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SUBJECT: New Election Contest Yahoogroup, 200 Members Strong!

A California paralegal and activist has formed a Yahoo Message Board to
gather evidence, and recruit Plaintiffs and lawyers to sue Ohio, Florida,
and other states to overturn the results of the November 2, 2004 election.

Hank Ramey, who have previously worked on locall recalls in Baldwin Park,
and Bell Gardens, and who will work on recalling California Governor Arnold
Schwarzeneggar after this election dispute is over with, has formed Yahoo
Message Board called People-v-Ohio-n-Florida last Thursday. The purpose of
the group is to:

1. Gather evidence.
2. Recruit Plaintiffs.
3. Recruit legal groups.
4. Recruit lawyers.
5. Sue the states that have resulted in the fraudulent election of George
Bush, including Ohio, Florida, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada,
North Carolina or others.
6. Obtain Judgments in favor of Senators John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) and
John Edwardss (D-North Carolina).
7. Pray that Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist retires.

The Group has recently requested the SternAndMore group on Yahoo to request
them and Shock Jock Howard Stern to bring in 4,000,000 Members to

Ramey is asking people to donate to, the ACLU, and other
groups to keep the evidence gathering going, and he is asking his own
members to send the group $3 each to pay the upkeep on internet operations.

The group is still trying to gather evidence, and many of its Ohio Member
will participate in stating testimony this weekend before Michael Moore's
group to investigate Ohio voter fraud.


Hank Ramey <> 
21845 Grand Terrace Rd., #23
Grand Terrace, CA., 92313
TEL.: (909) 872-1826

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