbers to hit the beach and hand out flyers 
to the crowds about the Peace Navy, how militarism makes the world unsafe 
and how we are failing to fund domestic needs, for San Francisco Prop N 
(Bring the Troops Home Now).

Short Planning MEETING this Thursday 9/30
  1830 hours (that's 6:30 PM landlubber) at Muddy Waters Cafe (Valencia and 
24th St) in the Mission.
We will work out the logistics of the decorations, the literature, media 
outreach and activist outreach.  I seriously need help with this stuff. I 
am off to a United for Peace and Justice steering committee meeting in DC 
this weekend so others will have to show their leadership skills.If you 
can't make it to the meeting please let me know:
a. If you plan to show up on 10/9
b. What you can do in terms of media or activist outreach
c. If you have or need an extra berth
d. If you can write some literature for distribution
e. Logistical Support
Yes I know that many are discouraged or burnt out, but we can't let the 
ship of state sink on our watch. Protest now, while you still can.  Anyway, 
the Peace Navy at Fleet Weak is really soft duty (like the Texas Air 
National Guard).  Hot tub party at my house afterwards.


Rear Commoder Marvin

Marvin Feldman, Ph.D., Principal
Resource Decisions
San Francisco
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.